One Under – Short Student Documentary About Suicides on the London Underground

One Under - Short Student Documentary About Suicides on the London Underground

One Under is a colloquial used by train drivers to mean simply “a person under a train“. It could be an accident or in at least one case on the London Underground – a homicide, but it almost always isn’t. Most are suicides.

It happens so often that everybody knows what one under means. Police, fire and rescue, the coroner, the medics all now say one under to each other without explanation. The London Underground network is a major suicide hotspot.

Two documentaries at least are named One Under. Channel 4 made a professional half-hour version for broadcast that will be posted at some point, but this much shorter effort by a university student is frankly just as good if not better.

The documentary looks mainly at people recalling their memories of one unders and how they coped with being caught up in a suicide, if they coped at all. Some struggle to understand why a person would put others through having to witness such a grisly death but the answer is simple: speeding trains (and other vehicles) provide one of the most guaranteed methods and that is worth a huge amount to the suicidal.

One unders don’t always work out like that, though. I once saw footage of rescuers trying to save a one under who was still conscious and talking under the train. Paramedics couldn’t help him wedged under the train and had to get clear for their own safety while the fire & rescue service jacked the train off him.

By the time they could get to the poor fucker, he was unconscious with neither pulse nor breathing. He died on the platform, going cold as elite medics from the London Air Ambulance tried to restart his heart. Imagine being conscious and aware with a train on top of you.

Feel free to skip ahead to the documentary now but here’s a little extra detail while we’re here. The students who made this, stuck it on Teh Evil YouTube where there’s a few interesting comments. One guy witnessed a one under:

Saw one at Harrow On The Hill in 1988. A girl in her late teens/early twenties was at the far east end of the westbound platform The train came in, and from the corner of my eye I saw a movement, which turned out to be the girl jumping. The train stopped about 3/4 down the platform, then slowly rolled up correct. The passengers were then de-trained. After a short time the platform was cleared and the train was pulled into to layup just west of the station. I didn’t leave. I was stunned-still.

The LT [Ed note: London Transport] guys were a bit too busy to notice me stood there. What was left of this person was unrecognisable. It was grim. I wont go into details. If that girl, or others actually knew the aftermath, I’d think they’d think again, or choose another method. Suffice to say, she was shovelled into bags. I just thought of the poor driver, the station staff who had to deal with it, and whoever had to identify the bits. Not nice. There’s a whole bunch of people from that day traumatised by that event.

Another YouTuber almost became a one under themselves:

When I was 17, I went to the train station in town, walked along the platform (out of sight of the other passengers) & prepared to jump. Words can’t describe how free & calm I felt, knowing that everything would be over.

Then my brother phoned me. Suddenly, everything snapped into perspective, & I made my way back to the other passengers, back down the stairs & spent a lovely, sunny afternoon with friends.

I often reflect on how differently that day could have turned out.

See, most suicides are impulses and most suicide failures eventually become glad they failed. Remember that if any of you guys are ever feeling like dying.

The final noteworthy comment came from a guy who had to deal with one unders working on the Underground:

I worked for LUL [Ed note: London Underground] for 25 years, started as a Box Boy, then driver, then Duty Manager. I dealt with countless one unders both as a driver and a manager. The whole thing leaves scares on the mind and it was a death of a teenage girl and her baby that finished me off. This production is good but brings back a lot of bad memorys for me.

Before handing over to the students, some background for non-Londoners like me: The Jubilee Line is famous and one of the busiest, likewise the Circle Line, but I can’t tell you where they go. Maybe a London S.O.B. can elaborate. King’s Cross is the famous big old Victorian station. They revamped it recently but up till then it was carrying 3-4 times as many people as it was designed for and it’s the UK’s busiest station, I think.

Why do you guys think people choose the busy places, often at rush hour? Do they get comfort from being surrounded by people in their final moments? Do the faceless crowds spur the already-depressed into spontaneous suicide? Do they want people to see and confront a usually private act we try to cover up and forget about? Or is it simply that more people means a higher chance that somewhere among them is a one under waiting to happen?

