Philippine Senior High School Student Commits Suicide at Trinoma Mall, Quezon City

Philippine Senior High School Student Commits Suicide at Trinoma Mall, Quezon City

Philippine Senior High School Student Commits Suicide at Trinoma Mall, Quezon City

According to the backinfo I got, a Senior High School Student with severe depression committed suicide by jumping to his death at Trinoma Mall in Quezon City, the Philippines.

The two angle video appears to show a young man jumping from the top of what could be a multi-storey parking lot. It looks like some people tried to approach him, but that just propelled him toward committing the deed.

Props to Best Gore member @korinasanchez for the videos:

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    1. It mostly works with a 93% success rate. When I was in the hospital for my kidneys in 2015, I had a room that I shared with this girl who failed a suicide attempt. Once she was discharged, she jumped off the roof of a parking lot at a casino. She succeeded.

    1. Jump now, remember the light is there, the hope is there, you have to find a way to make it and find a way to move forward until you reach the hope. I hate to tell you but the people down here are starting to mumble, they don’t think you have the balls to do it.

  1. *This is for all those who like my melancholy stuff (Rudi, Janiel)

    GRIM REAPER by bad jonny

    The grim fuckin’ Reaper
    Is comin’ for us all ..

    He’ll grab you by the clit, or
    He’ll Grab you by the ball

    You can distract yourself
    Watching ‘Better Call Saul’

    Or your head in the Bible
    Read Saint Peter and Paul

    You think you can cheat death, mole
    But you ain’t got the gall

    But you’ll die from disease, mole
    Or die from a fall

    Your organs and bones
    All crushed in a sprawl

    If you’re barely alive
    You’ll try to crawl

    The people just watching
    They shriek and they bawl

    “Aah think dis one’s dead son,”
    Some fat cunt will drawl

    It don’t matter what you write
    Don’t matter what you scrawl

    You will end up, man
    Wrapped tight in a shawl

    Life isn’t fair, man
    But it’s a long fuckin’ haul ..

  2. I’ve always admired the guts it would take to carry out a suicide plan if you truly believe death is the answer. The bit I don’t like is the devestation it leaves behind (and the mess someone has to clean up).
    New generation anti depressants are extremely effective and in 9/10 people, will soon have them thinking about more lighthearted activities than suicide……..

    1. I started to take Sertraline many years ago and after a few weeks I was getting sudden rushes of happiness for no reason. I guess that’s the chemicals in my brain getting a boost. But I changed to a different type which helps me sleep and I gained a few stone. Now I’m spending most of my waking hours contemplating whether or I should do it properly finally

        1. Yep! 45mg ora-dispersible.
          I like that they help me sleep and make me really enjoy my food. But when I don’t have any I don’t eat and I end up ill. Since the rules changed in sept last year where I can’t ask my chemist to order them for me and I had to go to drs and hand in a repeat prescription I’ve only had 2 months worth. And I can feel it. I got a box today!! And I arranged it so I can order my own online now so I’ll never run out again. I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow as now I have them again I will put weight on very fast. I’ll look like shit but I’ll feel better.
          Do you know of mirtazapine due to getting them yourself?

          1. @confusedalot
            I remember those big, orange flavoured ora-dispersible ones… the reminded me of “refreshers” sweets!
            And as far a the weight gain… i stopped smoking at the same time as i was prescribed, took me about a year to put on 3 stone.
            I had NEVER been fat in my life… and couldnt stand it. So i started brisk walking for about five miles [hour n half] every night, and making simple diet changes [less carbs, french lentils rather that rice, thin cut veg rather than pasta, sweet tatties rather than normal, etc].
            Very soon i noticed that my evening walk was taking less and less time as the weight came off. I lost that extra 3 stone between sept of one year and feb of the next.
            But more importantly, i found that the exercise and the diet change helped my depression just as much [if not more] than the meds. Lone Walking is a great head straightener, I ended up really enjoying my evening walks.
            TBH, i was VERY surprised at how easy it was to lose the weight… but i had made my mind up that i was going to do it. I know lack of motivation sits hand in hand with depression, and that every case is different, but im just trying to throw a couple of ideas up for you pal.
            As for sleeping, i have tried just about every drug know to man – and as far as prescriptions go, i would say -all things considered- mirtazapine is about the best sleeper ive ever taken [benzos, antipsychotics and “z” drugs included], no buzz or euphoria…. just boom, and you are gone.
            Good luck mate. Its easy for me to say, but try and keep your chin up.
            And remember, even if it means missing something as simple as one good meal, one good film, or one touching moment,…. hitting the off switch really aint worth it.
            Things can and do change mate.

