Man Has a Sip Before Committing Suicide by Hanging

Man Has a Sip Before Committing Suicide by Hanging

Man Has a Sip Before Committing Suicide by Hanging

This man, allegedly Russian, recorded himself committing suicide by hanging, but first had a sip. Vodka? Probably.

Best Gore member @sachamp notes:

No back story, I’ve had this video for a while and decided I need to do something with it.

He probably killed himself over some whore as 99.999% of hangings are about.
The shit Indian music is on purpose, I don’t feel that a suicide by hanging video is complete without a shitty Indian song to go along with it. I also think that we should also experience the same pain as our fallen Comrade did in death.

Many thanks for the video, @sachamp:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Hi!

          I’ve been lurking this website for half a year now but didn’t make an account. Today I decided to give it a shot 🙂
          Always enjoy your comments TheDre, giving me a great laugh.

          1. @Mia
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            I Am so happy that you have decided to sign-up to Best- Gore, and become a full fledged Sister & Member.

            Furthermore, if i am able to give you a chuckle once i awhile in this So-Screwed-Up World That We Live-In,,,, then that makes all the difference to me.

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          2. I have been a lurker since around the time BG established. And have enjoyed and looked for numerous peoples comments on here.
            I think this is my second comment. I had forgotten my password sometime ago and could not be arsed retrieving it.

          3. Welcome to the club FNG!!!! hell of a sight huh, watch it obsessively until you see what you were after….something that messed with your head 😉 then say fuck that for 3 months and repeat 🙂

        2. Is he dead in a few seconds due to lack of blood to the brain & the motion of breathing just down to the body’s reaction to wanting to breathe? Always wanted to know that. And no i have no intention what-so-ever to top myself over any cunt LOL! Hope you and family are well BG brother.

        1. The music makes this video gain creepiness. But he reminds me of a fish, and what’s with the brief period with his hands up debating whether or not to kill his self, wonder what he was thinking before this… hmm I have ideas , hmm but who am I lol

        1. Hehe, I almost bought some prune juice at the grocery store the other day. Don’t know why, but it just kinda jumped out at me sitting on the shelf there.

          If this was truly over a bitch, he done showed her!!

    1. He could have at least given himself a MORE creative death by DRAWING a unique design on that fuckin’ over-loaded pot belly of his. Like:

      . The star and sickle design.
      . An epithet. “The Soviet Union 1922-1991.”
      . Donald Trump shaking hands with fuckin’ Putin.
      . Another epithet. “The 2020 Olympics…NO RUSSIAN.”
      . Or maybe…The execution of the Romanov Family in 1918.

      …just to name a few creative designs.

  1. Should have placed the video recorder in the other room, that way he would have been facing the camera and used the natural light illuminating from the window. Plus that ungodly sound track. Very poor production quality overall, I give it a 4 out of 10

  2. GROUNDPOG DAY (FOR NEM) by bad jonny

    Every day, is ground-pog day
    Nothing to do ..
    Nothing to say

    Lie in bed
    Jack off
    Wonder who’s gay

    Drift off and dream of
    An island coral cay

    Drinking pina colada
    In the coconut bay

    Brought to you topless
    On silver tray

    Blissful in the tropics
    From April to May

    Or in New Fucking Zealand
    Sheep to scared to bray

    Or knocking cunts out
    Like Cassius Clay

    Misty Moors of England
    Sky misty and grey

    Or Bonnie and Clyde
    Fucking Dunnaway, Fay

    But we’re locked in like roaches
    And here we will stay

    Till those scientist cunts
    Can now think of a way

    To give us a jab
    We’ll be on our way

    How long it takes?
    Those cunts will not say …

    One day it be over
    Ev ‘ry cunt goes “Yay”

    But until then
    Just another groundpog day ..

          1. Yes Nem, I have to hand it to Polanskjew for his 6os film:
            Rosemary’s Baby, based off the novel of the same Jew (Ira Levin) that wrote
            A Kiss Before Dying (1953)
            The Stepford Wives (1972)
            The Boys from Brazil (1976)

            Rosemary’s Baby is one of my all time top films, like The Excorcist
            very well done
            If you haven’t seen it for a while .. check it out …

          2. Rosemary’s Baby still chills me to the bone. Wonderful novel and movie… love it!

            Yep , Exorcist as well. In those days America made good movies. Plot and suspense meant something then. Now it is all about rapid camera -panning ,deafening noise , inarticulate dialogue and special effects . A snore. I still watch them but they don’t pull at my heartstrings or grab me by the balls anymore. All about a quick buck now and not for the fame and glory itself.

  3. A commie-Russian can NOT fuckin’ hang himself WITHOUT first checking off the good old “Russian topics to consider before I off myself” checklist.

    1. No fuckin’ sunshine = depression.
    2. Fuckin’ drink yourself to death.
    3. Go fuckin’ insane because of the pandemic.
    4. How the fuck did that door-sill HOLD your fat ass in PLACE without giving away?
    5. You did NOT die IN a fuckin’ car accident.
    6. Why can I NOT see the Soviet Union flag HANG ANYWHERE in the fuckin’ camera frame?
    7. You will NOT see the olympics next year WHERE Russia will NOT fuckin’ participate for the first TIME! (because Russians fuckin’ cheat at EVERYTHING. What makes you think you can cheat death?)
    8. The Russian Economy will MOST likely NOT recover from the pandemic.
    9. If that really is “Indian music” in the background? Like? At least GO OUT listening to some “Cold War” music.
    10. When WILL Ukraine take OVER Moscow??
    11. DANCE one LAST time while shouting the word “HEY!” over and fuckin’ over again!

    …that is all…

  4. Kinda reminds me of that “Dancing Spiderman” animation that seems to match up with with whatever music you play, except, you know, this is much shorter and not quite as much movement. Still pretty good though.

  5. That is very sad! I don’t understand how horrible his life must’ve been to prompt him to take his own life by hanging himself. Its barbaric and vicious. Filming yourself in taking your last breath for the world to see. I would never know what was going on in his world.

  6. That he cannot find another solution … Many people always ask why he is not trying to save himself … The body says goodbye after 6 to 9 seconds, because then you automatically faint! The later fidgeting is just the nerves, not himself !!!

        1. Yes you are right, it was the best for me too, because of our house and also financially…
          But I didn’t force him…
          when he wanted to marry me; he said if he didn’t find a woman until 40 he will hang himself,
          as I was talking about divorce he suggested hanging himself instead

  7. Here’s a blatant proof what not a peg of VODKA can do to any Russian in the name of a slut .
    My good old guess is he went whoring around some place in Nepal and probably fell in love with a Rāmrī kēṭī [ beautiful girl] whom he found out later ditching him for someone else .

    I swear that song was as excruciatingly painful as seeing the video itself . And if it wasn’t for the muting option ; I too would have killed my self listening to the crap .

  8. I think Russia is the country with the highest suicide rate among males
    Depression, alcohol abuse, narrow-mindedness, dismal buildings, hostile weather, domestic political hopelessness, quite low average wages (something to do with Putins $200 billion net worth?).

    However I am glad I don’t live in Russia though

    1. Russia, America, whats the diffrence? A police state is a police state. We out number them 10000 to 1…literally, we CAN kill them and start over…..just saying. I’ve now been officially added to my 1000th government watch list!!!!!

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