Suicide by Electrocution, Man Holds Metal Pipe on Transformer Box in Mexico

Man Electrocuted Holding Pipe on Transformer, Either Suicide or Real Dumb Worker

Allegedly in Mexico, a dummy holds a steel bar to a live transformer box from rooftop without gloves.

We have a winner for most impressive self death.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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72 thoughts on “Suicide by Electrocution, Man Holds Metal Pipe on Transformer Box in Mexico”

          1. To michig, the angry little black boy with the inferiority complex. It ain’t our fault you’re not a privileged white boy son, but I feel for you after that nasty white man hurt your booboos…

          1. i think it was a case of suicide ,or the dumb bastard was trying to illegal tap into the mains ,but hard to say as the video clip did not show end of bar well ..seems as he ran a wire to ground for a extention or for certain death,the building was earthed enough..strange but suicide due to impotency..i guess.

      1. It did load to me.But if it haven’t loaded to you than just type in “Man run over by tank twice Turkey on google and a lot of suggedtions will appear.You can watch it on youtube basically anywhere.I am wondering why hasn’t anyone posted it ?

  1. Its the new way of dealing with erratic power supplies not to forget putting out fire off the blown up transformers by wetting the entire body first and holding on to it with bare hands as long as one can .
    What can be a better substitute in earthing the most dangerous city of all cities called ,” Electri-City”.

    Alternatively playing with fire is always a big fun any which way it may be.

  2. Remember boys, amperes kill not voltage. That guy very well is still alive during those moments which current runs through his body skiping his brain or heart, necessary to die, making him a living human flesh electric resistance. You know, death by electricity has a proper method to achieve.

    t. engineer

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