    2. How effective they are depends on the frame of mind and the external reality of the individual taking them.

      A persistent low mood in those who would/should otherwise be happy, as in no current external contributing factors?, then yeah. It should help them cope somewhat.

      However. For those who are depressed as fuck due to external factors beyond their control pills will not alter the reality of their situation and so will not make them happy. It will only make them slightly more numb to the world around them which often leads to an even greater increase in suicidal tendencies because a person who does not give a fuck about life is a person more likely to cast it aside.

      In the above instance a change in perspective and a lowering of expectation will serve the individual far better than pills will. Unfortunately these things are far easier said than done. The mind resists change after all.

      Booze has always been my great savior though. Then cannabis. Then sex. Then finally, to crush my enemies. See them driven before me, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

      1. Shit! Some Ghengis Khan or Alexander the great stuff there! I like it.
        I agree with you, alot of my shit is stuff I can’t control, unless I sneak out in this camera ridden world and somehow strike at the necks of my enemies without getting caught. Which is impossible. My building has a camera pointed at the door, there’s no going in or out without being on camera. Unless I drop from the 3rd floor. And as I’m as agile as a sumo guy that’s not happening. Idea! I’ll kill your enemies, you kill mine. Obviously film it non potato vision. It’s a thought…..

      1. Well nothing makes a man contemplate his own mortality like a pimple on the dick…not to be confused with morality because as we all know a hard…even pimply dick has no conscience….medical…even bad medical advice is prohibitively expensive….but jumping is not the answer and I would not consider amputation as an option either…hope this helps.

      1. No don’t jump. Don’t do anything to harm yourself. More than likely you are quite healthy, yeah? Apart from depression? If things didn’t go to plan again, imagine how crap you would feel having depression and a broken spine, controlling your electric wheelchair with your chin. Health is everything. You never know what amazing things are just around the corner if you aren’t curious enough to check it out………

        1. I agree, don’t do it.

          However, if you insist on doing it, would you wear a go pro or something similar and livestream it? I don’t think we’ve had that view on BG before.

          1. I ones livestreamed eating a bunch of medication and swallow them too but some guy told me to remove it from the internet so i did and stick my finger in my throat and i came away with one night hospital.

        2. Sorry for my late reply Dutchy butI have lyme disease and no idea if I get the fucking christmas 2020. Next time I try barbiturates. I’m 24/7 in my bed and eat hands full of benzo’s to get the Lyme panic go away. I’m done.

      2. Fee trust me I know how you feel but Dutchy is right. You never know what’s around the corner. When I personally get so low and have zero expectation from myself it takes something small to lift my mood. Like I planned on sitting in my bath at Xmas and opening my groin arteries both sides and bleeding out, but Star Wars came out…
        After watching that I will not rest until I have peeled Jarjar Abrams face, then maybe I will do it.
        God I’m such a miserable depressing sack of worthless shit.
        Dutchy is wise, listen to Dutchy.
        Also what is seroquel?

          1. And I’m a borderline Sociopath who cares for nobody except for a handful of people and my immediate family.. Oh not forgetting Myself of course. I also consider myself slightly Narcissistic. Saying all that I DON’T fuck with Children or Animals. Nice to meet you everyone.

