Man Kills Himself by Ingesting Rat Poison

Man Kills Himself by Ingesting Rat Poison

This is video of a man who supposedly committed suicide by ingesting rat poison. He evidently gave his buddy permission to film it but I don’t know what’s up with the fucking music which just ruins it.

Why do this in the middle of the street with people watching? Lots of blood puking from this one. Anyone know if this is what would actually happen?

Props to MrsPink.

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          1. Next time you poison a rat make sure it has a tail first, just saying! I’ve seen rats die from rat poison, that’s exactly what they do

          2. Isn’t rat poison cyanide, and what else? That guy was squirting shit out of his eye sockets, enhancing the flavor bouquet of my potato, broccoli and cheese soup. Mmm… I bet those spasms hurt, tho. He must have started to regret his decision around the time his guts started rushing out of his mouth as his insides liquefied. Alas, the decision was irreversible, and he had no choice but to pray for death as he waited out the infinitely long minutes of the progression to his eternal damnation.

      1. Once I was going to kill myself, and everyone at school who knew me knew it. But i dont know why someone wants to die hard/violently when they can end it in under 30 seconds, or just immedietly. Bleach and rat poison suicides are the worst way to go. that or hydrochloric acid/ chlorine.

      1. @uli.
        Yes. This is what we do to rats. Unless it’s a rat in prison, in which case he gets a really tiny mop handle shoved up his fuzzy little asshole. Ha.

      2. I have an avocado tree next to my garage in my back yard. Rats love eating the avocados and live in my garage. I placed rat poison all over my garage. It took about 2 weeks to clear the rat infestation from my garage. I fucking hate rats because they think they can come into anyone’s home and decide to live there. Fuck rats.

        1. Ok, couple things. I’m a fancy rat breeder. They are intelligent animals. Smarter than your dog. Dogs can’t be taught to do their laundry. Rats can. They are VERY clean animals. Very affectionate. They mourn their dead. They have nearly human hands. They got a bad rap due to the bubonic plague, which rats weren’t responsible. It was gerbils and the fleas they carried. Wild rats, yes, pest. Domestic rats are awesome pets.

      3. Uli. I use live traps and take them alllll the way out to the forest to either live happily ever after or be food. I remember I nutted all up when I seen two Chinese women in my old neighborhood watching this semi feral cat fuck with this mouse. I walked up chased the cat off. Had this little mouse in my hand. It’s heart was beating really fast. But there was also blood. It was so afraid. I tried helping it. But. It got second wind and wanted down…so I took it and placed it under a truck. Well a goddamn crow swooped down and fucking flew off with it. Circle of life. Sorry for writing a novel

    1. That’s how I feel after looking at your wife! Lol only messing (assuming that isn’t your wifes picture)
      On a separate note an overdose of rat poison (warfarin) would make you bleed to death internally, dont know about the spazzy dancing though. If anyone cared and phoned an ambulance its also very easy to treat with vitamin k.

        1. Its just sad how easy it is to counteract the poison, even if it was my bitch whore of an ex bleeding like a stuffed pig id still call 999. Really bad way to commit suicide too massive internal bleeding would be far from painless (that’s my personal opinion if anyone from the medical field knows for sure please post)

          1. Worse way to go. Your internal organs are being turned into semi gelatinous liquid. Yes it’s painful. The synapses in your brain are firing off rapidly sending panic signals throughout your nervous system…hence the violent shaking

  1. Yes.

    Rodenticides are generally anticoagulants and cause death by internal bleeding. The substances have exactly the same effect in humans by interfering in the coagulant pathway

    Resistance to early rodenticides has resulted in ‘superwarfarins’ which are more toxic (Brodifacoum has no antidote)

    The effects are seen several days after ingestion (like Paracetamol) so you may take the stuff and then, on the following morning, feel better and grateful to still be alive but it’s going to kill you up to two weeks later.

    Symptoms include lethargy, headache, abdominal pain, confusion, agitation and lethargy due to brain haemorrhage,hypovolaemic shock, bleeding gums, increase gastrointestinal motility, vomiting blood, passing blood in the urine and per rectum, liver and renal failure and pulmonary oedema.

      1. @ilovemygramps; No need for an apology, I know where you live.

        Strychnine has also been used as a rodenticide but causes very rapid death, after ingestion, by metabolic inhibition of the motor nerves to muscles (it’s a neurotoxin) resulting in death by asphyxia.

        1. Wow
          Thanks for the info! I was very curious to find/see info regarding this. I wonder, though, how much brain function is still intact. Did this guy know he was spazing and dying or was he in dreamland. I guess nobody knows. Joseph Mengella might have had an idea! Man, dying this way has to suck, at some point during the process anyway.
          Thank you, Pablo, for your sacrifice to the BG knowledge bank.

          1. They give warfarin to people who had their mitral valves replaced which is rat poison in small dosis, it keeps your blood thinner which prevents your valve from seizing up due too clotting of the blood.

    1. Thanks for your input, Dr. Nasty.
      May i ask something ; i’m reading that different rodenticides can have different symptoms ( for example, no bleeding but vomiting and spasms instead ) is that true? Also, would you say that this guy is beyond treatment, or not ?

