Man Survives Suicide Attempt with Face Blasted Off

Man Survives Suicide Attempt with Face Blasted Off

Unsurprisingly, eyes appear to have survived the total destruction of the face. I find it kind of unfair to have a team of expert surgeons spend countless hours saving this man’s life and fixing his face just because he tried to kill himself and failed. Would have been better if whoever found him, kicked him in that messed up face with a boot to save the docs for someone worthy of staying alive. Especially so since this appears to have been filmed in a military hospital. Let the fucker child rapist and mass murderer savor his ultimate fate and choke on exploded sinuses. But then again, keeping him alive while in a state of total worthlessness, in which he can’t enjoy a normal life will just ensure he has more time to live with painful memories of lives he destroyed and laughed at it. Sweet justice right there!

I assume this man tried a shotgun blast under the chin. Should have tried shorter barrel gun cause it’s hard to aim for the brain if you also need to stretch to squeeze the trigger.

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86 thoughts on “Man Survives Suicide Attempt with Face Blasted Off”

  1. not everybody in the military is a child rapist/mass murderer! In Australia the defence forces help out at natural disasters,(from sand bagging to using their specialist equipment for rescues) also they are sent over-sea’s to help with food distribution, tsunami crisis and really anything that is asked of them.

      1. ha ha “squirrel-cover’ nice one! I know Mark doesn’t think much of US military but I can’t help but have faith in the Australian defence forces. We celebrate our WW hero’s (not many left), ANZAC day etc, and we always send troops to where-ever US wants/needs help Iraq, Afghanistan etc AND Korea, Vietnam etc. General public doesn’t think much of that though. I hope I’m not repeating my comment cos a “gnome’ has eaten my other two!

          1. Historically the American military has been guilty of the greatest douchebaggery? That comment is absurd. Pol Pot. Hitler. Stalin. Imperial Japan. Those guys and their armies would be considered bigger “douche bags” that by the way were opposed by the US with the exception of Pol Pot.

            Any global power is guilty of indescretions and sins. Take the British in India or during the Boer Wars. Or the way the French exploited their territories.
            I think it’s silly of you to sit in a comfortable chair and rail on the internet about how evil our military can be as you enjoy the benefits of living in a first world nation.

        1. American military and government are one in the same.
          Most countrys are courupt and it is known.

          OUR government, is the exact oppisite of that. (the primary 4 branches of military are just part of the many arms it uses, so they are faulted as a whole, but the individual is no less responsible, even though “following orders” is the GREATEST lagitimite scapegoat there ever has been, because, what are you going to do, say no? Solders do what they are told, kinda one of the fundimentals of being one, wouldn’t you say?)

          But, I like to look at how fucked up the BIGGER picture is, and not bitch about goverment problems.
          That’s just not my style.

      2. I am a Paramedic and no matter what the cause or reason behind people’s choices I’m still trained to help the fellow man, woman, and child in their critical time of need. Though some may think its unethical or absurd… I took an oath and I’ll be damned if I let you open your mouth and say we’re pieces of shit for doing so.

  2. Shooting yourself in the face is retarded. What ya do is put the shotgun barrel in your mouth all the way back against your throat so it blows the whole base of your brain stem out. You wouldn’t even feel it.

    1. Well, 2 things I must say about that.
      First is yes, the brain does not live in the face and it is HUGE so how the fuck can somebody miss it, ESPECIALLY with a 12 GA. form 9″ away.
      Second is if you hate who you are, you will aim to COMPLETLY DISTROY YOUR ENTIRE BRAIN & HEAD (a.k.a. cherry blossem)
      If you just hate life, a “flincher” is what you will become, perminatly carving out your role in life for however much is left for you.

      What an absoutly horrible thing to deal with, the mental and physical ass fucking this, and others like him, have bestowed upon themselves.

    2. I had a cousin do that. He got up in the morning and showered for work. Then went upstairs. His parents heard a thud and thought he dropped his weights (he llifted). When they went up to check, he was on his bed, proped up against the wall, with a shotgun between his legs aimed at his head. He had blown the back of his head off. They still live in the same house today. He was 21. That was like 30 yrs ago. He did it because his GF broke up with him. R.I.P. cuz 🙁

  3. You know, I might be on the pipe, but I could SWEAR I heard that doc. say “when we turn him on his back, he’s going to start fighting…HIS FACE is wide open…..” in a post regarding a flincher, a month back, possibly several…..
    back on May 26th last year, this was the video which gave us the introduction to the term “flincher”
    It was a longer vid, but just as great now as it was then.

  4. This is why we REALLY DO need a suicide doctor like Jack Kevorkian. So people who want to die can just go die. I know that wouldn’t stop people from blowing their heads off, and jumping, or whatever, but at least some people wouldn’t have to go through this. Oh, well.

