Naked Man Hanging Upside Down from Window Kicks Himself Free

Naked Man Hanging Upside Down from Window Kicks Himself Free

This happened on November 11, 2016 on Gordon Street in Glasgow, Scotland. A 47 year old man apparently suffering a mental episode attempted to commit suicide by jumping from a 3rd floor window of Grand Central Hotel.

The video shows him hanging naked upside down, as police hold him by the pants around his ankles. But the man tried to kick himself free until he succeeded, and fell to his death.

The cameraman deserves a freaking cactus up his rectum for filming vertically, jerking his camera a lot, including just when the man begins to fall, and for giving advice to people doing all they can to save the man, like “don’t let him go!

Props to Best Gore member @CuriousConnor for the video:

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75 thoughts on “Naked Man Hanging Upside Down from Window Kicks Himself Free”

  1. The phrase “Irish curse” ran through my mind…but this is Scotland.

    And I love those two people at the end just carrying on with their day. Guy just committed suicide, lady shrugs her purse and mosies on to Victoria’s Secret to get her some green thongs that will match her red hair.

    1. @Gnat. Darling….. Hey, back up. My son has Down syndrome, the medical terminology is Trysomy 21. The medical Dr. who diagnosed this genitic disorder was named Dr. Downs. Get your facts straight. It’s Trysomy 21. Doesn’t that make it sound a little bit better? His name is Jack…. After my father.

      Wish we had more of a pecker shot though.

    1. I agree, and it’s tragic. He could have also lived another twenty years or more as a ward of the State. Good thing the police were there to try and dissuade him from making a personal choice to end it all, right? I got a nutcase waste of space neighbor that I wish would make the same choice.

  2. I live in Dundee, which is not far from Glasgow and i have to say i hadn’t heard of this incident! I know we’ve recently had someone be killed by train at our train station, but i hadn’t heard of this fellow, which is odd since you hear about EVERYTHING from Glasgow lol. Didn’t watch the vid, due to the description of the cameraman, but dang, sounds like those Glaswegians get all the fun! Lol

  3. I saw this. I was there and got trapped at central station for a bit because of it. What you don’t get to see is the state he was in afterwards. You missed the good bit i suppose. His head burst wide open when he hit the ground. The part that i can’t forget was the sight of the paramedics doing cpr on him in the back of the ambulance, in front of everyone. I remember wondering why they were even trying with the state his head was in. They declared him dead by the time he got to hospital but tbh, he was gone long before then. Basically died on impact.

    1. Question, do you know if they don’t drive off in a hurry if someone is pronounced dead? Two ambulances came to my neighbors house today with no sirens, stayed a little while, loaded something or someone into the ambulance and drove off without the sirens on. They weren’t in a hurry. Did someone die over there?

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