Man Survives Suicide Attempt from Overpass with Bloodied Face

Man Survives Suicide Attempt from Overpass with Bloodied Face

This happened on Corredor Sur, near Paitilla in Panama City, Panama. The man attempted to commit suicide by throwing himself from a highway overpass, but failed.

Cops showed up and tried to talk sense to him, but apparently Panamanian cops are not as good at preventing suicides as their Colombian counterparts. But then again, the guy failed at killing himself anyway so nothing more was necessary. For his next stunt, he should look into the guy from the Roosevelt Avenue to learn how to properly throw himself from a bridge.

The guy reportedly wanted to kill himself because he found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him. It happened around February 2017.

Props to Best Gore member @slavicguy for the video:

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  1. What is wrong with people??? They see a guy in the middle of the road, who has just tried to kill himself by jumping off that bridge, yet they don’t bother to break his legs by stomping on him.

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  4. I see it joked about so often here. But this guy actually did “walk it off”. Awesome. Maybe this will make him appreciate his life now. He survived falling from a bridge with only a broken face.

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