Man Kills Wife and Stepson Before Committing Suicide in Caruaru

Man Kills Wife and Stepson Before Committing Suicide in Caruaru

A double murder-suicide occurred late in the morning of March 11th, 2016 in the Nossa Senhora Aparecida neighbourhood of Caruaru. 47-year-old José Augusto Cassaro shot and killed his wife, 37-year-old Fernanda Botto Milli and his stepson, 10-year-old Rayslann Guilherme Siqueira before turning the gun on himself. José, who had two children of his own, left the baby with a neighbour’s house before committing the ghastly crime.

Neighbours report that José was a very quiet man and are shocked that he did such a thing. Authorities are have come up with three possible scenarios as to why the murder-suicide occurred. One is that the couple were separating; the second speculates that the couple were in financial trouble and José was suffering depression; and the third is that José was suffering a serious health problem. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet and the police only have hearsay to go on at this time.

Brutal end. Look at all that blood. But leave the kids out of your adult problems. The motherfucker made sure his own children were not present and he kills another one from his wife’s previous marriage. Despicable. Just off yourself, man.

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  1. That’s fucked up to kill a child. Why couldn’t he take that child to a neighbor’s house too? Piece of shit, if you want to kill yourself do it but leave others out of it, especially innocent children.

    Also his nipples are tiiiiny.

        1. Lol, fuck, ya never know, as he shot himself in the heart, dead-on, no pun intended. But would it not be epic, to see this Goof, with half his face off, whining like a little girl, as the Hospital staff, tie him to the bed, and take their sweet time treating him ?? 🙂

      1. @Dr Dre – the look on his face is so fucked up because he has got to be one of the ugliest motherfuckers I have had the general misfortune to see. Look at him, little undersized jaw, puny little arms, pasty skin, tiiiny lil nipples I suppose is also unattractive ( had never really given much thought to yay or nay attractiveness of nipples so thanks for that @LF).

        But without a doubt, despite his extreme physical ugliness, his heart and his dark evil mind are even uglier than all of his other ugly features combined. I suppose being that ugly has not been an easy life for the motherfucker, but somehow, some woman somewhere pitied his pathetic features and gave him children ( as if you would agree to help him spread his ugliness to another generation to suffer the torment of a life of ugliness??) Unless she was a bit ugly herself and also wanted to get back at the world? I’d say that’s it and why his own biological children were spared the murder spree. Now they are still free to travel around the countryside revealing their ugliness at the most opportunistic times – eg. At the Olympic games Men’s 100m Final – the two fastest men on the planet are fighting it out to be the best, when suddenly Ugly Joe steps out onto the track and pulls the paper bag off his head and the two athletes freak out and takes 6 seconds to get focused again and now their is a new world record – the slowest 100m at an Olympics, ever………..

      1. I think it looks that way because there’s blood on it so it’s blending in with the blood on the floor? What a fucked up way for a child to die and like @Obli said he made sure his own kids were safe and then killed his stepchild….asshole 🙁

    1. Why couldn?t he take that child to a neighbor?s house too?

      because the neighboors probably kill the child too as they probably kill te father too and finish to sexual abuse the mother and kill her..

      its BRAZIL…. dont forget that :p

      1. @Hollyeat – h? didn’t like his wife and h? didn’t like anything of hers or associated with her. H? wanted to hurt her and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he killed the boy first and in front of her just to be a complete prick..

        That is why he didn’t take the boy to the neighbour’s house…………

          1. @re-pete
            Like a regular no. 2 pencil eraser or those big fat pencils from kindergarten? Cuz those are hot!
            …..on CHICKS that is, no homo!

      1. I think that she was returning to her ex
        So thats why creepy targeted the stepson
        Prob she had been seeing him for sex since creepy couldn’t get it up anymore. .HOWEVER his gun was rockhard pulsing with throbbing violence and shimmering sheen from passion oil of lost love…..(fap fap fap)

          1. Cory, I’d laugh so FUCKING hard if somebody copied and pasted your LF break up right under your Nextie break up that you just left. I’m serious 😆

  2. What a cunt. Selfish prick should have just topped himself and left everyone be. I hope the bullet was painful as fuck and he had time to shit himself with the fear of imminent death. Onwards and upwards with the human species.

      1. That’s pretty much it Blucon. I don’t know how old the baby was, but the father probably spared some trauma by not leaving the baby at the scene. His death stare is very indicative of where he’s going.