      1. This guy is dead by the end of the video recording, or very soon after.

        He demonstrates agonal breathing which signifies that he is severely hypoxic i.e. lacking blood oxygen (blood PaO2 80 mmHg, value is age dependent).

        Agonal respiration is a brainstem auto-survival reflex prior to apnoea or cessation of breathing.

        As to other rodenticides, it depends on what is in them.

        Warfarin, chlorophacinone, diphacinone, brodifacoum, bromadiolone * and difethialone are all anticoagulants, so you would expect bleeding. These require multiple dosing to be effective.

        Bromethalin, cholecalciferol+, zinc phosphide, and strychnine are neurotoxins and act at the neuromuscular junction causing motor muscle paralysis and death by asphyxiation, haemorrhage would not be expected as a feature. Most are effective in single dosing.

        An additional problem, outside 1st World areas, is that you don’t necessarily know WTF is actually in the tub of rat killer that you purchased, despite the labelling.

        * Single dosing is effective
        + Requires multiple dosing

          1. In 1st World countries most poisonings are accidental; I think that the most recent figures are 97% accidental/3% deliberate;

            Only one type of anticoagulant rodenticide poison is effective in a single dose, so you are, generally, looking at individuals who are pretty intent on poisoning themselves.

            In other countries agricultural products (rodenticides, weedkiller, insecticide, industrial chemicals, household chemicals) are commonly used as methods of suicide as they tend to be the only chemicals available.

            The poorest homes will not have access to domestic chemicals so most will be obtained at work or via the Black Market.

            Literacy levels together with minimal or absent education probably mean that most of those using chemicals will have no idea of the symptoms prior to death.

            If you look at the epidemiology of poisoning in Countries such as India you will find that the pattern follows that of the West; scewed towards young males, unemployment, poverty, low self-esteem, poor social networks etc. The means tends to be whatever is available; poisoning is in the top slot followed by (in order of popularity) hanging. drug overdose (prescribed & non-prescribed), drowning, jumping from height, strangulation, immolation .

            Firearms use is infrequent as the vast majority of the population do not have access.

    2. @Nasty

      Brodifacoum does have an antidote & its Vitemin K, of course it has to be given within a certain time like with all poisons. And as far as “Paracetamol” that’s just Tylonal (the U.S. Name for Paracetamol is Acetaminophen aka Tylonal).

      1. You can give all the Vitamin K that you like but it’s not going to make much difference when you have active bleeding.

        The superwarfarins are more toxic and have a longer bio-availability once ingested due to:

        1. Greater affinity for vitamin K(1)-2,3-epoxide reductase blocking synthesis of Vitamin K and, subsequently, clotting factors II, VII, IX & X.

        2. Disruption of the vitamin K(1)-epoxide cycle at multiple points.

        3. Hepatic accumulation.

        4. A very long biological half-life due to high lipid solubility and enterohepatic circulation (excretion in the bile and subsequent re-absorption from the gut) i.e. once it’s in the body it’s a bugger to get it out.

        Once you have active bleeding then you are on a very slippery slope.

        Management is, typically, prothrombin complex concentrate (factors II, VII, IX and X), recombinant activated factor VII or fresh frozen plasma, and phytomenadione 10mg.

        Accidental ingestion of small amounts of superwarfarins are not the problem; that’s the 97%.

        Deliberate ingestion with progression to bleeding is the problem. If you are lucky enough to get into an ITU and get the treatment above, plus life support, you may survive but your coagulation pathway is likely to be fucked for several months.

        If you’re in India then go straight to you are fucked.

        You say tomato, I say Paracetamol; different countries, different generic names and a multitude of Brand names.

        Remember kids; non-brand name or generic drugs are cheaper and work just the same.

  2. It depends on the type he took, but a common type inMexico at least would easily cause these symptoms if taken in a large dose. It stops the blood from clotting which leads to internal hemorrhage into the lungs and other organs. Nasty way to die. He should have watched it work on rats first, lol.

      1. I was kinda thinking the same thing. Only I imagined a clever rat trying to get rid of a nuisance human by putting a poisoned piece of pie out on a saucer.

  3. A great demonstration of agonal breathing towards, obviously, the end.

    Cause of death? The convulsions would fit with a decent cerebrovascular bleed.

    Why did it occur in the street? Rodenticides kill slowly so this guy would have been unwell for some time (see above); the terminal event occurs as he goes for a beer / Paracetamol / for a walk’ the location is pretty random.

  4. Not sure of the effect of rat poison on the human body. However we had a boar stud about a year back eat a couple rat bait chunks, while I was walking him heat checking sows. Nothing happened at first, but the next day you could see involuntary muscle spasms like the video above, not as severe tho. He just laid there not eating till the 3rd day we found him dead. That was a 650 pound animal tho. Being this is a human I’d say the rat poison theory is definitely plausible. He could of eaten alot or very potent rat poison.