    1. I completely agree. I never understood why assisted suicide is a crime, I mean really, all it’s doing is forcing these people who are going to kill themselves anyway to try less successful methods. Resulting in much more painful deaths and often failed suicide leaving them mutilated for life. I just don’t get it.

      1. It was sad last year when the Dr. died.
        (well, technicaly they stripped him of his medical liscence, but so fucking what, he was one of the best god-damn doctors period, because he refused to ignore the most important part of medicine….when it DOES’T work and there is NOTHING left but PAIN and SUFFORING)

        It makes absolutly no fucking sense to me, either.

        1. Well, when YOU ARE IN ABSOULUTE PAIN AND MISERY, and nobody is there to help you out of it, and You have YEARS OF IT TO LOOK FORWARD TO with no end in sight, and every single minute you want out of pain because, like H.L.A.M. said in an earlier post “I’m in chronic pain and it is slowly driving me insane”

          Just remember, my friend, that these VERY LAWS that you are sucking dick on in what you said, are the only thing that prevent SO MANY people that deal with THAT, as THEIR day in, day out, night on, night off lives.
          Hospitals eiter starve or dehydrate to death, SO fucking cruel.

          And YES, by the way, suicide IS a crime. In fact it is a felony.

          HOWEVER, it is also the ONE feloney that, if done properly, you will never be charged with.

          The only thing crazy is that suicide is not assisted in instinances where it is THE ONLY humane thing to do.

          I have held my anmials through it, because I though highly of them enough to put them out of misery.
          I wish I could have held my Grandfathers hand through it, for the exact same reason.

          1. thx for the support @stench. chronic pain does suck but i’m not going to end it all just yet because of a broken hip and foot drop. i can still jerk off to internet porn and that feels good for a few minutes anyway.

    2. I was thinking the same exact thing. He needs someone to help him finish what he started. He shouldn’t have to live like this. Who wants to look at him? Euthanasia is cheaper than the long term care he’s going to need.

  5. That is what we call a “flincher!” When the person tries to kill themselves with a large caliber weapon to the head, the best way to do it is through the mouth and up, or through the temple. If you do it under your chin, when they pull the trigger, they flinch, and the barrel moves forward, thus removing their face. Not a pleasant way to live the rest of you life. Some of the worst calls to get as an EMT. Not much we can do but give them pain meds, tube them and hand them over to the ER and say “Here, you fix Humpty Dumpty”

    1. Wow, thank you for that, inspireing bit of regurgatated info that, if you have been on here long enough, you know that NONE of this is origionaly YOUR OWN information.

      Nice to share, but even better to not PRETEND that you are coming with these facts all by yourself because you are just THAT FUCKING WELL ROUNDED AND SMART.

  6. I laugh at him with my fingers pointed at him. I’m glad that he’s still alive. How easy is it to die a horrible death for a short second or even an hour! With him raping children, he can now watch hopefully with humiliation how many lives he destroyed.

    1. “freedom isn’t free, it’s got a heafty fuckin’ fee”
      Right right. you or a loved on is in, blha blah blah, we all know the deal.
      Both my father and grandfather served in the ARMY, WWII & Veitnam, and I will not have anything to do with that shit because, at least in THIS country, it is insanely pointless.

      And, if you absoutly hate yourself, tou welcome that gunshot distroying the hours and years that lie ahead of you that you NEVER WANT TO HAPPEN to you.
      A flincher is more of a catostrophic 2econd guess.

  7. My teacher in my junior year of high school was a paramedic and told us a story of when he arrived on a call there was a man that had tried to commit suicide with a shotgun. He failed miserably but he crawled around the front yard searching for the gun again. His wife for some reason would kick it away from him every time he got close so he would suffer…. she must have really hated that guy.

  8. I think I’ve seen another video in this website with a flincher arriving at the hospital by helicopter. His whole face was missing, worst than this guy, and they were working of keeping him alive. What kind of life can these people lead without a face? And you know that if they survive, taxpayers will be supporting these faceless douchbags for the rest of their “lives.”

  9. So what does he do now? I mean, he’s completely fucked. He could listen to music? Maybe the shocked gasps of passers by? I’d like to see a follow up on this one. The ones who survive are sometimes scarier than the ones who die.

  10. E.P.I.C. on SOOOO many levels! did anyone else hear that sound he made when they flipped him over? and, throughout, you can hear people laughing in the background! lol…that one says he wants some “stills” of it…just. completely. epic.

  11. Why! When someone is that fucking damaged let ’em die! Their life after that is gonna fucking suck anyways and they’ll probably end up offing themselves later w/ a better plan.. I should know!

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