Old Man Found Hanged in His Home

Old Man Found Hanged in His Home

In the municipality of Icó, in the state of Ceará, Brazil, an old man was found hanged in his home. He was not very well known in the neighborhood, because he’s not lived there for a very long time.

Unlike most apparent suicides, when old people take their own lives, it seems a lot more sad. After you’ve gone this this far in life, struggled for so long with everything it throws at you, it must take some real shite to push you to that end.

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  1. Pretty sad for an old man who was frustrated to see his dick had gone limp and was not good enough a tool no more that could jizz or screw women .
    That noose left his neck elongated like a Giraffe .

    1. The sad thing is that once the arthritis kicks in you can’t even whack off anymore. The ones who still have a living spouse are fortunate to receive a nice gum job on occasion…if their heart can take it. Yup… growing old really sucks…in more ways than one.

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  2. For an old guy he looks to be in pretty good shape physically. He also seems to be nicely dressed and is wearing a nice watch. So what would make a man of his age who looks to have so many good qualities want to kill himself?
    Simply put… pussy. It always comes down to pussy… either he wasn’t getting any or the one that he had was getting old and shriveled. In the end men must sometimes make a choice to either live out their final years in misery or check out early and avoid those final shitty years that goes with longevity.

    1. Damn sad for an oldie to take away his own life all because he couldn’t jerk or fuck . But only if he had to ponder and given another thought he’d still be happy fucking atleast some inflated sex Dolls or alternatively a Flashlight Electric Clamp Sucking Vagina.
      He could have sold his watch and bought himself atleast a Realistic Male Mouth Masturbator Stroker Flashlight. And he’d have lived happily thereafter .But the second thumbnail has him pointing at his own dick and some pre-cum on pajamas.

    1. He was going nuts not because he had outlived all of his family members . Going nuts to him came routinely that he couldn’t handle his morning erection that sent him reach a breaking point . So there he decided that enough is enough .
      He thought what’s the point in living like an old hag when there’s not a thing around in the house to shove in to resembling any pussy.

  3. No mention of how old he was, he might not be much more than fifty for all we know and is fifty really considered old? I know in Brazil it is but in this part of the world if fifty is considered old then I’ll be thinking about checking out myself soon cuz I’m not that far off.

  4. Mmmm..maybe he’s been diagnosed with some cancer or something or aids & instead of a shit deterioration of the body he topped himself…anyway they prob so broke in Brazil that this is the age care plan the gov have implemented for the community..if ya make a certain age & you made it thru brazilian culture without being raped..beheaded..shived..made transgender..macheted..or posioned..then we will send you a rope ..Free..no old folks home for him!

      1. It’s worse when they fight the disease when all it really does is prolong the misery. I watched my aunt die from cancer. I stayed with her to the end because I didn’t want her to be scared. I also made sure she was as doped up enough to not wake up any more.

  5. “Alright Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up” – Sunset Boulevard. heehehehe, Kill yourself eh!?! You’re a boob! Tough life you say!? Look at my picture icon…. my life sucks too, I have to sit on my toilet 24 hours a day! Kinda shitty don’t ya think so!?!

  6. Brooks was here.
    so was dead.

    If he decided to call it a day due to sickness then i cant blame him.
    i think governments should help terminal ill people out in their hour of need by assisting them to die with grace and dignity if they so choose to.

  7. Reminds me of the night i found my old roomate hanging in the bathroom,hanging from audio/video cable.i was high as fuck on chems,was a jarring experience. The worse is that the fucken citizen killers made his son come in and identify him while he was still hanging, you’d think they’d have the decency to take him down first no?! But no not in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada i guess eh lol pffffff!!

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