      1. Haha.
        Yes, it’s a bit similar. Only I’d prefer a sow over most of that lot. What guys find in those bar slobs is beyond me. You really have to weed threw the garbage to find a gem at the bar scenes.

        1. @blayvier.
          Your pig story is interesting. A poisoned bait, intended to kill rats that takes out a big ass 650-700lb pig. Thats fuckin’ crazy!
          Did you guys buy the poison bait and place it “as is” or did you guys make your own bait and mix the poison in yourselves?

          1. @nutsack

            The rat bait is something I buy from my supplier . The brand name is Jaguar. They are twizzler shaped, about an inch thick and 3 inches long. We place the them intermittently every 6 ft or so in pvc tubes as to prevent the boars from eating them also allowinga trap like setting for the mice. They are designed for warehouse and farm use only. Remember the boar ate all but 3 whole sticks. Where as the mice take a nibble and die. Also something I forgot to mention above, the boars stomac

      2. @illegalsmile55.
        I had a similar mental image. A long line of big fat asses stuffed into super tight pants all on display at the bar while the male losers, who are still alone at last call, walk past each one sniffing and checking for dampness.

  5. that was pretty dumb. Why do people off themselves in the worst ways possible. Or give themselves a chance of messing it up.

    If it were me I’d go peacefully. Like maybe just suicide by old age lol.

    1. You’ll end up psychotic @bobcat, if you do shit loads of it.
      An old mate of mine is psychologically fucked after years of smoking weed. Just because something is naturally occurring doesn’t make it safe. And the new strains are getting way out of hand.

      1. So true ewes, that shit can really send people psycho. The biggest danger is that nobody knows how it’s going to affect them. Some people can handle it, a lot of people get extremely lazy and some people get full on psychosis.

          1. I live in maine, and have my “green card”. There are hundreds,possibly thousands of strains. Some are really strong, others, mellow. Some make you “lazy”, others make you active.
            Side note, I have smoked weed on a regular basis since I was 15, and the only time I have felt psychotic is when my weed supply was low. ….I have never done anything to harm myself while smoking weed. Can’t say the same about alcohol!! That’s why I don’t drink.

  6. yes,
    Mechanism of action: Anticoagulants inhibit epoxide reductase, causing a loss of vitamin K regeneration. This results in depletion of vitamin K, which leads to the inhibition of coagulation synthesis. The vitamin K dependent factors are II, VII, IX, and X. The presence of circulating clotting factors, synthesized prior to the exposure, causes the delay in clinical signs. Generally 3-7 days are required before clotting factors are exhausted and clinical signs are seen.

    1. I thought it was more of a neurologic actor – interrupting the brain’s normal synapses – eventually leading to suffocation because the lungs don’t get the signal to keep breathing. Or actually no, not neurologic but cellular – halting cellular respiration – it actually inhibits cells from using oxygen so they become atrophic and die.

    2. @Der Kopfssammler; cyanide is very rarely used as a rodenticide as it is, generally, considered too toxic. Arsenic has been used.

      The mechanism of cyanide poisoning is through incapacitation of the cellular mitochondrial cytochrome enzyme system; this results in cellular asphyxia (lack of oxygen).

      Skin colour can be normal, dusky blue or red.

      1. Arsenic *has* been used but no longer in the West – it is still found in Asia though: “Because of its high toxicity, arsenic is seldom used in the Western world, although in Asia it is still a popular pesticide. Arsenic is mainly encountered occupationally in the smelting of zinc and copper ores”

        I think I was considering arsenic when I asked if it was not in fact acting neurologically. I did a bit of reading, though, and arsenicosis is multi-pronged and a wholly fubar way to go – increases lactate hence lactic acid, inhibits ‘voltage-gated potassium channels’ (fucking with your muscles but more importantly making arrhythmia and cardiovascular aberrations far more likely, and eventually causing central nervous system dysfunction and failure). Give me a nice clean bullet any day.

  7. I was wondering if this could have been the dude who asked how to send us a video, and that would be something BestGore has never seen before ? Somebody from our site told him NOT to do it, if it was going to be suicide. He never answered back to anybody, and never posted again,,, weird. I hope i,m not talking about the same guy, as i had a bad feeling about him 🙁 🙁

    1. I saw his comments too, and I had a bad feeling about what he was saying as well. I hope he took the BG members’ advice and chose not to proceed with suicide (if that was the case). 🙁

    1. Poor design? C’mon, the guy ate rat poison.
      That’s a lot like running your car into a train at 100 mph and complaining about its poor design when it gets completely demolished.

  8. I kinda feel sorry for this guy.., and towards the end it looked like he was trying to tell us something.., huh..?, whats that..?, rite now….?, He says don’t do rat poison.

  9. The music really sets the mood. Especially at 1:02 where he couldn’t contain himself any longer and had to bust a groove with that retarded dance.

  10. This is exactly what would happen by ingesting rat poison. Most people don’t realize that when there given coumadin by there doctor to prevent a stroke that in fact it is rat poison, just in a much smaller controlled dose. Coumadin / rat poison thins the blood, if you take to much you will quite literally bleed to death.

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