Man Hurls Self in Front of Semi to Commit Suicide

Man Hurls Self in Front of Semi to Commit Suicide

Man Hurls Self in Front of Semi to Commit Suicide

I don’t have any backinfo about the video. It’s a CCTV footage that appears to show a man in his 20’s or 30’s hurling himself in front of a semi driving down a motorway in an apparent attempt to commit suicide.

The man got rammed pretty hard, and presumably also run over even though the trucker slammed the brakes right away. I figure the suicide was successful.

Props to Best Gore member @auggy-v1 for the video:

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149 thoughts on “Man Hurls Self in Front of Semi to Commit Suicide”

    1. Exactly!
      But Man People are fucking stupid, to take a chance Like This when they could very well end-up surviving, and suffering like he never thought possible, just because the truck driver swerved and missed hitting his chest, or this empty-melon of his.

          1. Correction – it seems Tom Hanks & wife contracted Corona virus in the US, not in Oz.
            But .. now our TV anchors and Govt. ministers are starting to get it.
            Sports will be next.

      1. Stupid and FUCKING SELFISH! Never thinking about the truck driver… he’s going to remember that for the rest of his life.
        Worthless shit piece of fucking slime. Fuck nugget ass hole fart!

        1. Excellent point, Fuck, the dude is just doing his job driving trucks which is not easy and a very boring job, but he does it to put food on da table.
          Then some nigger jumps in front of the rig, causing PTS type mental
          syndrome which can last a lifetime.
          Moral is: don’t be a selfish cunt, be a shellfish cunt!

          1. LOL, Yes, it is rather selfish to ruin the truck driver’s day. Poor chap doesn’t make that much money from a tedious job on the road. Now as a result of this accident, he will have to take time off for stress and counselling, but at least hopefully on full pay.

            And let’s not forget the first responders who have to pick up his mangled remains and put them in a bag. Not to mention his next of kin.

      2. RIGON TRANSPORTATION INC is out of Florida, yes Florida go figure. I wonder if Alabama was playing 18 wheeler roll on?

        Roll on highway, roll on along
        Roll on daddy till you get back home
        Roll on family, roll on crew
        Roll on momma like I asked you to do
        And roll on eighteen-wheeler roll on (Roll on)

      3. Hey, thanks for the video in the forum of Mars Rover being exposed to be a hoax, I showed it to my family and friends at work and they were all dumbfounded To discover NASA has been lying to their faces for so many years my parents now consider them to be rats while my co-workers are frustrated at the idea those lying sacks of shits make so much good money faking so much bullshit.

        1. @darkmatter95 Thanks for that. The NASA lies are obvious to anyone who cares to look at evidence rather than trust “belief” in such organisations. However, this trend of showering NASA lies in a cloak of Flat Earth shit just makes it look like any suspicion that NASA ain’t telling the truth is a toxic soup of Flat Earth gibberish.
          Thanks for finding the link though. We don’t need FE nonsense to see the holes in NASA’s stories. But that is what they want to cloak it with. Plenty of “vulnerable” people ready to lap that stuff up and repeat it.
          Which lets NASA off the hook.

          1. exactly and it’s why they’ve gotton away with making so much money scamming people to believe they’re actually sending drones to Mars taking picture of suppose mars land etc if people woke up and did they’re own research and study they’ll conclude getting to Mars is impossible with current technology we have everything is a fat hoax made up by NASA why do you think they keep making bullshirty movies of Apollo missions and other such ridiclous space movies lol they gotta convince sheeple others ways after all.

  1. If someone ever walks in front of my car like that, I’ll attempt to serve and slow down, but no guarantees. If they live, they can be reminded of their stupidity from the confines of a wheelchair.

      1. @janiel – Have you ever had a general anaesthetic ? In hospital, a GA is essentially just a technical term for an opioid overdose, except during surgery fentanyl is used instead of heroin. In a heroin OD you die from lack of respiratory drive but during an operation you have a tube down your throat that is attached to a ventilator that breathes for you. So in answer to your question, if you have too much heroin, you are awake one second and unconscious the next………

          1. Don’t do it Janiel. You’re the only woman here crazy enough to still talk to me after my repeated fucked up comments. I would genuinely be a bit sad if you died.

          2. Well if you ever do decide to suicide then do it by coming to see me. I’ll even inject you with some heroin before eating you because I kinda like you. Or else I’d do it while you were fully conscious.

