Open Post #16: The Sheep Bullies

The Sheep Bullies

Isn’t it precious how the sheep always stay true to their hypocritical nature? Because the suicide of Amanda Todd made it popular to whine about bullying, all the sheep started to whine about bullying, while at the same time resorting to bullying of absolutely everyone who did not join their pathetic charade.

This display of duplicity is very typical of the sheep. They have been attacking me ever since I started Best Gore because on the pages of Best Gore I expose them for who they are – murderers, rapists, drunk drivers, abusers, child molesters, etc. They don’t like for their true colors to be shown so they attack me because I show them without censorship:

Let’s form a group of active bullies and name ourselves the Anti Bullying League. Our goal will be to bully everyone who does not agree with us. All of our activities will revolve around bullying others but because we call ourselves the Anti Bullying League, we will look like we’re the good guys. Plus because we are the sheep, all other sheep will join us and together we can bully anyone we choose into oblivion.

Here’s another dose of reality for you, the demented sheep – Amanda Todd is somewhere in hell where she whores herself out to the devil and then she whines to everyone that the devil fucked her. You can bully everyone back and forth in her name and it will change nothing about the way she was because you can take the skank out of the whorehouse, but you can’t take the whore about of the skank.

Vincit Omnia Veritas,


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114 thoughts on “Open Post #16: The Sheep Bullies”

    1. Not to get off topic …but please, what am I looking at in that picture?

      As for Todd, the biggest lesson to be learned from this media fuck circle is that her parents failed her. Why aren’t they being held accountable for not protecting and educating there daughter.

      1. Ok, was thinking .. Maybe it’s a molar pregnancy. A mole is a relatively rare condition in which tissue around a fertilized egg that normally would have developed into the placenta instead develops as an abnormal cluster of cells. This grapelike mass forms inside of the uterus after fertilization instead of a normal embryo. Really gross grape looking things, maybe that whey pulled out into her lap? … I don’t know

      2. yes!! the parents KNEW that kids in her school were bullying her– and the girl tried to kill herself once before. The kid needed help and support and her parents failed her. she didn’t just “cry for help”– she FUCKING SCREAMED for it. sad situation all around.

  1. What the fuck is going on in this photo

    Very well said. I belong to a hot topics group and this is a big topic. The group is annoying though because it consists of mostly bored house wives and stay at home moms. Anyway. I can remember in school there was always bullying going on. It was a part of life. A weak person commits suicide over this shit. If she had not done it now she would the first time a boy broke up with her. She was apparently weak. That’s a shame.

  2. Now I’m feeling bad about every nerd I ever shoved in a locker and every ugly chick I made fun of in high school. Of course now they would all have high paying careers while I collect disability and sell drugs so they get the last laugh.

  3. These kids today should stand up to their bullies, two to the chest and one to the head, stupid ass parents around this dying planet (which means most of you here should already know this) need to teach their stupid fucking kids that they will get what deserve, and quit letting them off easy, beat their ass, ground them for months and fucking stick to it, cause adult life is no different and your suppose to teach them to be adults right.

      1. @Killajamal yup -.- chicks now a days are into them douchebags with *swag* trust me give it some time that stupid fashion shit is going to die out I’m wondering what kids will wear next year XD materialistic whores would you buy a 300 dollar guci jacket O.o ..? I’m sick of being told by kids you don’t have swag !! >.> all I need is a gun

    1. LOL, so true. This Amanda Todd case is so typical of today’s bullshit we get. Some cute girl killed herself and now lets all feel sad and blame it on something so we can all feel good about doing something. When in fact everyone keeps forgetting the whore showed her tits to some stranger when she was 7th grade…

  4. This picture gives me the fucking creeps. Kinda makes me hungry for pussy though.
    Anyways, I was bullied as a kid. A lot. I had no friends. Id be friends with anyone even if they were a dick to me because that’s all I had.
    You don’t see me killing myself. The tables have turned. I’m a happy motherfucker(wish I meant that literally) who gets along with anyone. My life is good. People need to make the best of their life. Even if it sucks cock.

    1. you and me both. people HATED me in middle school and high school. i had few friends and what friends i did have were all outcasts like me. everything i did was wrong. I finally got to a point i just didnt fucking care. now? happily married, great husband, great kids, nice house and happy as possible in today’s society. but you couldnt PAY me to do high school again.