        1. @Re-pete
          His own kids might still be toddlers or half the age of that stepson he butchered . I don’t know his creepy stare is reminiscent of someone I know from a heavy metal band .I don’t know who? .I guess you might know ……
          Gotta recall my memory

          As for that death stare how knew he would be headed to the open arms of a satan with his thongs down ready to shove his meat in

  3. Holy blood spatter from the wife, guessing she was shot in the back. They could’ve for the sake of our viewing lie her down & undress her, hopefully they can take note of this comment & think ahead next time!

  4. He knew where to shoot. Wife died from blood loss from the neck, kid died with the same, and then shot right in his own heart. He made sure that their faces werent deformed, so this one might have done as an act of compassion. Kid was first, the wife was followed, and it appears to be under concent, and then obviously himself, although there wasnt that much of a heart to hit anyways.

    1. @Der, I believe the wife was first, I doubt she would have been sitting in the chair if she heard a gun fire? She may have been aware of her husband losing his grip on reality, hearing a gun fire, she would have been on her feet in an instant. I think he snuck up behind her and pulled the trigger. Usually adults who can possibly fight back or protect smaller, weaker victims are killed first.

        1. You would at least get out of your seat if you heard a shot from inside your own house, even if it sounded close by – out the front, out the back or even next door, you would get up, she had very young kids, she would have got up. No she was ambushed from behind. He wouldn’t have even had to sneak up behind, she is used to him being in the house.

      1. @tas – I thought about that too and came to the conclusion that he made her watch him shoot the kid and ordered her around and making demands that she complied with because she had a gun held on her. He would have surely, told her to,”Sit down you silly bitch, or I’ll blow ya fucking knee caps to smithereens !”.

        Power trippers like this loser aren’t the type of people to sneak up behind their victims and shoot them with no warning. These kind of men have major fucking issues and needs others to acknowledge ” that he has control” now that he has a gun in her face…….he wanted to torture her and make her suffer. If he just snuck up on her, he wouldn’t have got his satisfaction……..

        1. I’d say that explanation is spot on. You are correct about them not shooting from behind. He made sure she suffered first.
          Last summer a local guy was found dead, from a gunshot to his head, then we heard his parents were dead also. We all thought, at first, that he killed his parents, then himself. Actually it was the father who killed his wife, then drove to sons house, shot him, went back home and killed himself. No notes, except for one telling the combination of his safe. We will never know what happened. They

      1. Well the description did say he sufferd depression so that is a illness but even with that you still know it wrong to murder a innocent kid and your partner so you prob rite he prob troubled at time but still if you that low go to a quiet place and take your self out .. Illness or no illness you don’t take a kid and woman out with you .. Maybe a case of if he can’t be with her no one else will … Either way shitty way to go for the kid /woman least he had a say on how he went out …

        1. You know I thought that too that maybe he killed her out of rage or jealousy and killed her child too as punishment for her. I don’t know it’s all kinds of fucked up. It’s scary to think you know someone when you really don’t.

          1. Never been involved in any jealously kinda situation but you hear it makes people act all kinda crazy plus Brazil woundt surprise me if drugs wernt involved / him high etc .. You realise we gota stop agreeing so much I got in trouble other day of @ gory Cory over this lol

          2. It’s ok, I’ve got my eye on you two! >; (
            Better not slip into any secret code talk either. I’m an expert at deciphering that shit!

        2. @Cunninglingus giver, those were just “speculations” no-body can understand why this “very quiet man” has done this. He might not have been depressed at all, he may have had ‘small man’s syndrome’ though? Because of his build? He may have been bullied? A very skinny man, but he had a wife, a wife who gave him his own babies! I see very ugly and/or very fat/skinny people with a partner, there really is someone out there for everyone, I guess.

          1. Totally agree there is someone for everyone and should not judge a potential partner on skinny / fat / ugly etc it should be personality mainly. I hope he did have some mental illness and not snapped because he had small man syndrome/ bullying because that is fukd up to kill innocent partner/ her kid over that .. Plus he looks seriously small for 47 year old man he looks like a druggie that kinda skinny gaunt look .. But that could of been a excarated by the death stare

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    1. If you look at the patch of blood again .ya are gonna see there is more to it .The blood splatter has drawn itself in to a shape of someone mounted and ready to ride that horse with reins in hand

  5. I have known these silent types to be the more violent types .
    Cool from the outside but burning and simmering from inside

    Caruaru never fails to pack a punch ………..
    wifey took the shot to the face and bled litres to the floor and she seems to be looking how well the floor is painted without a brush .BTW poontang’s cleavage is hot .
    Cunny bastard to have spared his own and kill another one from his wife?s previous marriage. Being that fucked up doesn’t mean you go killing the innocent ones cause your life has screwed and fucked ya up .
    He could have easily shot his brains off and spared the rest The dude looks famined and underfed and must have felt deeply depressed because of being low on cash and without food and sex .

