No BS Suicidal Teenager Climbs Radio Tower and Jumps Without Hesitation

No BS Suicidal Teenager Climbs Radio Tower and Jumps Without Hesitation

In Pasuruan – a town in East Java, Indonesia, a 17 year old grade 9 student (not sure how they grade students in Indonesia) from SMP Muhammadiyah Bangil school committed suicide by jumping to his death off the top of a radio tower.

The teenager exhibited utter dedication to die when he rushed to the top of the 100 meters tall tower, and jumped without a second of hesitation upon reaching it. It was a true, no BS suicide. He climbed all the way up there to kill himself, and not to cause drama.

Props to Best Gore member @BenjaminLuckyTroubleMaker for the video. It happened in November 2014:

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    1. You reckon so? Back when I was suicidal I planned on injecting heroin and falling back from a high-rise or beachy head but chickened out. The “THUD” sound of the landing is just sickening, and most places to jump from would traumatise people for life, like the ones in this video.

        1. I ever kill myself I’m gonna hide like a cat does before it dies…gonna have to smell me to find me…Probably crawl up under @Gnats house to die…that’ll piss him off.

          1. @rayf
            It is scientifically impossible for your funky ass to get any more funkier than it already is… 😎
            Blow flies wouldn’t even eat your dead ass… :mrgreen:

        2. Life doesn’t always get better. That’s why death appears to be the best outlet. But if suicide is the option being taken, at least go out memorably. Go to the zoo and kick s a lion in the balls, jump out of a plane without a parachute, kill a bear fun in front of momma bear. So many option.

  1. Heeeey ?!! “another person ” HeeeeY !!!
    Not a word smith amongst them…not surprising in a town where 17 year olds are still freshman in high school…and jump off cell towers

        1. Jumping ain’t a good way if I had to go (but I never will, anyone who read this : you ARE smart enough to face life and your problems and you know it).

          Explosive belt? Too mainstream nowadays, but being detonated remotely or by a timer, knowing you could go any second, that feeling must be mentally exigent. Imagine a belt that detonates when you heartbeat reaches a certain point, maybe a yoga master could live on for years (can he control his heartbeat when having sex though?)

          Maybe I’d go full heroin and die playing Legend of Zelda. I wonder what a junky sees when he overdoses.

          1. An idiot tried to blow his head off and survived, another on this site tried to detonate himself and was blown in half and was still alive. My uncle over dosed on heroin and woke up with brain damage and was basically a vegetable for the rest of his days. If you climb high enough, like this guy did, you will die on impact if you actually land on the pavement. Or turn you car on in the garage with the door closed, with you in it, will work too. I’m clearly against suicide though, so I don’t advise it.

  2. 17 years old and only in 9th grade??? I don’t know why I feel like maybe his parents made him feel stupid and called him names. That kind of stress and pressure to succeed but yet constantly fail would be enough for a depressed teen to say f#ck it. I just don’t “feel” like it was the usual “my girlfriend left me” BS. Being rejected by your parents because you can’t meet their standards can hurt like a b!tch, especially if they remind you daily of what an “idiot” and “loser” you are. Who knows what could make a teen THAT dedicated to end his life. Maybe he was on drugs and thought he could fly! Or maybe it WAS over a broken relationship? But there’s only ONE thing on his mind as he climbed that tower THAT’S for sure! 🙁

    1. …i reckon in Indon,grade 9 should be about 15years old,cause while I’m was at Singapore I was grade 6 at 11 years old.Some have to repeat classes but I’ve hardly heard that here..,there probably..uuummmm,

  3. Was prob in special ed that old in 9th grade, prob 1 of his friends on the short yellow bus on the way to school told him if you really believe in your head that you can you really can fly. It’ll work I wouldn’t lie to you, go ahead & try it you’ll see!

    1. One of my older brothers jumped off a 3 story high porch onto a garage fucking around…neighbor had to get a ladder and carry him down…coming from an older less coddled generation…my dad when he got home…learned what he had done…there was zero fucks given as to his present condition….and my dad proceeded to beat the hell out of him for being stupid. LMAO…kids are dumb.

      1. There was a high school kid on a class trip to the golden gate bridge, he was 16 or 17 and he jumped off on a dare. He survived the jump which has about a 2% success rate or unsuccess rate depending on how you look at it. To be young and dumb.

      2. Hahaha.., when i was a tike i jumped off our 2nd story porch with an open umbrella.., just like in the cartoons.., unfortunately it just opened up in reverse and I hit the ground with that same thud., till today iluv cartoons., but now idont partake in their shenanigans.

  4. I can’t imagine the thoughts going thru a jumper ‘ s mind at the moment they push off. But I do believe I know what they might think if they fucked up and didn’t get any clearance away from the tower and a bolt rips the skin right off the back… fucking OUCH!

    1. You’re on an Apple device, right? Apple has not caught up with 21st century technologies yet, so their devices are having issues playing established web streaming standards. Videos should work with Firefox on any device, but if they don’t for you, there’s little anyone can do. There’s a reason we’ve been telling people to get rid of Apple since the site started in 2008.

      We are working on a permanent solution, but until then, Apple fanbois will just have to suck it up.

  5. dam gotta give it up to the kid. He ain’t fuken around and took balls of steel to jump backwards like that. Life is hard but it gets better, talk to someone, rekindle some old relations. Just don’t kill yourself.