          2. Definitely only borderline. A full sociopath wouldn’t give a fuck about family. People have this weird idea, because you all stemmed from the same vagina, or because your vagina took the cum and birthed the rest of them, that you have to have this link with each other? Fuck that! I left home at 15 and never looked back. Whenever I’m asked who my next of kin is I put “The Government” because it is they who are going to pay my funeral expenses! My ‘official’ next-of-kin has been told NOT to claim my body when I die because there will be NOTHING there to pay for the disposal of it. All they’ll be doing is saddling themselves with a £5,000+ debt. All my wealth is in silver and gold and, apart from a handful of silver coins I keep at home for emergencies, no one knows where it is. When I go my wealth goes with me. The last people who would ever get any of it are my family. I owe them nothing and I expect even less from them. @analsecretions

        1. Hi confusedalot seroquel is the Dutch name for anti psychoses edication against my panic. I do not have psychoses. Sorry Im too lame to translate. Im so fucking sick since a lyme doctor fucked me up and the only thing I want is health. I wanted to have children too but that’s not possible with lyme i.e we tried IVF and that shit. I think Dutchy is wrong. Why was I found after 4 h after my suicide? Then I was fucking dead,damn Im an infertile dumb anxiety migraine depressed etc etc dumb bag of shit. They should do on me what they did to others on bestgore. I deserve it.

  3. My son is a senior in HS. He used to think he was depressed until sat him down and broke down the shit I went through to put him in this “lower class” living that we have. $80k in Hawaii is just above poverty level. He said he gets depressed but he knows I don’t want to hear it.

    1. Suffering is subjective unfortunately and the reason why we have so many millionaire Hollywood celebrity types and wealthy libtards in general claiming to be more victimised, downtrodden and hurt than the struggling working classes and the dispossessed street dwellers.

      Your experiences then are wasted on your son because he hasn’t personally lived them and will therefore never take them on as part of himself.

  4. *For those who like my ‘death’ themed poems (you know who you are)

    BORN by bad jonny

    We humans are born
    Craving only death

    Whether you’re a Gomez
    A Peter or a Seth

    From your very first hour
    To your fuck’d final breath

    O The Mercy

    O what is it like
    In that final hour?

    Do we have any hope?
    Receive any power?

    Doctor comes in
    Face drawn and dour

    I heard Even just water
    On death’s lips is sour

    O What does it feel like
    To have your last shower?

    Take your last look
    At the big city tower

    Then huddle ‘neath the sheets
    Terrified and cower

    But ..

    Morning after we’re gone
    Pops up a new flower ..

  5. *Once again, a death-themed poem, as requested

    AS WE LAY DEAD by bad jonny

    As we lay dead
    I wonder ..

    What’s the last thought
    That went through our head ?

    How come it’s only at death
    A real tear is shed ?

    As we breathed our last breath
    In our hospital bed

    We had, had our last
    Taste of wine and of bread

    We had worked and married
    We had fucked and had bred

    We’ve had Cat-Scan, MRI
    Thousand needles, and bled

    We have lived a good life
    We earned our street ‘cred’

    Now in twelve hours
    Whole body is dead

    We no longer need water
    Don’t need to be fed

    We’re wearing less clothes
    Than Flintstone Le Fred

    And bad Chemo-therapy
    Swilling ‘round in our head

    The shite TV flickers
    Playing ‘Hillbilly Jed’

    Sign on the door say:
    “Strictly for med..”

    You can’t understand
    Or make out what is said

    You see in the corner
    Someone brought a ‘Ted’

    You think about that day ..
    And the woman you wed

    O The Mercy

    Be much better to die
    Alone in some shed ..

        1. I didn’t see that advice anywhere though I do tend to skip most of your posts without reading them.

          Seriously, if you can’t take criticism then don’t publish your writings.