  5. Only a person of the lowest intellect could brandish others hypocrites whilst being hypocritical themselves.

    The Sheep sadly are not individuals, they are more like the Borg out of Star Trek, functioning as drones of the collective hive (the hive that is stupidity and dogma) they also seek out to assimilate others into there way of being whilst at the same time destroying those who refuse to give up their individuality.

    There is only one way to deal with a bully and that is to put your fist through their face.

  6. The sheep sadly are not individuals, they are more like the Borg out of Star Trek, functioning as drones of the collective hive, the hive that is stupidity and dogma, they also seek out to assimilate others into their way of being whilst at the same time destroying those who refuse to give up their individuality.

    There is only one way to deal with a sheep and a bully and that is to put your fist through their face.

  7. i’ve known girls like Amanda that were gonna suicide themselves and i myself had to take action thanks to me they are living right now can’t believe girls these days want to kill themselves over pointless shit that’s weak brah 😐

  8. The sheep sadly are not individuals, they are more like the Borg out of Star Trek, functioning as drones of the collective hive, the hive that is stupidity and dogma, they also seek out to assimilate others into their way of being whilst at the same time destroying those who refuse to give up their individuality.

    There is only one way to deal with a sheep and a bully and that is to put your fist through their face..

  9. I don’t get the whining about sheep. We are all sheep one way or another, unless you have jumped the fence and living in another field, we are all still rounded up by the shepherd and his sheep dogs.

    If you pay any sort of tax your a sheep, if you wear branded clothes your a sheep, bank account? Sheep!! Watch TV? Sheep!!

    You may be a sheep who is aware that the shepherd is trying to pull the wool over your eyes but he’s shearing off the klinkers that would otherwise be making you stink of shit!

    Our Western life comforts that are spoon fed to us will keep us in the field, cuz that poor fucking sheep who jumped the fence last week and is now free from field society, looks pretty fucking miserable and stinks of shit!

    There’s no good in one of us shouting “pity on you sheep, join me in the field of freedom” when your actually sitting on the fence!

    Unless we all jump the fence together, there’s no point in jumping!

  10. Why the fuk would a male blackmail this cute weak slut? He should have kept quiet and for sure he would have gotten more than just a flash and pussy pix. What a fuken homo, hope he burns in hell too.

    RIP Amanda, may you flash and fuck many an older man, down in hell.

    1. You know what’s funny? I was picked on in high school (nothing too bad, just annoying really) but once all the school shootings started to get popular all over the country, everyone left me alone since I fit the profile of a school shooter (quiet, loner type). It’s possible to say that something positive did come from all those shootings, although there’s no way to know if the good could’ve ever outweighed the bad. Guess we’ll never know………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………or will we? Mwuaaahaahahaahaahhaaahhaaahahahuh?

      1. Same here. I was a loner, but no bullying. After all the school shootings people began to befriend the loner kid wearing boots.
        People like amanda todd weren’t getting enough attention by sucking all the cawks she could so she crossed over to the darker side of things.
        Prepare for generation Z and the herds of pseudo-depressed youngsters!

  11. The sheep sadly are not individuals, they are more like the Borg out of Star Trek, functioning as drones of the collective hive, the hive that is stupidity and dogma, they also seek out to assimilate others into their way of being whilst at the same time destroying those who refuse to give up their individuality.

    There is only one way to deal with a sheep and a bully and that is to put your fist through their face

  12. I’m going to admit that I was a horrible teenager. Low self esteem led to slutty behaviour which led to hatred (and violence) from other girls. I am so glad I could see beyond adolesence, because life has been pretty awesome since I stopped fucking everyone I meet.

    I am also so, so glad the internet wasn’t everywhere when I was a teenager. I shudder to think what (more) stupid shit I would have done with a wider audience.

  13. Ihave mixed feelings about this, as I do with everything.
    I do find bullying sad and I do understand that different situations effect different people in different ways, so to one person being called a fatass could distraught them. It could result in a huge chain of insecurity problems and ultimately result in them being depressed and killing themselves. To another person, it could give them a sense of ‘proving the fuckers wrong’ and actually going further in life.
    I could never hate someone because they decided they wanted to leave this world for whatever reasons, because to them those are good enough reasons.

