Man Jumps To His Death From 27th Floor of Costanera Center in Santiago, Chile

Man Jumps To His Death From 27th Floor of Costanera Center in Santiago, Chile

This happened just a few of hours ago today – May 3, 2014.

A man committed what appears to be suicide by jumping from the 23rd floor of a building called Costanera Center in Santiago, the capital city of Chile. The building is part of a popular shopping center in a busy part of the city.

When the video starts, the man is already in the air, nosediving toward the ground, but the landing splat was blocked by a bad timing bus that got in the way. Just how brutal the impact was can be heard from the thud the landing made.

Woman in blue couldn’t tear her eyes away from the leap, but ran away after the landing. Unlike that young kid who ran toward the place of landing to see the splatter. Maybe a Best Gore flaite πŸ˜‰

The jumper was later identified as 26 year old Erasmo HenrΓ­quez.

Props to Best Gore member PayneBlack for this hot off the press video. I wonder if the sound of landing was amplified…

Another video – different angle and longer. People witnessing suicide in progress seem rather amused:

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  2. Sorry @ate but I think he jump to the ground πŸ™‚ it must be beautiful to feel like flying for a moment and then all your bones pulverized,it would be funnier if he land in someone else lol

  3. There’s actually plenty of info abouth the jumper:
    He was 27, he was wearing a shirt that said “Es por amor”, .
    On the second video, a girls says something like “C’mon just do it already!”

    Funny thing; I live like 10 mins away from there. Sadly I wan’t home at the time it happened

  4. Endorfo is right, there’s a lot of info of the jumper. It was actually the 27th floor, he stood there 2 hours with everyone watching before he jumped. His name was Erasmo Henr?quez, 26 years. A police man could talk with him for 3 minutes, the few things he could hear from the man was that he was against the capitalist system and he was covered in some white bedsheet that said peace and love and had the peace sign on it. It’s being investigated how he got there but until now the official info is that he lied to a construction guy saying he needed to do a project for college (The shopping center at the bottom is complete but the fucking giant building is still being finished).
    Fuck, last year I lived 10 minutes away from there and used to go there a lot, this thing was all over twitter, I would SO have gone there and filmed a better video for you guys πŸ™

  5. Imagine jumping off and then thinking no I don’t want to die but it’s too late to turn back. There’s no second chance, once you jump you’re gone for good, unless a miracle stops your fall like a guy swings out on a rope and grabs you in mid air.

  6. “The young man was fully decided and seeing the presence of security personnel did not miss much time and ended up jumping into the void. His last words were ‘I am against the whole capital system’, “said chief operating officer of the 19th Police Station, Eduardo Yussef.

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