          1. I can take criticism, you idiot, but you are ‘speaking for’ the other readers.
            They have actually ‘asked’ to read a Jonny poem, and then,
            without even talking to them, you come along and say:
            “Oh they couldn’t have meant that”
            How the fuck would you know?
            You are just basing this on the fact that YOU don’t wanna read
            a Bad Jonny poem.
            And that’s fine if you don’t .. I don’t care
            But just don’t go around putting words in the other reader’s
            If they want their daily dose of Jonny .. They’re gonna get it !

        2. Write whatever you like, I really don’t care because I almost always just skip over it. When I first saw your posts I read your stuff – for a short period. After that, I’d see your name, see a mass of text and continue to scroll on down. For me, it’s mediocre at best and the vast majority of the time it doesn’t scan well. It’s my opinion and, just as you are free to write whatever you like, I am just as free to comment on it until Mark says otherwise. Other people are free to give you props if they like but I won’t; at least not so far…..except maybe for Princess Di….that one was okay. The rest which are off this page I can’t say much about as I honestly don’t look too closely. Don’t take all this as me being an asshole towards you because I’m not; it is what I said it is….a critical view. I tried to put it nicely, with a little humour and I didn’t plan to say anything else; you were the one who got mad and started firing salvos. Don’t get mad, bro, get better, and if you come across criticism you don’t like, can’t handle or you think is just plain wrong, ignore it. @badanddy

          1. Gee .. I feel like I’ve just been lectured to, and raped by ..
            Bishop TuTu
            (Is that you, Bishop?)
            (Love the pink dress)
            Look you Spic, I never said I was any better than any other useless Mole
            I just ‘try’ to make a difference in this fuck’d up World ..

          2. Spic? Your insults are worse than your scribblings. Not everyone lives on your side of the Atlantic, you know? And now that you revert to inaccurate name-calling, all that does is show me you’ve run out of words. I won’t drop to your level, I’ll just leave you to sit in the hole you dug for yourself. @badanddy

          3. Well .. I think you’ve dug a hole for yourself, Doug
            To attack my poems on their content/style/relevance is one thing
            But ..
            To attack me personally, by saying that you ‘represent all the readers of BG’ and that ‘no-one at BG wants to read a Jonny poem’
            Well .. that is just slime, my friend
            Just .. Scum
            Corpus Christi, Spic

          4. Your perceived IQ drops with every sentence you write. Happy scribbling; do try to improve. Here’s a little help for you:

            – analyse the metre of (a line of verse) by reading with the emphasis on its rhythm or by examining the pattern of feet or syllables.
            – (of verse) conform to metrical principles.

          5. Oh Gee, are you Mo’ Fo’ Shakespeare ?
            Is this ‘the Bard’ ?
            Look man, now you are finally making sense .. as I’ve said:
            If you wanna criticize my stuff, that’s fine, that’s okay
            The only, and I mean the ONLY thing that got up my ass
            like a Gerbil, was when you said that “No-one really wants
            to read a Bad Jonny poem, they are just lying to you”
            That, my friend
            Was lower than a turtle’s dick
            It was lower than a lobster’s ball-sac
            Corpus Christi

          6. What you inferred was not what was implied. I told you I put it nicely with a little humour. I did not say ‘all BG readers’ nor did I say ‘no one at BG’. If that was your inference then you are way off base. Disregarding the humour factor, the only real inference you can make is that I applied to all who commented favourably towards you in this particular article, though the use of the word ‘they’ does not necessarily refer to everyone around.

            Okay, I’m done with this…bored with it. When I walked onto the field there was a molehill. After you joined the field there are now 30,000 sherpas waiting to escort thousands of Hoorah-Henries up the north face of what you have created from the molehill. You climb it, I’m outta here.

    1. I’ve had it for 20 years. Those reaching out to me are told in no uncertain terms to fuck off and leave me alone.
      Snowflake-style hugs & kisses are pointless, quite simply because they don’t work. People’s problems all have a root cause and it’s that which has to be dealt with, and 99% of the time it’s the people themselves who have to deal with it.