    HOWEVER. The more I read about this Todd thing, the more i feel like her story IS NOT EVEN BULLYING.
    She is literally whining over her own actions?
    When I was younger, who I lost my virginity to was a huge thing in my life, I was the girl that people bullied for not ‘putting out.’ In the end, I did a typical thing and slept with someone who I thought was good for me but it didn’t work out. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t effect me but I knew it was MY mistake. IIIIIIIIII made the mistake to sleep with someone I didn’t even love and even though he was a heartless jerk about it, I was in no way in a position to whine.

    She gets naked….and then cries that her boobs are on the internet?
    She then hooks up with someone and cries that people call her a slut?

    What is it with people raising completely pathetic girls with no back bone?

    I can understand it must’ve been a bit of an awkward and humiliating time but if she lacked the brains to think ‘I’m human and I’ve made some really stupid mistakes’ then I’m actually shocked. You’re meant to use mistakes, however minor or serious as learning curves.

    She literally killed herself over stupid mistakes she made and by the looks of things she did nothing to try and fix them before killing herself.

    It’s absolutely pathetic.
    I want to give my sympathy to people who are literally being bullied because they’re gay, people who are being bullied because they have a learning disability, people who get abused in their own home as well as out of it.
    I do not want to give my sympathy to a spoilt petulant child who acts like a complete whore and then gets ‘depressed’ for being treated like a whore.

    And I’m going to end my rant there before I smack my head into the computer screen over and over again.

    1. @grimmes I was bullied in high school because I was fat fugly kid with helmet hair and had fucked up teeth this one asshole chick called me a witch I’m not even a chick >.> but now I’ve lost weight cut my stupid hair and fixed my teeth ^_^ Yeah I was depressed but I didn’t care I’m not going to end my life for a stupid reason this chick fucked up she learned the hard way and yes this chick reminds me of the little easy girls I went to high school with or the chicks my 21 year old gangbanger brother used to invite to parties just for one reason for *sex* -.-

  14. Do not flash your junk if you cannot handle the audience.

    Do not portray yourself as “easy” if you cannot handle comments that highlight it.

    The individuals who work their ass off, study hard, earn top grades like a mother fucker and get bullied for NOT being good looking or for just being a “geek” are the exact individuals who should have the proper grievance spotlight that our “dear old friend” Amanda has stolen.

    Bitch would die for attention wouldn’t she?

  15. I think that young people today are rude, selfish little brats! When I was a kid I got my ass busted, and believe you me I had respect for my elders. I stumbled across this site and it has really opened my eyes, I know there are evil people in the world, but good grief! Maybe if this kid had some respect for herself and others she might still be alive. I want to thank you Mark for showing the real deal!

  16. I was bullied throughout my school years and that only finished a few weeks ago, and yet you don’t see me crying and making videos and wanting to kill myself its something that you just get over… if you ignore it, it will go away.

    never follow the sheep its just a waist of time because you get no where in life and you will never be YOU!! 😛

    1. I was bullied in high school too, and I say F-ck Amanda Todd. I was bullied as a result of a palatal defect I was born with and my stupidass parents refused to have corrected with plastic surgery because they’re religious hypocrites – they used to say “oh, that’s how God made you, therefore you’re beautiful, to change you would be a sin!” FUCK THAT! I used to be surrounded by kids in class making beaver faces at me all the time, fuck them! I finally got corrective surgery as an adult, and it was a huge relief.

      Anyway, fuck Amanda Todd because she chose to act like a whore and was responsible for the response she got from people.

  17. well, everyone pretty much said what i was going to say so…let me just change the subject slightly and say how amazed i am at all the females on this site. i expected a few but i didn’t realize their were this many evil racist heartless women out there…i love it!

  18. In Tulio’s times, you stood up to your bullies and fought back, even when you got your ass kicked, if you did it enough times you would eventually get respect. I know people who was bullied far worse than this girl (ex: guy pissed by 6 classmates on the showers each monday after the swimming class) and eventually overcome that shit. Tulio was only bullied in his first 2 years on elementary school on a nazi-like private school, and his extreme reactions to that (like sending a classmate to the hospital) actually backfired on little Tulio, whose parents were politely asked to relocate Tulio to another school. That was the best move ever, as Tulio ended up in his father’s ancient catholic school where he made many of his best friends and became a bully himself, hahaha (joke)

    1. Ahh, My school days were a breeze. I would sneak into the mentally disabled class rooms and I would molest all the tards I could before the teacher came.
      Retarded chicks have quite the set of tits on them,… one of them almost ripped my dick off with a hand job.
      She went down (syndrome) on me.

