Man Uses His Head for Bullseye at Shooting Range in Romania

Man Uses His Head for Bullseye at Shooting Range in Romania

this is an article from a newspaper translated in English:

A 41-year-old man shot dead in a private shooting range in Cluj! It was not an accident, but a suicide that raises many questions. Almost anyone can get a lethal weapon in the polygons without needing a license or a psychological test. The man who took his life, the father of three children, would have suffered from depression. It is now investigating the police for killing.

It was 18 and 20 minutes when the 41-year-old man reached the firing line. Assisted by a shooting instructor, the man first directed the gun toward the target, as the procedure requires.
The man suffered from depression and tried to take his life
After putting his finger on the trigger he changed the direction. He shot himself before the supervisor had time to react.

Ciprian Cornea, ISU Cluj spokesman: Resuscitation maneuvers were performed in three rounds, approximately one hour. The person undergoing cardiac activity was decided to be transported to the UPU. During cardiac transplantation, cardiac output has ceased

The man would have tried to take his life in the past. He was married and had three children, but a form of depression would have crushed him, support the closest. He did not accidentally want to die in the polygon, experts say.

Gabriel Groza, a psychologist: A person who has suicidal attempts chooses to commit suicide in the way that is his most easily. There is no question that someone should have been observing or realizing

The gun with which he committed suicide is a nine millimeter SPF. A lethal weapon, precise and easy to use for amateurs.

Those targeting a polygon are not considered firearm holders, so just to get a deadly gun they need only their ID card.

In 2015, another man shot himself in a polygon
They can only be denied access if they are under the influence of alcoholic beverages or have a strange behavior. Everything remains at the discretion of the firing instructor.

Furthermore, the law does not provide for an amateur shooter to present a record, a psychological test, or a gun harbor permit at the entrance of the polygon. But there are clear rules.

Stephen Lazar, shooting instructor: Any weapon we treat as if loaded. The instructor must always be near the shooter once he enters the firing pin

The weapon must never be left or right or back and the finger is not in the guard of the firing pit.

Stephen Lazar, Shooting Instructor: The shooter will put his finger in the trigger guard only when he wants to fire

In March 2015, another man shot himself deadly in a Bucharest polygon after he executed his three-shot gunner. The polygon has never been opened.

Props to Best Gore member @rblshadow for being useful 😉 and the video:

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  1. guy want to kill himself… let him go.

    as long he didnt want to kill his wife, childs or instructor or anybody else, i dont see why we should stop thoses peoples to suicide themself. they are free to choose their own life/death as long they dont take others peoples life in the go.

    imho if its first time he go there, he should just shot air pellet gun first, then start 22lr a year later, then 9mm year later and etc… i mean, lol, that the kind of place you can go first time and start shooting straigth an 500SW XD. they should just make rules to start slowly. not that it would avoid this kind of suicide. but it would take longuer, wich suicide depressive guys wont really stand and try to kill themself with 22lr (better chance to survive )

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        1. At that short distance a 9mm, decent load about 350ft/lb, woulda’ blown a nice chunk of the back of his head off.
          .22 might go right through but no cavitation, only about 90 ft/lb

          in any case, he didn’t hurt anyone else, and he did the right thing

          more fucknuts should do that today

    1. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. We’ve seen this same scene many, many times before. I wonder why it is so common?

      Maybe these men are not gun owners, and figure they can gain quick & easy access to a weapon @ the range to do the deed with?

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    1. Gangs of kids down in the Bucharest metro [we went to Romania in 2003]. They werent even stealthy about it, just grabbing at folks belongings then running a short distance laughing as they failed. Cops were standing at the bottom of the stairway that entered the station watching it all – zero fucks were given by either cop.

  2. This is why I will not go to public ranges. 1, you have to pay to shoot, which is gayer than Svarg on twink night at the lgbt bar and 2. I don’t like being that close to dumb cunts with loaded firearms that have no clue what they are doing. I would however go if I knew someone was gonna eat a round so I could film it for you guys. Just saying.

  3. Romania is THE country where resuscitation maneuvers are pretty much useless.
    Most of romanians are known to resurrect with oversized canines and an irrepressible thirst for virgin blood, not to mention a sudden dislike for daylight, garlic and crucifixes…

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  4. The range instructor must feel damn lucky , to have survived ; since Mr Desperado was fucking too over depressed not to turn around and shut his day lights off, instead of his own.

  5. that’s me playing with guns in VR haha
    but jokes aside, you people are such dicks. suicide is not a joke, it’s serious issue. people kill themselves because of heartless jerks like most here, who have no compassion to those you laugh over. someone has an accident and you just stand and laugh instead of showing some compassion. to you it might seem small thing, but 1000 small things can be enough to drive someone to suicide.

    before throwing your heartless jokes. think about those who think about jerks like you before killing themselves, like the guy at this madison game tournament where he killed several people before blowing his own brains out. think hard, because at one point some suicidal person might just find you and blow your brains out before their own. you might think “never going to happen” but that’s what all the victims say, just before dying. do you think that any victim actually wakes up with a thought “oh yeah, i’m the victim today and i will get shot or stabbed”? i don’t think so. so how about you show some compassion to those who are in pain and stop laughing at them.

  6. I really wish I could get footage from where I use to work at. I was range officer at shooting range for while (buds gun store in Lexington ky, and last week someone popped themselves off ( a police officers son) in the shooting range. I wish I could have been there to see the gore and aftermath.

    All hail satan the return is near!!!!!

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