Person Jumps to Their Death from Burning Building of Ministry of Finance in El Salvador

Person Jumps to Their Death from Burning Building of Ministry of Finance in El Salvador

On Friday, July 7, 2017, a fire was consuming one of the three towers of the Ministry of Finance in El Salvador. The video of the fire shows a person jumping to their death from one of the upper floors of the building in order to avoid getting fried alive. Look for the jump at 0:17.

El Salvadorean authorities initially confirmed one person dead and 12 injured. Dr. Manuel Villalobos, director of the General Hospital later confirmed the death of a second person.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. @Lord Humongous.
          That is in fact a very sensible idea. Tall buildings should have metal fire escape steps bolted to the side of the building, along with a matching handrail. Very cheap and zero maintenance. Yes of course people will still be afraid to use it if they are scared of heights, esp old people, but it at least gives you a fighting chance. Why hasn’t this been done before for buildings?

          1. Why hasn’t this been done before on buildings???? Fool, millions of buildings have fire escapes. A lot of it depends on the type of construction, type of occupancy and fire resistance ratings (nothing is fire proof, just fire resistant for various periods of time).

            The question I ask is why in a country that can build a modern building like this they don’t have the sense to install fire sprinklers? One thing most people have no idea about is that designers and builders want to put up a building as cheaply as possible and esthetics matter too. They don’t want gaudy exterior metal stairs and fire escapes and they are not “zero maintenance” when they do exist. Metal corrodes and weakens. They need regular maintenance, painting and inspection.

            Buildings put up in the last 50 years are always a compromise between cost and safety. For decades builders have used trusses of various types to cut costs. Trusses are lighter but can support heavier loads…that is until the building catches fire. So codes require some form of fire resistance be used such as sprayed on material, encasement in fire resistant drywall or other manner of protection.

            In non Third World arm pits buildings like this are typically built with stairwells and ventilation that channels smoke and allows for escape. Even in the U.S. some buildings like this aren’t sprinklered because of when they were built and only usually get sprinklers when they renovate a certain amount of the building.

            So keep in mind when a building is put up the architects and builders are trying to do it for the minimum cost and fire protection costs plenty! They do not build buildings with your safety in mind unless forced to.

          2. @mrspock This has been done in the past. Take a look at any old downtown in a major city. The sides of buildings and throughout the alleyways are littered with them. I guess they just became aesthetically incorrect.

          1. Well the outside fire escape stops at the second floor. You need to be on that floor to release a latch that brings the staircase to ground level.

        1. that must rank as one of the dumbest posts Ive read on BG in a while. how long did you think about that before you posted it? 2 seconds? 3 tops im thinking. Jumping to get away from fire that will melt your body to a pulp is hardly suicide in the true sense of the word. You forget Jesus apart from being almighty, is just and fair.

          1. @itsplaster well, you can believe as you like, and even deny his existance (which hundreds of thousands were witnesses-to by the way). truth of the matter is, he gave you free-will for this exact purpose, to think, act, and live as you see fit until your last dying breath in life. the moment that happens you cannot undo what you thought, acted-upon or lived according to that free-will as the final verdict for your soul will be on judgement-day which will last for eternity. (on the topic of free-will, I would just like to add that , if we were not given this feature, and everything was ”predetermined or forced upon”, noone could judge you. so free-will is a huge key feature we were given as his children.) To be honest, I hope you reconsider your views, after all, what do you have to lose? πŸ™‚

        2. That Jesus thingy, its a repetition or some refurbished version of some famous Gods/Trinity/Super beings from other cultures before the time of his so called existence. Uhhmm how would I say it? I mean, he is a variation of some other myths. Try searching the libraries or internet.

          1. @3vil GeniusX well for someone who doesnt believe in something or an event, your description /excuse is incredibly vage to say the least. how do you hope to even convince someone to read what you wrote when you dont supply them with even a shread of objective fact? you can lead a horse to the water-hole but you cant make him drink my friend.

    1. Are you sure mate. His corpse was crushed express style. That must hurt like crazy.

      Imagine the feeling in your crotch area when the velocity getting bigger. Maybe thinking: ” damn. Bad decision”. And then SPLAT!

      Indeed. 10 videos. We are blessed. Mexican bechopping in pink sissy shorts, train victims without proper foot, Russian romper stomper, Brazilian filth etc.

      Multi culturism at its best. Best gore is bestest.

  1. Everybody seems to think people burn to death when it’s more often the smoke and toxic gases that kill well before flames reach you. Breathing in smoke from a building fire is like breathing in dirt. There are super heated particles and toxic gases in smoke.

    Personally, I couldn’t bring myself to jump. If I thought I was going to die I would stick my head in the smoke and take a massive deep breath. You’d be unconscious in a second and it’s over. I couldn’t bring myself to experience even five seconds of terror plunging to the ground and feeling the impact. Then, if you survived even for a time, it would be agony!

    1. I think if truly in life or death situation my will to survive would supercede any thought to inhale giant dose of noxious gas and I’d jump too at least that offers remote hope of survival instead of succumbing to death. just seems I would have some fight, ideally

  2. El Salvador Ministry of Finance occupies 3 towers? Wtf! How much office space do they need to collect disaster relief funds from other countries?
    You know a country has just given up when they call their monetary unit a colon.

  3. Dear god of the El Salvadorean people. I beg you to keep me safe and return me home alive. I thank you for the beautiful wife and great children that you have given to me. I thank you for the great job that you gave me at the Ministry of Finance Building. I thank you for the car that I have. I thank you for my beautiful mistress. I will continue to pray to you because I believe in you. I know that you exist and will protect me from any harm that comes my way. I know that with you by my side I will always be safe. I know that if I were ever trapped high above in a ten story building, you will lift me off the burning floor and put me down gently on the first floor.

    After Jose finished saying his prayers, he kissed his wife and ten children and headed off to work.
    Yes sir, this had the making of a beautiful day. This was going to be Jose’s day! Today he was getting a promotion at work. He was picking up his new Mercedes and his mistress was pregnant.

    Jose’s got everything to live for. His god will protect him.

    What? What do you mean he died? What about his god and all that shit about his god protecting him? Oh, it was all bullshit to make him feel better. Got it.

  4. I would never work in a high rise of ANY kind unless they allowed me to take a secret parachute every day! Call me crazy as I am flying to live another sweet day, well unless my chute gets screwed.Then put me on BG.

  5. I don’t know what i would do, jumping off escapes the immediate certain danger, if that makes sense at all being that you will die anyway jumping off, which is why it probably seems the most attractive option. but the smoke would have probably killed him before being fried, so i wouldn’t worry too much about being burnt while still conscious.

  6. He was part of the rescue squad but when he ran to the edge to look down and help he … fucking … tripped over illegal satellite dish cables that weren’t on the roofs plans which caused him to slip right over the edge…..damm shame

  7. I would run out the window as fast as I can trying to run on air Wile E. Coyote style, then hang still for a second, make that Flintstone percussion noise while trampling your feet and then plunge to my inevitable demise.

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