Photo of Dead William Atchison Who Killed Two People at Aztec High School in New Mexico

William Atchison on Scene of Suicide at Aztec High School

Photo of Dead William Atchison Who Killed Two People at Aztec High School in New Mexico

This is a rather rare crime-scene photo showing the body of William Atchison, the 21 year old who on December 7, 2017 shot and killed two people at Aztec High School in Aztec, New Mexico.

The victims were identified as Casey Jordan Marquez and Francisco Fernandez. William Atchison made himself the third victim of the mass shooting when he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

At the time of the shooting, Atchison did not attend the high school. He dropped out of Aztec in 2014, just prior to graduation. According to teh interweb, Atchison sympathized with white-nationalist causes, but had also criticized his father for “watching FOX News all day“.

Props to Best Gore member @billoverkill for the pic. Additional props to Best Gore member @chikachikaslimjesus who sent in the other pic of William Atchison later on:

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      1. I was pointing out the ridiculously low bar that gets white people labeled “sympathizer of white-nationalist causes” in today’s kill whitey atmosphere. Affirmative action IS racist and no race, white, black, asian or whatever wants to become a minority in their own country. Every other racial group that doesn’t want to be discriminated against or made a minority in their own country are seen as perfectly rational and would be seen as irrational if they held the opposite view. However, when it’s whitey it’s “sympathizing with white-nationalist causes” and a supposedly bad thing.

          1. Sense Motha Fucka! Do You Make It?

            Street talk? What the fuck are you talking about dickhead? There really are some retarded fuckers on this site and ((beteljizz)) is definitely one of’em.

      1. According to your article, this kid in Aztec is not a mass shooter. A mass shooter kills 4 or more apparently, but because he is white I’m sure they will add his name to the mass shooter list anyway, just for good measure and so no one accuses record keepers of being wacist…….

      2. Personally I thought the lockers color arrangement screamed “special needs”! But, that’s just me I guess. Also, I read that article many years ago friend ( I actually had an Amren page opened on my browser when reading your comment ). It’s as if you’re only allowed to be considered a “mass shooter” if you have the appropriate skin tone.

    1. I thought he looks like he’s about to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Given this is bestgore if he did have a bunny he’d have to decapitate it and then fuck its neck hole.

  1. The corridor monitors are gonna issue him with a detention when they see the state of that fucking carpet. You can get blood out of a wool carpet but it takes a lot of washing and brushing. There is only one thing harder than human blood to get out of a wool carpet… and that is human spunk.

  2. You forgot to mention that he got couch* cucked before offing himself.

    In Kiwi Farms (his username is “Fuckyou”), almost everyone mock him in his profile page until now. And it doesn’t help that his autopsy file referred to his balls’ size as “unremarkable” (and no, I’m not exaggerating).

    *= An elderly substitute teacher barricated the storage area’s door with a couch to protect her students and herself.

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