Man Takes Suicidal Leap from Crane at Puerto Madero, Argentina

Man Takes Suicidal Leap from Crane at Puerto Madero, Argentina

Man Takes Suicidal Leap from Crane at Puerto Madero, Argentina

On the morning of Wednesday March 6, 2019, at the Puerto Madero port in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a man took a suicidal leap from a crane.

The subject, about 30 years old, had climbed the crane and as the workers and rescuers tried to reason with him, he jumped. He landed on the asphalt that is between the retaining railing and the water.

At the moment, the identity of the person is unknown.

Props to Best Gore member @tomorrow092 for the video:

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67 thoughts on “Man Takes Suicidal Leap from Crane at Puerto Madero, Argentina”

    1. They were trying to change the lightbulb in the lamp on the edge of the dock. Even with the boat and the air bag for saftey the ten of them seemed to fuck it up. What’s next, a human pyramid instead of a ladder? Now that would be a funny electrocution indeed!

  1. Way to go faggot, I live in that shithole (the country not the city). What a fucking clown, he tought he was an acrobat or smth. Yelling from the crowd not enough, but still funny. I love how he hit the floor, poor fucker, hope at least he had a kick death

      1. I been to some horrible dive bars in my life but nothing like this.

        Mr Swanson here must have dropped his keys in the water.

        (does someone hear crickets?)

        how do you find the richest men in Argentina?
        toss a coin down the street….

  2. I don’t get why most of you decide to leave the funiest comment. I am a new member but still I have seen some pics and vids in my day but as time goes on I find my self more and more incapable of pushing on the play or download buttons,
    So how do you do it?

  3. Well, i saw this on the news, i’m from Argentina. The man’s name was Alfonso Doniacuo, 74 years old. He took the decision to commit suicide because he had a cause for attempted murder. Is what he has left written in a suicide letter. Is all i know about this. The exact words from the letter:
    “Of my best consideration and respect. I made the decision to commit suicide to free my wife and family from suffering for the cause IPP – 14-06-003324-18 San Isidro Court; that my person is imputed”

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