    I feel so bad for the families of suicide victims. They are the ones that are hurting the most. One of my good friends shot himself in the head ten years ago. Everything was going so well in his life at the time. Just had a baby boy, new car, new pad. I still think of you everyday bro 🙂

    RIP Giggs. I still think of you everyday bro

    1. It wouldn’t be wrong if I said ,only the persons harboring defeatist feelings who can’t live up to the challenges of Life are the ones who actually are cowards who resign to the fate and hate standing up to the odds are the ones who get suicidal .
      I’m not saying @GstarRaw your friend was a yellow guy and he preferred marrying death than living ………but on a hind sight if you care to look at you’re gonna see and agree that about 99.99% cases are either depressed, highly psychotic ,extremely impulsive. .. wanting help but seeing nothing come through , they have philosophical desire to die or They’ve made a mistake or the life doesn’t seem to treat them right .
      Anyway my condolences are here for your chum @GstarRaw
      He should’ve known if not for his sake but for the sake of his family the near and dear ones that ,we all only live once.

    2. @Gstarraw – sorry to hear that about your mate brother but your statement ” everything was going really well I’m his life too ” is obviously not correct at all and it surprises me to hear such a thing written about someone who wanted nothing more than to die………I’d just totally reconsider everything you thought you knew about him based on his actions, not his words……

          1. There’s nothing new for the moment @Dutchy .As for the avi who else could there be if not me. ……………what kinda phone have ya got on ya ………I guess 6” is the minimum real estate of a display for today’s smartphones to let ya clearly see as their display is vividly vibrant and colorful and can zoom in on to a tiniest spec to tell ya what its made out of. Cheers!

      1. @Dutchy I’m pretty sure @gstarraw meant that it APPEARED that everything was well in his life since he seemed to have it all together so to speak. And it often IS that way, they keep their emotions bottled up and tell no one about the pain and hopelessness they’re experiencing, which leads them to want to end it all. Depression and suicidal thoughts don’t always mean someone is struggling in life. Sometimes it’s the opposite! We manage to sacrifice and work so hard for the things we think will bring us satisfaction and happiness only to find out that we were wrong. That sudden revelation can quickly cause someone to fall into deep despair. Like nothing will ever make them happy so why continue to live?

        1. @dutchy
          Thanks brother 🙂

          Sorry I didn’t really clarify my previous post.

          It appeared everything was fine in my eyes prior to his suicide. We worked together so we talk everyday. He was so excited in the thought of fatherhood.

          He had no problems with the wife or his own family. He never used drugs,doesn’t drink, it puzzles me like crazy just thinking about it.

          Now his son is 10 years old, little Mathew Jr. looks just like his old man.

          1. You should sort little mathew out with some money for collage or a start in life if you feel that bad,it will make you feel better too,money fixes everything

          2. I have already set up a trust fund for him when he gets older. Matthew doesn’t need to worry about that, his education will be pay for. If he chooses to go down that road(which I hope he does)

      1. @DeViiLz
        Gotta give to him too ! .He equally deserves a round of big applause for hanging around those towering structures and videoing on the go and later uploading the content for us to be nearly as jittered as him while he watched it all live but didn’t quite faint.

    1. I think the bystanders let out screams of horror watching people commit suicide with an intent to warn the one taking life of the hidden dangers lying ahead and then when that doesn’t succeed they get appalled letting out stronger shrieks of horror and amazement wondering how some one can take life so easily .
      This particular footage seems to have been captured on a cellphone and it isn’t much clear , even when he jumps through the air that shot is amiss and even the concluding part of the aftermath isn’t there at all .Poor shrunken footage

    1. You’d rather burn to death? Die slowly in a major car accident?

      Fuck dat sheeit!! If I were gonna kill myself though it wouldn’t be from a height or a gun or a train. I’d get a nice bag of heroin and do it all and nod off, slowly stop breathing and not have a clue and be done with it.

  6. Fear played to you gstarraw,suicide is through the roof here in Ireland,more people commet suicide than cancer and car crashes put together,it will mean alot to that kid knowing his dads friend is watchin out for him

  7. as i was watching the part when he was climbing the very top, i couldnt help but imagine how he felt at that moment, what did he think about? was his heart racing to the thought of throwing himself down in a matter of seconds, i mean of course it was racing because of that climbing but u know what i mean. he was so young, where did he find the determination. im suicidal myself and seeing this kind of no bs suicide makes me really happy

  8. “He hit the ground, the sound was “SPLAT”, his blood went spurting high;
    His comrades, they were heard to say “A hell of a way to die!”
    He lay there, rolling ’round in the welter of his gore,
    And he ain’t gonna jump no more!”
    There was blood upon the risers, there were brains upon the chute,
    Intestines were a-dangling from his paratroopers suit,
    He was a mess, they picked him up, and poured him from his boots,
    And he ain’t gonna jump no more.”

    -An old paratrooping song, Blood on the Risers.
    Not sure why this reminded me of the song.

  9. You people are giving this dip-shit too much credit for being “Dedicated.”

    I think the little shit was just going for a way cool BASE jump and the dumb fuck forgot his parachute. I was going to say his wingsuit, but he didn’t ‘Belly flop.’ Probably a smart choice. Belly flops really fucking hurt.

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