Man Sets Himself on Fire and Jumps Off Apartment Window in Russia

Man Sets Himself on Fire and Jumps Off Apartment Window in Russia

This video from Russia shows what looks like a middleaged man setting himself on fire while sitting on the window sill after apparently dousing himself with flammable fluid. As soon as he bursts into flames, he allows himself to roll out of the window to fall several storeys (I counted eight) down.

Firefighters were on the scene and proceeded to put out the flames, but nevermind the fireball, the drop was long enough to kill a man.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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166 thoughts on “Man Sets Himself on Fire and Jumps Off Apartment Window in Russia”

    1. Yeah a fire of that level sucks up all the oxygen in the immediate radius. Just look at how solid and compressed the flames are. All the air in his lungs got sucked out or simply the fire went inside and burned him inside too causing instant shock hence no screaming or flailing. Or he simply has balls of steel. We may never know.

    2. Okay, guys, here the subs are coming:

      “…and such threats were not taken seriously. Namely, before October 17, 2005, when, being evicted from his apartment on the 9th floor of the house 108 on Vosstania Street in Yekaterinburg, Alexander Semyakov carried out his threat to set himself on fire and jump out the window. Since then, at least we want to believe in it, executors of court decisions began to get more serious about mental state…”

  1. Well thats one way to go down in a bang. Or he is getting ready for feet first atmospheric entry into hell. For a second after he landed it looks like a fire blast is coming out of his butt. I wonder what caRnAGE thinks of this suicide. He loves dramatic endings.

  2. fuckkk looks like he landed feet first! that right(?) leg looks broken af!

    that’s what freaks me out about jumping as a means of suicide. like sure if you jump from something high enough, you will for SURE die. BUT. what if you land like feet first or like what if you put an arm out? the last thing you’ll feel are all of your bones in your fingers/hand/arm shattering. it’s only for a split second, but STILL. i’m not brave enough for that shit

    1. Our American cops would have shot him to death before he was ever allowed to do something like this…for his own good.
      @Pig you really want to make a difference when your done praying….let’s go shopping.

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