    His soul happily winked a final goodbye and left his dirty corpse form the eye sockets …….that stare is fixated ceiling ward counting zero to one .

        1. its brazenly self explicit to the point that no further translation is deemed necessary …….I hope ya catch my groove @ Dutchy….mind ya there isn’t no one slower but me
          every one is with rapid shots.

  6. What an arse-hole shooting a little kid. A kid that age is harmless, then again look at the step-fathers scrawny body. I bet that little 10 yr old beat him in an arm wrestle or something similar, that’s why he got shot.

    1. It all must have happened in fit of total rage and you could be right these sorta scrawny bodied males or females always are hot tempered and feel being over the edge .
      Lol! Its fairly possible that the 10 yr old step son beat him up in an arm wrestle or something similar or another angle to surmise is while he and his wife argued the 10 yr old step son dared intervene and paid the price .

  7. incredible..

    most of time, women suicide by shoot in heart, and men suicide by shot in head. its pretty rare to see an men suicide by shot his heart.
    this most of time mean they are some love in them. sound like this men still loved his wife and son even after kill them

    1. @Hollyeat

      I’m not sure what part of the world you habitate, but where the humans live, woman very rarely suicide using a gun at all. Men usually suicide leaving a mess ( gunshot, directing a car head on into a truck, electrocute in bath tub, jump off tall building etc) where as woman very rarely will use a method that causes blood to leave the body ( eg. Hanging, overdose, poisoning, drowning and if they do cause blood to leave the body they usually always do it in a way that is easy to clean up – ie. Slitting wrists in a a bath tub of hot water) .

      Woman suicide victims have empathy for those woman that will inevitably clean the area where they died, so they try very hard to make that job easy as possible.

  8. My guess as to why he killed his wife and child is he must have believed in some spiritual afterlife or something and he didn’t want to be without his family there, or he thought he would somehow destroy their lives by killing himself so he ended them in order to not leave them behind, something like that. You don’t just kill someone without a reason

    1. Unfortunately, it seems that lots of people kill people without a reason. Look at all those school shootings that happen in ‘Murica. You can’t tell me all those victims are personally known to the gunman and he is hunting them down one by one…………….

  9. Allways the quiet one’s hey. look at this losers petite little frame. He failed at life and failed at being a man. so what does he do? Takes two defenceless peoples lifes along with his own pathetic existence. The true definition of a spineless Coward here people. May the devil greet you personally you pidgeon chested cocksucker.

  10. Yesterday they were just three worthless lives that lived in some shitty shack in a feaces covered town with piss filled ponds where the children bath.

    Today they are still three worthless people who have now become worthless dead celebrities. They will be afforded the usual 24 hour of fame.
    Once the time is up, they will be replaced by the next batch of worthless lives that are, at this minute, being prepared for their camera close-up.

    Can’t wait for the new batch of worthless lives. Seeing them gives me reasons to fight to live.

  11. Im so utterly enraged by Murder-Suicides, I cant find words for it. Its the ultimate showing of egoistical, selfish, don?t give a fuck-behavior a human fleshsack can show. I hope he will rot forever within a stinking pool of Satans slimy poop.

    If you want to go, just go. That?s absolutely ok. But don?t think you can judge if others may live on or not.

  12. And since the lady was a 37-year-old Fernanda Botto Milli
    I am gonna sing Fernando ……. I mean Fernanda as a teary weary MilliBoot……….sorry I mean . tribute

    There was something in the air that night
    That goof was tight , Fernanda
    He was screaming there for me and ma son
    For puberty , Fernanda
    Though I never thought that we two could lose
    There’s no regret
    If he had to do the same again
    he wouldn’t , my friend, Fernanda
    If he had to do the same again
    he wouldn’t , my friend, Fernanda

  13. He wanted to QUIT everything: His family erazed and all problems gone but he just continue to hell.
    I bet he’s in shock after released being in much much worst situation then before evil he did.

  14. He had something against the wife that’s why he killed her son, what a bastard, hope he burns and rots in hell. I always say there’s no such thing as a step parent.

  15. My mother’s boyfriend is a psycho who has tried to off her myself, my younger brother and youngest half-brother (his own son) many times along with threats of cutting her head off. The baby has been traumatised by violence just like I was growing up. I straight up told her to abort it if she would not leave the boyfriend because no child should have to grow up around this shit. She is living in a fantasy world where the worst will never happen to her. I’m going to show her the pictures of reality (this so could have been her) as she doesn’t realise how damn lucky we’ve been to survive thus far.

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