Man Jumps off Balcony of Apartment Building on Road Below

Man Jumps off Balcony of Apartment Building on Road Below

I didn’t get any background information about this video. It shows an apparently suicidal man hanging off a balcony of an apartment building, trying to pluck up courage to take the leap.

It took him a while to let go, but when he did, the cameraman completely fucked up. If this awesome lady gets a 10 for her ability to follow the fall without any jerky movements and capture the landing, then the guy filming this video gets a 2 at best.

Skip to the end of the video to see the leap. By the sound of it, this happened in a Spanish speaking South American country (need someone who actually speaks Spanish to confirm). I don’t know if the jumper survived or not. Given the height from which he jumped, it could have gone either way. Landing flat on a solid hard surface of a paved road would tend to favor death, in my opinion.

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      1. I´ve tried to kill myself and I tell you: when you are in the edge, ready for jump off, there is no time for regrets. You feel desperate, you feel angry, disappointed, scary, the worst things a human being could feel.

        1. True, I had moments like that too…obviously then I decided to live, (or i would be a ghost on internet) I think if I had a gun available I would have done it in my worst moments, for me death should be quick and instantaneous, I would not like to have seconds on front of me that I have to review all my life in a flashback and then be sorry of my decision. Well I am glad I am still here and you are too.

          1. I was gonna hang myself one time, I had my note ready in my pocket and my belt ready and everything, right when I put it around my neck and was about to leap off, my heart was pounding really fast and I was getting really scared, like I just couldn’t find the nerve in my body to do it, I think its different once ur actually in that position, like I was just thinking that it was my only life, I don’t get a second chance, but I’m happy I grew sum balls and continued with life

          2. I think your instinct of self preservation kicked in, we all have it, all animals have it, also the fear of eternal darkness, life can be shitty at times but it’s always better than darkness. Or maybe there is afterlife, a not physical world, where everything is beautiful and we live in joy and happiness for ever and ever, like all religions would teach us, but if we were sure that such a great place existed then we all would commit suicide at some better stay here and fight…death can wait. At least it’s nice to have still a choice.

      2. Alexander…..”I always wondered if people who decide to jump to their deaths, in the few seconds before hitting ground, they regret their decision, but never found one alive so far to ask this question…”

        Hi Alexander. I know of one person who can answer your question. (Kevin Hines) Also watch the documentary “The Bridge”.

      3. There was a man that jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge and he survived with lots of broken bones. Research him, there are tons of articles about what he felt. He did mention lots of regret, though I wouldn’t really know what that feels like because i am indeed a psychopath

  1. Was this filmed by an epileptic that was high on meth watching a strobe light?

    It has been scientifically proven that when people jump like this the last thing to go through their mind is their asshole.

  2. I feel like doing the same thing sometimes only I’m too much of a pussy to go through with it. My way out will probably be from a drug overdose. I’ve failed on a couple of attempts already so who knows…I might just make it to old age.

  3. That was the perfect view to see it all but no he fucked it all up. Don’t pull out a camera unless your filming the whole thing without flinching, it’s a let down not being able to see the jump and splat together.

    1. Well..let’s find out who was the chicken who made this shitty video, let’s haunt him down, then we’ll take him on the roof of a very high 5o floors building and throw him down while one of us will take a perfect video, and tell the chicken that this is the right way to do does it sound?

  4. Besides a gun shot through the brain, it seems like jumping from a building would be the quickest least painful way to end it. Once your body hits the pavement, it’s instant lights out. At least it seems that way.

  5. Dip-shit leapt out & hit the deck feet first! Prolly still alive and with a zillion leg fracture points!………………. Ain’t jumpin’ into a community pool, bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m not even gonna rate this one! The camera might as well have been turned off and the other yahoo had too much will to live to even give a decent showing! The only thing that could have saved this video would have been if the guy on the ground under him tried to catch him like a flyball!

  7. His mind in a constant turmoil thwarted his decision making process ;whether to or whether not to .
    so also the dizzying height wouldn’t let him make up his mind up until at 1.38 mark where he finally decides and leaps out like a BIG TOAD . I’m not sure if his fall was a fatal one but the balcony of the high rise building he leapt out from doesn’t look to be any forgiving .

    As for the video clarity and zooming angles both have been superb except for a lot of clumsy movement by the cameraman who just wouldn’t stop shaking every now and then ; and fumbled lastly where the real action got missed out by the camera .

    1. Steady hands would have brought about a perfect video but for cameraman’s excessive gyrations, the footage got ruined especially at the end of which we don’t know of the outcome.

  8. Trust fall!….can’t trust anyone, especially no trust when it comes to someone actually being able to take a damn video right without being a spaztastic twat, what a rip off. Might add that was a nice leap, to bad you couldn’t see the splat.

  9. If you want to give the jumper courage to jump, skip to the end and you will see he will be jumping soon enough. This video tho felt like a handjob tease slowly building until the sexplosion but then the camera shook and the fapping prematurely ceased.

    1. Hi Fucking Larious my man! Tell tell camera virgin filming this one. Busted his nut when he saw he was starting to plunge. I like the sound they make when they hit the pavement. It kinda stays with you. It’s like a bag of wet sand hitting the floor of an empty gymnasium.

  10. I do speak Spanish and this sounds like it was in Argentina judging by some expressions used in there, here the translation
    Easy dude, this man is crazy, is really crazy, why is he going to commit suicide? ‘boludo’
    No, no, dude, ‘king’ (common expression to refer to someone similar to pal)
    If I were him I just go back and go through my door
    Noooo… Noooo!! Fuck!!

    Looks as though he couldn’t bear the astonishment of a suicidal attempt (most likely to be successful) that’s why he flinched.

  11. If you’re gonna take a longtime to get up the nerve find another way to off yourself! The anticipation was killing me! And what the fuck man? Time for the much awaited money shot and you turn the camera away????? Why bother filming it in the first place?

  12. “ok, joey, here’s what you do. point the camera at him, but move it and tilt it as if you were blind and couldn’t tell what the fuck was going on. then, if he jumps, jerk the camera away immediately.”

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