Overexcited Guy Films Mangled Corpse of Woman Who Threw Herself Under Bus in Rio de Janeiro

Overexcited Guy Films Mangled Corpse of Woman Who Threw Herself Under Bus in Rio de Janeiro

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a woman allegedly committed suicide by throwing herself under the wheels of a bus. The overexcited guy filming the aftermath approaches her mangled corpse to film the aftermath, while demonstrating his rich Portuguese vocabulary.

Is it me, or did neither the alleged bus that ran her over, nor any other vehicle stop seeing a freshly crushed corpse on the road?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Ah yes, nothing like your first in person witness to suicide. I remember my first time…. I was in 11th grade I’m just sitting in my car waiting for school to let out (I was waiting on my friends bc I’m a skinny dweb who did well in school) I watch a guy I’m in trigonometry with walk to his car I think nothing of it. Then he looks at me rolls his car window down and asks me if I could help him. I walk up to his open window he put his hand out and he simply asked me to hold his hand so I did, i look back at the school, i look back at him and just as I’m about to ask him if he was good he pulls a massive hand gun out and shot himself in the head. Efficiently giving me a good blood spray. And this is where I am today the Obsession continues to grow

        1. I saw an old lady jump off a roof in Los Angeles on Hollywood Blvd. after I had just moved there. There were all these people looking up, I thought it must be a movie set. The lady had jumped & landed on top of a black Cadillac,crushing the roof in. I was thinking, “wow, that looked so real, but where are the cameras?”
          Yeah, welcome to Hollywood! It was the late 80’s. Will never forget all of it, especially the sound she made hitting the roof of the car! KaThunk!

    1. I’m glad they don’t. How the fuck would you like to view videos on Best Gore of people with blankets over them? Go to fucking Yahoo or AOL if you want that shit. We want GORE!!!

    2. In Brazil you can’t report suicides in the news, they don’t talk about it. They say that talking about suicide can encourage others to kill themselves… That’s why people are extremely shocked and not knowing how to act, or, like this guy, feel excited to see something like this.

  1. Well all of her personal problems are sorted now. Hopefully this reaction from her becomes trendy amongst the hypergamic, monkey-branching sluts when life gets difficult for them.

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