  19. I was bullied in school but I got the fuck over it. Yeah, it sucked, it sucked a lot but never once did I ever even think of killing myself. That’s the cowardly way out. Now that I’m an adult and past all of that school BS I don’t even think about my bully…till now. lol

    BTW; What the fuckidy fuck is that pic?

  20. If only the kids who get bullied could realize that bullying in middle school / high school ends the minute you graduate out of that fishbowl society. Little do most people know that those experiences of being bullied at school are just training for how rotten people are out in the real world. After I graduated, I almost WISHED that I could have some of my bullies back compared to asshole employers, co-workers, little kids, teenagers, old people… People of all stripes are assholes. You’ve just gotta toughen up, and fight back when it’s appropriate. Don’t ruin your own life over other people’s insecurity, and especially not over their stupidity.

    1. that’s true…highschool never really ends its the same backstabbin and shittalking no matter how old you get, no matter where you go someone will always have a problem with you highschool will take your innocence, the real world will take your soul

  21. Everybody gets bullied and everyone is a bully at one time or another its a part of being human, as we get older we learn to avoid it, confront it, deal with it and dish it out, some people even get really good at it and thrive on it. Amanda Todd was a weak child because see could not deal with a very small piece of bullshit that every single person goes thru, but do not think that the kids that bullied her to death are the opposite of weak little Amanda Todd many times bullys are portrayed as tough kids but in fact they are very weak and portray themselves as strong to hide their weakness the truth is that these fragile children can be pushed just as far as Amanda Todd was and driven to suicide very easily, all these children have lived a shelterd life with everything they could ever want, they are very dependent and needy and not to mention very selfish, they also really care about what they’re peers think about them, this was the mind frame of Amanda Todd and also of the kids that bullied her, as I said before are very weak and it wouldn’t take much to drive them over the edge all a person would have to do is pull the rug from under their feet and they would not know what to do and belive the parents are to blame for raising weak minded spoiled children I blame them for not instilling any common sense or backbone into their little babys, if anybodys to blame for this suicide its the parents the parents of the bullies and the parents of the bullied for raising such crappy co-dependent children and for pissing on Darwin and de-evolving and retarding an entire generation into a bunch of weak wastes of sperm but what else would you expect a sheep to give birth to and raise…

  22. It’s easy for everyone to say she should have stood up to the bully, gotten over it, etc. I’m not saying her death and the circumstances around it should make her a poster child for bullying now (thought it might). And yes, some people do start jumping on the anti bullying bandwagon when a story like this hits the news. You’ll have people making groups and trying to make a difference when it’s too late for that victim, but maybe not for another.

    Whether or not you feel sad for her, think she’s stupid.. the point is there are MANY more kids out there like her and who are going through similar situations in regards to bullying. I know many, long before her.. and it’s not as easy for them to simply turn the other cheek or stand out to the person bullying them, like it may have been for us growing up in school years ago.. It’s the social media that is making it a million times worse, because it’s out there for the world to see. It’s not so easy for them to just ‘suck it up’ or get over it. Like I said in another post, I’m not a sheep about this. I personally know kids going through this and 1 very similar to Amanda’s case and it’s not so easy for them to get over.

  23. I never got bullied in highschool, but I remember in my early years of middle school getting picked on by these two kids. They found it funny to push me back and forth between them, and I was surrounded by other kids so I was getting really nervous, fast. When the other kids started going inside and his buddy walked away he pushed me again and I don’t know where it came from but I punched him square in his left cheek. I can remember to this day how red his face got lol, then he stormed inside. I don’t think anyone then seen it, as i didnt get in trouble for it, I still know the kid today ( Ive been done with HS for 4 years now) and it’s funny to look back and see how standing up for myself, inevitably led that kid to leave me alone

  24. seems to be a matter of persecution, the system of which she inhabited is obviously the winner in this verbatim, extreme fear of perhaps cultural rejection and subsequent death; ironic that the consolidated majority blames inital persecution opposed to their artificial reactions, which the anxiety of is so strong to perpetuate sucide, she would have certainly been more debased than before the disclosure regardless of hypocritical support, therefore the act of comitting a kind of manifesto suicide is for the incentive of revenge of initial persecutor through the knowledge of a reacting system, as ive construed; does primal blackmailing contradict bullying in this instance?

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