Man Hurdles Out 6th Floor Apartment Afire in Lahti, Finland

Man Hurdles Out 6th Floor Apartment Afire in Lahti, Finland

Man Hurdles Out 6th Floor Apartment Afire in Lahti, Finland

Flames engulf a sixth floor apartment of building Metsäpellontie in Lahti, Finland. A man then jumps down from the apartment’s balcony. Lucky for him he didn’t have security bars installed.

The man, who is suspected to have been an avid drug user, is believed to have started the fire in the apartment himself. He was neither the owner nor a tenant, but was just using the apartment because a friend let him. His way of expressing his gratitude was by losing his shit and burning the place down.

Before he set fire to the apartment and jumped to end his existence, he threw furniture out of the balcony, wrecking parked vehicles below. Fuck those people who had nothing to do with him, I guess.

He reportedly didn’t die on impact, but on his way to a hospital.

Props to Best Gore members @ziqness and @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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214 thoughts on “Man Hurdles Out 6th Floor Apartment Afire in Lahti, Finland”

        1. According to the post, “The man, who is suspected to have been an avid drug user…”.
          That means his system could have been filled with “controlled substances”, “intoxicants” (or “unfitting substances”) which pushed him to the brink of insanity as obvious from the video.

          In that case, besides his farting in the inferno, the splatter-blare landing has served a bit of detoxification which may (or may not) bring some relief to his loved ones.

          Don’t mind the epic wordsmith, It’s just for fun

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      1. The guy was a prick. His buddy is nice enough to give him a place to crash and he repays him like this, destroying all his shit. Not to mention all the other lives he risked setting the fire. Fuckin prick! I hope he suffered as much as he deserved to. Imagine if it was your building on fire like that cause of some asshole. Would you be so kind?

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  1. Being a drug user and Finland being a rather cold country, I suggest he wasn’t able to pay for heat so he started a camp fire.
    Can’t blame him if it was out of frustration of living in a libtard Muslim-Gipsy shit hole of a country, much like Sweden.

    1. Sweden is going soft because they think they have to be P.C. and they are being overrun and pushed around by immigrants and muslims. Their condition is worse than the condition the guy in the video is after being on fire and falling six floors.

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  2. I’d like to take a moment to give props to the person filming.
    Correct orientation (lengthy falls being the only time vertical filming is not only acceptable but encouraged), no flinching or turning the camera aside, a steady hand, the camera had decent resolution, and they actively followed the fall to its marvelously loud and splatty conclusion.
    The only thing that could have made this absolute perfection would have been dashing up to get aftermath footage, and I’m guessing that the flashing blue light at the left probably contributed to that oversight.
    In terms of camerawork, I’m giving this one a solid 9.0, best I’ve seen in quite a while.

    1. No foolin’, they usually fuck up those, or even worse, tilt the camera downwards like a softie fuck. Yeah, not recording horrible shit sure is going to make the victim better, and in the meantime, you rob detectives from precious footage that could help in an investigation. Who knows how many life insurance murder scams people get away with thanks to shit behavior like that.

      Also, did you hear his Tex Avery screams right before and during his free falling? That’s some funny shit to utter right before meeting the Creator.

    1. Lol he won’t come at me, what makes you think you have a chance? What a fucking nonse, guys a fucking rentboy I’m telling you… he’s away with uncle sambo watching gay porn, what do you expect?

  3. At least the right person is dead! It sucks when some shitbag like this kills others with their deviant behavior.

    That is some fire too man, two windows full of flames that far apart? What the fuck was he doing? Or did he set it in two places on purpose while he was fucked up?

    Eh, either way it’s justice.

  4. Not sure what a hell he waited that much to completely dismiss opening entrance door of the apartment?
    -Even if fire was strong, no matter what, anyone at this situation doesn’t fuck with damn furniture but trying to escape or, to PREPARE escape route before trying to save his shit inside.

    Woman from China(link up) that traps herself on jail window of 4’th floor:
    Same thing.

  5. Nice execution, great landing, I’m going to go ahead and give it a 9/10. Minus one point for making me wait.

    edit: also where do these people live where they can’t just punch a hole in the wall? I can literally make a people sized hole in the wall in maybe 10-15 seconds with some kicking and punches yet you always see these people getting stuck with nowhere to go besides the window. If these apartments are that solid I would like to buy one!

  6. That Street is fucking legendary. There was a police siege of a house just a few doors down back in the 90’s. They were trying to capture some wanna be dual wielding hitman who claimed he had rigged the building to blow, fell asleep, lost his hostages and ended himself.

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