Man with Knife Slashes Own Throat While Pursued by Police in Kragujevac, Serbia

Close Up of Aftermath Shows Serious Slash in Throat

Man with Knife Slashes Own Throat While Pursued by Police in Kragujevac, Serbia

This happened today in Kragujevac, Serbia. The guy reportedly went to a supermarket and had an argument with the cashier working there. He allegedly started threatening her with a knife, but a few minutes later left the store and went his own way.

The workers called the police, who pursued the guy. Feeling helpless and out of options, the gut put the knife to his own throat and began slashing.

According to the info in the Serbian mainstream press, he was 42 year old and suffered from unspecified mental illness.

Props to Best Gore member @sunx96 for the video:

Props to Best Gore member @journalistns for close up picture of the corpse:

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130 thoughts on “Man with Knife Slashes Own Throat While Pursued by Police in Kragujevac, Serbia”

          1. @I didn’t like this stuff at first, but curiosity killed the cat
            The more that i look at the video, the more i see how this guy was determined to not be caught by the cops alive, as he was on a fucking mission when you see just how deep, and long he cut himself. And as for the Cops Themselves,, They are nothing but A Bunch Of Brainwashed Sheeple indeed my B G Brother. 🙁

  1. Say what you will about cops in America, but our cops wouldn’t have allowed that to happen. They would have killed him first, so he could still make it into heaven. American cops are basically saints.

    1. In the U.S. if you have a knife in your hand and you’re within 100 feet of a cop you’re basically a dead man walking.. anytime you wanna commit suicide and don’t have the guts to pull the trigger yourself all you have to do is walk up to a cop and go SHOOT ME PUSSY BITCH SHOOT ME!! Hehe

  2. Okay. I’m a bigger pussy than any of you thought possible. I would have opted for the “Suicide by cop,” way out, whilst trying to take some with me. Well done. Well done, my Serbian brother. (If you know my surname, you’ll understand. 😉 )

    1. Yeah if I lived in America I would carry a black stapler in my hand everywhere I went, just to give the biggest, most brutal uniformed street gang a legitimate and humane reason to blow my head from my shoulders because they would, no doubt “feel their lives were in clear and immediate danger fair defender(obviously a small hand held school stapler would be classed as a weapon of mass destruction, meaning the cops would immediately feel their lives were in danger and then clearly and slowly state into body cam that …………(

          1. Yeah, unfortunately you are right. But shooting someone for being so paranoid that basically anything you hold in your hand is seen as evil would perhaps be a circuit breaker and help people, like fucking corrupt pigs, feel embarrassed and finally agree their tactics have gone WAY too far and needs rebuilding. I just can’t believe USA cops kill 50-100 of their own citizens on a daily basis – that blows my mind. Here in Australia, the cops actually like people and I think have shot less than 10 people in the past 20yrs because there are so many other options – tazer, capsicum spray, baton and of course good old name calling. Nothing pulls you into line like a cop yelling at you to “Stop being a complete wanker mate and you’ll stop embarrassing yaself, carrying on like a flaming galah. What would ya old girl say? Next time, I’ll make you wash all the patrol cars – got it ?”…….

        1. ***jeez I royally fucked this comment up. I’m trying to say that the USA cops would straight up make sure to immediately document into their body cam the magic words that allows them to continue acting without accountability for killing, injuring or disrespecting anybody they want – “I felt my life was being threatened” and with that, children, innocent citizens and even petty unarmed criminals with their hands on their head are shot in the back as they flee from the very same cops for exactly the same reason – lack of trust. A stapler is black, metallic, small and would be classified as a weapon of mass destruction and would be the justification for firing a fatal shot into my back. I’d then start the talk show circuit in Europe and America and be awarded a humanitarian award for bitching about corrupt cops and fixing that totally fucked up system…..same as curing cancer really…..