      1. Thank the Lord above this green Earth I wasn’t even thought of until 1979. I hate hair. Well I like hair while still attached to the body but once it becomes a solo hair ripped from its root, it becomes one of the most hideous things I can think of and it’s even worse if it wet……….

      1. I don’t know about other areas, but in PA there are a lot of OD’s because doctors are quick to put someone on pain killers and they get addicted, then pharma won’t refill their prescriptions so they turn to heroin. It’s been really bad in Philly.

          1. Swiss ?? Carrying machetes? Intriguing. No actually thats hilarious. Bit off stereotype isn’t it? It’s like Nazis carrying a pair of BYO chopsticks for lunch each day. How in the hell did the Swiss get involved with Harry the horse???? Plus, unfortunately I’d expire from exposure to the harsh elements being from Nth Qld and all……

  2. His suicidal instinct was so strong that he could be seen reaching the edge of the motorway and aligning before impelling himself so gutsily in front of the behemoth on wheels that all he cared for
    was meeting his doom .
    Even the driver’s attempt to save his life proved to be in vain , although he had braked hard to avoid fatality but the impact hurtled the dude like a ragdoll and may be by the time it stopped he was already minced to smithereens.

    And that makes me wonder ………..what if the the monster had to go turtle after braking suddenly followed by another mammoth tailing it also going turtle ? In that case the disaster would have been catastrophic .

  3. I see a hard impact, probable severe internal injury but never went under & just 100 ft of road rash. Probably survivable if he got fast medical assistance but even if he did he is still going to be in the ER & a world of pain for a good while. High likelihood of life long injuries if he did live.

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      1. Did you have depression, Nem?

        I used to think about death all the time about 12 years ago.
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        I mean, some people have tried to blow their brains out, and missed, only blowing off their entire face (eyes, nose, teeth) yet were still 100% alive and in 100% pain .. Shit, man ..

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  5. Jokes aside. What will happen to the driver in such case, in you guys’ countries?
    Back home I’m likely to get fined (though no tickets or point penalties), if shit like this happened to me even though it’s not my fault.

    1. Here in the United States, there’s a sticker on trucks that say “Not for Higher.”

      I’m guessing, as long as the victim is dragged down the road and didn’t end up airborne, no points or fines will be issued.

    2. Good question!

      With Western ‘Dangerous/negligent driving causing manslaughter’ criminal laws, it really comes down to:

      -If the cops wanna press charges
      -What case they can put forward to the jury
      -Any eyewitnesses
      -Medical history of suicidal type thoughts, wishes, behavior ie depression
      -Medications taken/not taken
      -Commonality of suicide by big trucks
      -Dangerous/reckless driving record of the truck driver

      I would say the driver gets off, because the prosecutor has to PROVE that
      the guy would be alive but for the negligence of the truck driver, and as
      soon as the defense can create any doubt about the state of mind of the
      dead guy, it starts to look more an more like a suicide which means it
      had nothing to do with the negligence of the truck driver.

      I was part of a trial involving a young fuck who sped through a red light
      and killed 2 old people. He plead innocent, (actually it’s “not guilty”, you can’t actually plead innocent, but this is just semantics) was found guilty, and got only 3 months jail.
      Then .. he and his family ‘bitched’ about the rough treatment
      he got from the justice system ..

  6. I haven’t seen many good videos of suicide by semi truck, so I was surprised that he didn’t get turned to a pile of human squish on impact, he got launched pretty far o_o , he’s lucky the truck double tapped em or he might have survived to be a veggie

  7. These fucking suicide cowards make me so angry. Stand and fight, asshole. Don’t run away from you problems. If you’re going to take the pussy’s way out, then go out in the woods and dig a hole and cover yourself up and OD on something so the rest of us don’t have to deal with your disgusting, cowardly remains. Why traumatize a truck driver who’s just doing his job and tie up traffic for the rest of us? Fucking pussy.

    1. Exactly, the stupid idiot has no idea how irresponsible his choice was but judging by his size and structure his probably a chad who got cheated on by kara and was likely raised by single mother and has been making irresponsible decisions his whole life talk about weak-minded loser.

  8. Looks to me like a chad who realized he couldn’t handle the idea he has to work for a living or perhaps Kara left him for another chad while she’s on her cock crusade and his turn was up thinking she might actually fall for him XD

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