Man Survives Suicide Attempt by Jumping from Building with Dozens of Broken Bones

Man Survives Suicide Attempt by Jumping from Building with Dozens of Broken Bones

The cameraman speaks Russian, so I’m guessing the video is either from Russia, or from another of the Cyrillic countries. Got to love how the cameraman remains fairly calm the whole time while adding his narration to the video. None of that American Allahu Snackbar or similar bullshit.

The video centers around a man clinging to the outer wall near the top of a building. As cameraman talks, the man lets go and apparently attempts suicide by taking the fall. Except, according to the info I got, he survived the suicide attempt and ended up in hospital with dozens of broken bones.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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104 thoughts on “Man Survives Suicide Attempt by Jumping from Building with Dozens of Broken Bones”

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  1. I mean…… You survived….. alright, but isn’t that good enough…..?????
    You can’t laugh it away……and go have lunch….
    This guy will probably never walk again…..
    The spine damage will make him a quadriplegic for the
    Rest of his life…….
    24\7 assistance…..with everything….
    But hey……he survived….!!!!
    Or best scenario… survived today and you are Dead tomorrow

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  3. Loose translation of narrator:

    He’s wearing slacks by Tommy Hilfiger and his shirt is GAP. I’d say he is about 6 feet tall and 160 pounds. If he drops from this height there is a 70% chance he survives.

    Okay, it looks like he’s ready. Yes, that sound was music to my ears folks. Can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have witnessed this, although a cracked open skull would have really made me cum in my pants.

  4. I still can’t wrap my brain around why people gawk at jumpers like idiots then when people finally jump they scream. Like it wasn’t going to happen or something.

    People need to be like the one that kicked the guy in the back and off of the bridge.

  5. Either Russia or Belorussia: you can see Ribbon of Saint George above the road sign, and they have been banned in Ukraine due to decommunization law.

    BTW, if the cameramen is right, they were installing satellite dish (you can see second man on the right), so most likely it’s not a suicide attempt, but just stupid accident.

    1. Upon going through video multiple times I came to the conclusion that in fact this is no suicide attempt.
      Jump man does appear to be holding a device on one hand (perhaps satellite dish) and a tool of some kind in the other hand (perhaps a ratchet)
      The only thing he forgot was a third hand so that he would hold on to that building.

      At the very least he should have aimed a few feet to his left and have landed on that vehicle parked at the bottom.
      I bet that the owner had insurance for damage caused by falling human bodies from heights of 5 stories or higher.

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  7. It sounded like a double whack, like an impact with the feet and then his ass, and without the funny arm raising reaction from a popped noggin.

    There wasn’t that professional suicide “smack and bounce” of a horizontal hit from greater height, but that running commentary made for an entertaining video.

    I hope the guy on the roof ~6 meters from him was filming, too. That would bring my score up from a 7 to a 9.

  8. Attention seeker. He wasn’t trying to kill himself, he just wanted someone to notice he was going through a bad time. Well now he’s going through a really bad time. Unless you’re jumping off the Eiffel fucking Tower, who the fuck jumps with the intention of landing feet first? He was definitely trying to survive it or he would have gone head first from that height, or at least hit the ground flat so he would likely pop his aorta.

  9. ‘You say there ain’t no use in livin’
    It’s all a waste of time
    ‘N you wanna throw your life away, well
    People that’s just fine
    Go ahead on ‘n get it over with then
    Find you a bridge ‘n take a jump
    Just make sure you do it right the first time
    ‘Cause nothin’s worse than a Suicide Chump’.

    – FZ

  10. You know, when you were a baby in your crib, your father looked down at you, he had but one hope – “Someday, my son will grow to be a man.” Well look at you now; you can’t even kill yourself properly. Now crawl your broken ass back on the roof and face plant on that sidewalk like a real man.

  11. Это было в России. Комментатор говорит что человек устанавливает на крышу спутниковую тарелку. Это не самоубийца. Очень смешной хруст костей, скорее всего он подох

  12. I couldn’t even imagine how it feels to be saved after you were trying to kill yourself…I would be begging the er doctors to just not help me and let me die….after a suicide attempt life can never be the same, I would be so pissed if I was saved during a suicide attempt.

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