      1. Yep, that’s my reaction too. Leave me the fuck alone, I’m not looking for sympathy…or “prayers”……. go away. Most of us create our own hell, whether or not we admit it is another subject. It’s easier to blame others…I guess….and if you blame others, nothing will, or can change for you.

        1. Spot on, Lisa. I can go back to those days twenty-odd years ago when it all unravelled and if I look at the things that happened back then and evaluate it all honestly, I can see who was responsible for it. There were a couple of times when I turned left instead of turning right – and it’s not hindsight saying that – and those times were the root of all the underlying shit I have now. I can’t change it so I have to live with it. It’s not pleasant but there is only one person responsible for it and there is nothing anyone can say or do that will change how I feel about it all. They can’t make things better, only worse so it’s best they say nothing at all. I tell people this: “Don’t try to understand why I feel like I do, just understand that I do feel like I do.”

          Having said all that, there are people out there who can be helped. Sure, be there for them, but let them reach out to you, not the other way around. You won’t know if they want help but they will know if they want to ask for it. In the meantime, ‘stay in your own lane’ is my advice to those wanting to butt in.

  6. PRINCESS DI part ii by bad jonny

    So as the princess acted
    For the press, all coy and shy

    An evil cunt was watching her
    T’was Lizzy’s evil eye

    “Now I don’t care what stuff you own
    My Dear, or what you buy ..”

    “It’s paid for by the taxpayer
    You didn’t know? .. Oh My ..”

    “But don’t you fuck me over, Dear..
    Don’t you be so sly..”

    “Cause trouble for this family
    They’ll call you Princess Die …”

    You are High Society
    And that, Dear, is no lie

    “ But you cannot have Royal Blood
    It’s blue, from Royal Dye..”

    “And don’t you give an interview
    About us, to some guy ..”

    “I’m sure you get the message, Dear
    Tread careful, now, Bye Bye ..”

    Princess Di

  7. RIP to the young man. i believe suicide is one of the devils servants. its a demon present in a lot of us. suicide is like a siren. you know the story of the sailors that would get called by some beautiful women to throw them selves off the boat for ecstasy and happiness? dont jump off the boat. if the universe hates you so much let it do the job and kill you dont give in and do it yourself

  8. @robc. Much appreciated reply.. Yes I do agree with you, I am only borderline.. As far as my family go.. they’re all fucking bat shit crazy I too left them behind years ago, Very toxic salty people indeed.. I was referring to my kids the others can all go swing from the end of a rope lol. I love your Next of kin thing, do you mind if I use that one too next time I am asked? I don’t know why I never thought that way before. Much respect.

    1. Go ahead with the next-of-kin line, as I don’t own it, I just use it because it is true. If you were the only living relative of a family member, the (UK) government cannot force you to assume responsibility for the disposal of your relative’s body. If no one claims the body then the government will cover the cost of the disposal though they will claim anything of value from dead person’s estate to either cover or help towards the funeral costs. No one else can be held liable…..unless someone claims the body. When they do that they will then be responsible for its legal disposal.

      Who needs a funeral? I know I don’t. The last thing I want is someone standing around with fake tears saying I was such a wonderful guy when the cunt hadn’t even spoken to me for the last quarter of a century! Nah, no funeral for me. If anyone gives me the line “Funerals are for living, for their opportunity to say goodbye”, I will just say “Then let the living pay for it if they want it that bad.” I have a very good friend who has the key to my place and he has been told to strip it bare the moment he finds out I’m dead. Anything he doesn’t want he is to destroy. I will leave nothing but unpaid bills. I warn ya….don’t claim my body!

      I understand your point about kids, but I don’t have any so that isn’t a worry for me. No wife either….I booted her out 8 months after I married her and never made that mistake again. Don’t regret any of it either. So yeah, I’m probably as antisocial as it gets. Good job I like my own company, innit?

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