          1. I’m not used to having ”discussions” in English, so therefore I find it quite hard to express myself correctly – but I’ll do my best when writing this and hopefully I’ll be able to get my point across. (Although I’m pretty certain that we have the same point.)
            You wrote ”shooting someone for being so paranoid that basically anything you hold in your hand is seen as evil”, and what I tried to say with my first comment was exactly that: it doesn’t matter what’s actually in your hand, it’s what the cop might think is in your hand that matters.
            That’s the problem – a stressed out, paranoid cop will always ”mistake” harmless objects for dangerous weapons, because that’s what ensures their safety the most. Why? Because ”mistaking” the object for something dangerous grants them the right to, in-the-name-of-self-defense, murder the suspect/victim.
            For a stressed out cop, a dead suspect (whether guilty or not) will always feel like a better option than a living (and potentially dangerous) one.
            You also wrote ”a stapler is black, metallic, small and would be classified as a weapon of mass destruction and would be the justification for firing a fatal shot into my back”, which reminded me of an ”incident” that took place here in Sweden a few years ago.
            Here are some snippets from various news articles regarding the incident, roughly translated by me:
            ”Eric Torell, 20, was shot dead by police in Stockholm at 4am on Thursday, August 2, 2018. Police were alerted about an armed man. The police fired when they deemed the situation threatening. Eric, who had both autism and Down syndrome, had run away from home with a toy weapon.
            Police fired 25 shots at Eric Torell. One of the bullets – that hit him in the back – was deadly.
            How could the police fire 25 shots at a defenseless 20-year-old with Down syndrome?
            Stockholm District Court has endeavored to explain the inexplicable – and as many had predicted, all police officers will be freed. The police were said to be in a so-called imaginary emergency defense situation and acted in self-defense.”

            I thought it would be fitting to end this text by quoting something that @dumbkunt wrote last month: “If cops were actually held accountable for their actions, no one would want to sign up and most would quit.”

  3. In the UK cops would have said “Good afternoon sir may we kindly request you do not bleed out in a public place as it is going to cause an absolutely horrendous mess on the pavement, and may we be so bold to advise you as to perhaps join a sports club rather than taking the course of action which appears apparent you are intending to take. Good Day Sir and please be sure to recommend the Metropolitan Police to your friends and colleagues”

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  5. Interesting how rapidly you loose control after a few good jugular slashes. Makes sense since the brain is the 1st thing to loose fresh blood.

    That’s real commitment right there. Wrist slashes are just a cry for help.

  6. Algún gilipollas avisó a la policía.
    El verdadero asesino es el que los avisó.
    La policía no da opción al diálogo, prepotencia y abuso legal.
    No digo que el tío del cuchillo fuera el niño jesús

        1. May she rest in peace…………….

          I never knew he was ill…

          However, I did a Wikipedia on the type of brain cancer he had. I never heard of it before. But I guess it’s pretty bad, as far as the life expectancy goes. But then again, most brain cancers as far as I know, spread pretty quickly.

          I had an uncle who died from it, back in 2008. Had a classmate die from it in 2015. I guess it’s really a bastard to treat, because it spreads so quickly. If you don’t catch it in a brain scan in stage 1, you’re pretty much shit over the hill.

          But I’m sure you know more about this than I do…

          But I must say. When you get into your 60’s, you’re face to face with your own mortality, more than ever before.

          God, did I drop a lot of acid on Caress of Steel………..

      1. I know what you mean, however, you never truly appreciate a band until you’ve seen them perform live. When I saw Rush in the 90’s I was most impressed with Alex Lifeson. I don’t really even care for guitarists but this guy stole the show imo.

        1. I think Moving Pictures was the last decent album they did. Unfortunately, I couldn’t connect with them after that. Yes, I enjoy listening to Alex Lifeson’s guitar too! I envy you, because that’s one band I wish I could’ve seen.

  7. are you cretins even real? ANY THING. ANYTHING that reduces the amount of humans that infest this planet is a wonderful thing, our police apparatus is trained to recognize the worthless and remove them from this planet and thereby relieve the planet of unwanted stress and carbon footprints

      1. I know I must be living under a rock…

        But a couple months ago, I discovered Buckethead. I guess he was lead guitatist for Guns n Roses for awhile. Man, that guy can tickle the strings. LIGHTNING FAST!

        I’m basically a 70’s Progressive Rock fan, so anything past the late 70’s/early 80’s, I’m usually out of touch a bit.

        But that MF is great! 🙂

  8. LOL those are real cops? they acted like a couple of retards, real cops would be aiming their guns at that fucker just in case he tries to do smth stupid, fuck Serbia, better train your cops better

  9. Nothing but pointless madness. Of all things he could have done. Instead he terrorizes the Market and mutilates himself.
    Chaos upon chaos. I’m sure most will avoid this disgraceful behavior. Without peacekeepers it probably could have gone worse. Without police brutality the public servants did well.
    Unfortunate for that crazy man. Such terrible logic. When starting shit fuck it slice yourself open intentionally.
    What is wrong with people? Do not follow this example.

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