Man Takes the Thai Plunge

Man Takes the Thai Plunge

Apparently, a non-white, non-foreigner (what the fuck?) fell to his death from the eighth story of a condo in what I’m assuming is Chiang Mai Province. The man does not appear to have left a note explaining his situation so ordinarily, the suicide theory would be suspect in the case of a tourist…but, seeing as how this appears to be a native of the Land of Smiles, it is perhaps legit after all. What a way to go, eh? If you’re gonna take yourself out, you might as well disgust, inconvenience and potentially injure as many people as you can.

High!!! fall!!! Chiang Mai.

I was informed that there is a high crime scene. Condo in Huay Kaew Road Suthep…, Chiangmai, so organizers are volunteers detected a 1 man died. Fall from 8th floor of the condo. Administrative Bureau. Bhuping New Medical Center, Chiang Mai.

Also, props are in order for Best Gore member and fellow writer, Kay, for her help while I was without my editing software.

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    1. Apparently in accidents where the body had massive internal trauma but it’s still intact, bg members feel that a helmet could have saved the victim in motorcycle accidents. Even if they are internally bleeding an the momentum disconnected the brain from the spinal cord. Nothing can save you from momentum!!! Splat!

          1. Gravity @amnyc. That’s all I’ll say, but you ain’t missed much if you haven’t seen it.
            @Nextie. Not his best movie, but Dennis Hopper made up for the Stars and some, as always. Oh, the jump across the freeway was pretty much movie gold, but that’s about it. 😀

          2. Yeah, Dennis Hopper is what made it a decent movie. Keanu Reeves just makes me giggle for some reason. He’s so good looking.. yet so dumb. I picture him doing nothing but sitting around at the beach smoking weed all day every day.

          3. That’s right, the one with the bus, I said it. The sequel was the one with the boat, and hopefully they’ll make another one with the plane. Let’s see that pretty boy Keanu figure that shit out.

          1. Hahaha. I agree with you, @Der K. No offense but I thought that’ll be the last thing I expect you to say to me hahaha. Judged you a bit too harshly so, my sincerest apologies. 🙂

            But yeah, once again, gonna say thank you for that.

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