Naked Man with Broken Bones and Pants Around Ankles Found on Street

Naked Man with Broken Bones and Pants Around Ankles Found on Street

Naked Man with Broken Bones and Pants Around Ankles Found on Street

I got no factual backinfo on the video, but the injuries remind me of the many suicide jumpers we have seen over the years. Or in case of Thailand, a foreigner thrown out of a highrise and his death marked as suicide by cops who are in for the cut of profits.

The video shows a naked corpse of a man with broken bones and pants around his ankles. Obviously, heavy impact was involved, with the lower extremities having absorbed the grunt of the force, but unfortunately I don’t know how exactly he acquired those. Hit me up with me your theories, guys.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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70 thoughts on “Naked Man with Broken Bones and Pants Around Ankles Found on Street”

    1. All too often here on BG we see bodies on the pavement with twisted appendages. It’s not from having fallen from some height. The common denomimator in all these cases of twisted appendages- in practically every case I can remember- is that they happen on or very close to roads.

      The likely cause in this specific video is one of some random guy getting hit by a car and twisted like a pretzel.

  1. Initially I thought he had some huge bruise on his side then as the camera panned around the damn thing started to have a face….yikes!

    With the bruise I thought he had, I was going to say some kind of altercation before he fell, but now that the bruise is looking at me, I must concur with your assumption and say yes, it looks like a fall.

    I must also add that he seemed to have some nice girth to his willy….god bless him

    1. “I must also add that he seemed to have some nice girth to his willy….god bless him”

      That’s what got him killed Alicatt. Like the ostrich he too found gravity against him and his plans of flight dashed as a result of having a rather hefty cock.

      1. HAHA!
        “I must also add that he seemed to have some nice girth to his willy….god bless him”
        Like it’s a achievement after so many years of striving, @alicatt. lol.

        I think that he was riding the pussy carousel, fell in love with some skank, but she broke his heart like a 2 year old breaks a toy. And then he took a running jump off a tall building.

  2. I imagine he was on a date, showed up at his hookups apartment(top floor). She looked so good, just like her Tinder/POF profile and things got heated, wet and his date started to suck it him off, then suddenly she flipped him over and started to fuck him up the (A) … He was so utterly shocked that his Thai chick had an 11 inch cock; that he stumbled and fell off the balcony!!

    Plop …

          1. Nope, it’s a tribe of Indians.
            I was at the movies with girlfriends , so absolutely no smooching. About a week later or earlier we saw that movie with Kathleen Turner and William Hurt…steamy…and I went with my friend, her boyfriend, and his roomie…I remember feeling embarrassed watching it with him sitting next to me.

        1. Good memory illegalsmile55!
          In 1981 me and dunnhier were still living in our father’s nutsacks lol
          Nems are you intoxicated? ”tge cinemas”, ”lools like” haha.
          Just looked up that movie and I nearly pissed myself laughing when I saw his face!!

          1. Doesn’t eveyone in movies ; to get ahead? Hahah

            Poor Brando and Gibson tried to change stuff and were ground down. Only those who accommodate go places there! Fuckers.
            Are you referring to Sheen or Wiseman?

        1. The majority Nems yes tho not all bend to jew Hollyweird.
          Brando was a degenerate faggit, made a couple of good movies or rather was lucky to be in them.

          Gibson on the other hand is more of a Mann that doesn’t blow his own Trumpet.
          He has made incremental differences at greater sacrifice to himself, when he didn’t have to.
          Also when he went on his Rant in the back of the Cruiser the Po-Lice ossifer was a jew.
          Gary Oldman made 1 comment when asked: how it was working for jews in Hollyweird.
          Nothing derogatory, simply replying: well it is Hollywood, one has to work with jews.
          Then didn’t get another role for 10 years.
          Sheen another degenerate, Fucked himself up at last.
          Wiseman. Do you mean Weinstein..?
          Another jew DEGENERATE..!
          Beckinsale married a jew, has children with it. So.

          1. I always thought Gary Oldman was jewish himself,fuck! Are you telling me he isn’t!

            That Beckinsale is fucken gorgeous. You know she is Anglo-Burmese ,right, a few generations ago. A face like an angel but many have said she is a cold- hearted and manipulative bitch!

        2. Nope Gary Oldman is not a jew or convert as far as up dated info is. Perhaps you thought him jew because of his long time association with Tim Roth, who is a jew. Although they don’t have such a lot to do with each other anymore. Oldman describes himself as:
          A Libertarian FFS..!
          KB yes has been described as a controlling aloof narcissist but the change in her came from her choice of partner for they are partners in both abuse and crime on and off set and screen. Everyone already knew her husband is a jew cunt before she was involved with him so…

          1. Roth always said he wasn’t a Jew but that his Dad was a Jew ie step dad or some bullshit. Yet he looked Classic East End Jew to me. He is fantastic and great in a Netflix series called “TinStar” watch it!

            What do you mean crime? What crime has she been involved in. I never heard of such. Hmm. I’m intrigued.

          1. Oh ok. THAT kind of a crime. You know I’m a Humanist and don’t go that far,right…

            Take away the undue power and influence and women won’t be marrying them in high numbers. It can be done by legislation ,trust-busting global companies and vetting.

  3. From the bruising, and discoloration of his leg I’d say he was alive for a while after impact.
    Also, is it me or does it look like there was some genetic problems going on with this guy. Maybe it’s the contorted body that adds to the illusion . Basically what I’m saying is he looked like he was retarded! The top of his head is so flat you could use it for a lamp stand. The bucked teeth are another giveaway.
    Maybe he escaped from the group home and got run over.

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