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25 thoughts on “One Under – Short Student Documentary About Suicides on the London Underground”

  1. Hey guys, my first post ever, and I’m gonna come straight out with it…I often feel that tube suicides are always the most inconvenient of suicides, as they almost always happen first thing in the morning (making everyone late). Or at the start of rush hour in the evening! I say if your gonna go, go out in style, and fly in front of that last train of the night!

    1. I’m proud of you for being able to feel the optimism that most can’t. My mom’s mother committed suicide when she was fairly young and it will affect her for her whole life. Even when you think nobody cares, you will destroy other people with your suicide. There is always someone. I hope things do get much better for you. Good luck, God knows you need it in this crazy world.

  2. I often have to use the London underground and your train gets stopped or delayed at least once a month due to somebody being on the tracks, nowadays, because of the economic mess it happens a lot more.

    It used to shock me when this happens and it occurs to you that somebody has just met a grisly end however time is a cruel mistress both physically and psychologically and in the end you become desensitised and your only concern is that you will be late for work.

    It therefore does beg the question, why in the name of the holy Dijon mustard do they always choose to kill themselves during rush hour?.

    I realise that they are having a bad time but why include others into that equation. Do they really want to be known for “that bastard who made me late”, its not a good legacy.

    Even the people who perch themselves on motorway bridges with the idea of jumping do it in fucking rush hour, Jesus why?, I have lost count of how many times I have had to spend stuck on a gridlocked motorway because of this.

    I think the truth is that they choose rush hour as a symbolic expression of their thoughts on life, a middle finger if you will to the rest of us cold bastards who only care about arriving on time in the world for which they came to despise.

    It is I suppose kind of artistic in that the train, a vehicle for travel, sends them on to the next world, if you believe in that sort of thing, its just too bad that for us survivors the train now fails to send us on as the fleshy piles of meat get peeled from the tracks, oh well, at least the morgue guy gets his jigsaw puzzle.

    1. I also often ask myself why they do it at rush hour..?

      It can’t be to inconvenience or scar others because if that was there aim, then why not go postal?

      Surely that way would affect more people and make you remembered.

      So other then just an impulse.. I guess your theory maybe right.

        1. I remember when I was a teen I planned out my suicide however I just wanted to do it peacefully and quietly by blacking out from oxygen starvation. Probably wouldve looked like a douche with a bag taped around my head but I never wanted to do shit that looked painfl if in case I survived, at least if I was revived and suffered brain damage and drooling like a fucking retard from oxygen starvation eventually they’d pull the plug.

          As for people who kill themselves on train tracks I think it really is wanting to go out with a “bang” since it will probably be the one time people they think people will take notice of them.

          Thats my two cent’s worth anyway. 🙂

  3. If your going to kill yourself the best way would be to either blow yourself up with as any Zionist fuckers around you or try and rob a bank without killing anyone and getting away, you might end up getting away and sorting out all of your problems hopefully. I have contemplated both myself, but I hope to God things will sort themselves out. Either way life’s a bitch and it always will be so you need to either deal with it or not.

    1. Yeah! Yeah! Life’s a bitch, then you marry one, then you die! He! Hee! Hee!
      I thought about it many times, especially when it comes down to failure in life.
      Eather it would be big things or little things that go wrong. I think, it’s time to die.

  4. i used to work for london underground as a train maintainer and after a train had one under we would inspect the under carriage for damage or body parts. we never really found body parts only bits of clothes or hair. some trains had equipment that was used for de-icing in winter and these units had steel brushes and if one went under these brushes would mess you up.we also had to inspect the train because pipes or cables could be damaged when one goes under.
    i remember when the cops shot and killed a student from brasil suspected of terrorism we had to remove and replace many parts inside the carriage due to being covered in blood and brains.

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