Minneapolis Murder Suspect Commits Suicide to Avoid Execution by Cops

Minneapolis Murder Suspect Commits Suicide to Avoid Execution by Cops

Minneapolis Murder Suspect Commits Suicide to Avoid Execution by Cops

At the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, a man was filmed on a CCTV camera committing suicide by shooting himself in the head apparently in order to avoid the impeding extrajudicial execution by cops.

According to the police, the man was a murder suspect, wanted in a fatal shooting that happened earlier that day in a parking garage. In the incident, three people who reportedly knew each other got into a fight and the suicided man allegedly shot another guy.

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95 thoughts on “Minneapolis Murder Suspect Commits Suicide to Avoid Execution by Cops”

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  5. Why would you commit suicide to avoid execution? It’s not like they’re going to torture him, and thinking so would be too low-time preference for a groid. Maybe he was high on something as well. Strange.

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