People Kill Time Shooting Guns from Balcony, One Turns It on Himself

People Kill Time Shooting Guns from Balcony, One Turns It on Himself

People Kill Time Shooting Guns from Balcony, One Turns It on Himself

According to the info I got, this happened in Jordan. The video shows a group of people apparently killing time by shooting guns from a balcony.

They seem to generally enjoy themselves, when one of the guntoters suddenly turn the gun in his hand on himself and shoots himself with it in the head, committing suicide in front of his friends. Only seconds earlier, he fired a few shots into the emptiness… Maybe he thought his head was as empty as the space in front of the house?

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149 thoughts on “People Kill Time Shooting Guns from Balcony, One Turns It on Himself”

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      1. just a causal conversation of them making fun of each other for not aiming right.
        camera man asked the guy with the large fire gun to back the fuck off as he could hurt someone as far as i could understand.
        dude out of nowhere , just pointed the gun to his head and said’ please keep my kids safe’ then ends it.
        absolutely nothing prior indicated that he may kill him self.

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    1. Abdul, abdul…. abdul, abdul abdul.
      Thanks for translating.

      Guns are dangerous. Not nice what he did to his friend, he will fill guilty forefer… plus he dump all his kids on him.

  1. I don’t find it too surprising. This could be the first (and last) moment in this man’s life when suicide was both easy and guranteed. I though about suicide all my life, but it is a lot harder to step off a roof or put your head under a train. Was there ever a loaded gun in my hand, I’m more than likely to have done it.

        1. That’s funny because a guy named ‘Polluted’ is here all the god damn time. I bet his practically drooling for the next video, sitting in darkness silence. Consistent bastard, always there with the first comments.

  2. Abdul was feeling a bit too blue and emptied the gun chamber to his skull through and through.
    Apart from those fired up shots the landscape looked quite panoramic but for the silly bastardly chatter boxes everything turned out to be in bad taste.

    Finally time to ready up the coffin as Abdul the goat fucker is no more

  3. Dumbfuck coward asshole. If you’re going to take the coward’s way out, go the fuck out in the desert and dig a little hole. Don’t do it in front of your friends and traumatize them and make them clean your brains off their floor. What an asshole.

  4. i have the true story behind this video, this is a suicide and he knew the gun was loaded.
    before he pulled the trigger he cussed someone two times then told the people to take care of his children.
    the man is palastenian, and he was in debt or something and he had problems with the goverment, thats why he killed himself.

    1. Thanks for the info, man. It is specially disturbing hearing the silence between he was asked something, and turning the gun on himself.

      It was almost like the entire world just stopped doing its thing for a good couple of seconds just to watch Rashid here bite it.

      A shame it was about money. Losing life over that is so senseless, yet at the same time we roll with it.

      1. The calm before the storm. It was a moment of clarity & realization with a fictitious cloud of
        blithe laughter to make his troubles seem not so heavy.

        Currency that is in circulation now is counterfeit, so he died for something that is not genuine.
        Lost in a torrent of man made invention.

    1. He was just having the time of his life and thought he will never be able to relive such an awesome moment, so he shot himself to embrace his happiest moment in life and go out in style.

  5. I have a couple of theories:
    1st: He was an opportunist; having a chance with a gun at any moment.
    2st: He contemplated this scenario already due to being bored with life or other factors.
    3rd: He was too damn curious!
    I mean, he probably thought this one through. I bet he wanted to complete all the things he wanted in life and there’s no more reason.

  6. guy homie was nice about his homie death, he told the homie to stand over there homie i wanna be in this scene by myself homie then thinks to his homie self i don’t want the bullet to exit through homie and get you as well homie POW right in the kisser homie! his on homie was saddened u can hear it in his homie throat

  7. Yeah, I think that was deliberate suicide. He was staring at that gun for WAY too long and then decided, “f*ck it. I’m outta here.”

    A dumbass, who figured the gun wasn’t loaded, would have put it right to his head and fired in a second.

  8. Okay, I’m not a man that knows much about guns (living in Ireland). My basic knowledge of guns like that is that they generally hold a magazine of 6 bullets. He shoots 5 by my count so maybe he thought he had shot 6 and would have emptied the magazine and his joke backfired on his friends?

    1. Reply – Yeah Abdul bin fuq-Arp, we’ll definitely look after your kids with the million bucks you left them in your will…..what?…you didn’t leave us money to take care of them?? WTF?? How in da fuck do we look after your kids then, you stupid man ?

  9. Hardly think shooting a gun is the most awesome moment in life…..only those fucked up Americans would think such a thing.
    This exactly proves why you should never have a gun. It makes things to easy, and had this bloke not had access to a gun, I guarantee he would still be a living breathing father to his kids and he would still be looking after them him fucking self…….what a fuckin pathetic piece of shit, really……….yeah thanks for that dad, you just showed us how to be mentally tough and survive through life’s hard parts to go onto enjoy life’s awesome parts. Silly Muslim obviously never saw ‘My best friends wedding’ – This too shall pass……..

    1. Yeah because the gun made him shoot himself.
      Quit being a self righteous cunt.
      If the population isn’t armed they have no way to protect themselves.
      Then their lives are at the whim of the criminal class and the government.
      Tell you what euro trash, why don’t you clean up your illegal immigrant problem then start on your government that would rather prosecute “hate crime” than stop muslim men from raping thousands of little girls. Maybe then you can understand why gun ownership is second only to freedom of speech in the United States constitution. It is the second amendment that insures the first.
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  10. Palestinian man streams suicide on Facebook Live in Jordan
    A man committed suicide shooting himself in the head and streamed the entire incident on Facebook Live in Mafraq north of Jordan according to a video Roya received.

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