Man Found Stabbed in the Heart in an Apparent Suicide Attempt

Man Found Stabbed in the Heart in an Apparent Suicide Attempt

Alice, wife of this 52 year old man named Ademar Siqueira da Silva says that she went to check up on what he’s been doing in the bathroom for so long and as she tried to open the door, it bumped into her husband, who was on the floor in a pool of blood with huge kitchen knife sticking out of his chest. Apparently he told her that he wanted to commit suicide and stabbed himself.

The police are investigating to see if perhaps the woman could have anything to do with his death and staged it to look like suicide. Apparently, the man had multiple perforations from several stab attempts to his chest. The man eventually died, which… looking at the blood loss is not surprising. It happened in Brazil, but I didn’t get any more accurate information as to the place.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Man Found Stabbed in the Heart in an Apparent Suicide Attempt”

  1. This is a strange one.

    A man who commits suicide by plunging a knife into his chest would do it either standing up or sitting down, this is because you would have a better position to do it, unlike if you were lying down, your elbows would not pass your side due to the floor hence you would not have the power or the needed motion to drive that knife to the hilt.

    This man however has very little blood stain in his pants, since he had multiple knife wounds his pants should be soaked in blood.

    Next, the knife its self, if you were right handed you would thrust the knife into your left side chest and vice versa, this again is because of optimum position and because you would need two hands to gather the needed power.

    Yet, why is the blood splatter mainly on his right shoulder, after the first thrust you would bring the knife to centre and try again, the blood would splatter upon each removal therefore the blood splatter should be mostly on his left shoulder.

    The last piece of evidence is that the blood seems to be concentred away from the body and there appears to be some drag marks in it. Now, you may say that he dragged himself towards that door but would somebody so intent on dieing that he stabbed himself multiple times in the chest change their minds and try to get help, not sodding likely.

    The door its self has no blood on it, this is strange given that he supposedly stabbed himself there, the wife also said that she tried to open the door but her dead husbands body prevented this from happening, again why is there no blood on that door.

    I cannot say for certain whether the wife is guilty but there are numerous questions to be asked.

      1. Ha, I talk like this all the time. It’s not always a good thing though, there are many who react with uncertainty towards my incessant ramblings therefore people in general tend to either distance themselves or find enjoyment in my presence.

    1. Also, I never tried stabbing myself in the heart (could be fun) but I imagine it would be like shooting yourself in the head, with such a vital organ being damaged, pain, shock e.t.c I doubt anyone would be capable of doing it multiple times.

    1. @gunkgirl- plus, would people really go to the trouble of stabbing themselves to death?! Seems like it would be a much harder way to go- self inflicted anyhow. I’m pretty sure that his Wifee did it. Sometimes, you just can’t get a man to do what you want/need and killing him in cold blood is the only solution. i can think of a million reasons why she may have wanted him dead, but in any case, the result of death was achieved!

  2. Isn’t the heart more towards the centre of the chest? If so, I’d think that rules out the suicide angle, unless he was just stupid and didn’t know the difference between his heart and his lung.

  3. Suicide attempts make me laugh. If your planning to kill yourself find a proven method. Stabbing yourself in the heart with the whole breast plate in the way aint the wisest choice. 3 former friends of mine are gone because in their plans they chose ones you actually die from with out much effort. kevin-hanging, steve blew his brains out and sean went head first off a bridge. think next time buddy

  4. Anyone willing enough to commit suicide is stupid af- friend wanted to kill himself I told him “ill let you use my .38 but I want it back!” needless to say showing him how stupid he sounded was enough to talk him out of a stupid idea! 😀 have had many friends and one family member I know to kill themselves usually with a Gun.. Or hanging x2… Never EVER heard of some shit buiscut trying to stab himself in the right youd have to go past your ribs/sternum and youd have to use alooot of force with a dull ass kitchen knife to do this- I suspect foul play theres no way he sunk that blade that deep into himself unless it was a really REALLY long blade.. sorry just doesn’t work that way.

    Sources? Why would I tell you?????? XD

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