Polish Fellow Livestreams Suicide by Train After Breakup with Ex

Polish Fellow Livestreams Suicide by Train After Breakup with Ex

Polish Fellow Livestreams Suicide by Train After Breakup with Ex

In Poland, a 19 year old fellow apparently committed suicide by train after a breakup with a thot. He streamed the suicide live on Facebook.

The full video of the livestream is over 38 minutes long. It’s a bit out of sync with the audio.

Allegedly named Jakub Furmanek, the fellow first goes to a shop named “Biedronka” where he buys a Monster Energy drink. From there, he proceeds to the railway tracks. The actual impact with the train happens at around 20:09. Around the 33:40 mark there is activity again from an ambulance allegedly arriving on the scene. The video unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired and hardly shows anything.

The victim’s Facebook page is HERE. The ex girlfriend’s Facebook account has meanwhile been deleted, but used to be HERE.

Don’t chase thots. Just don’t do it. All things considered, it could even save your life. No woman is ever yours anyway. It’s just your turn.

Props to Best Gore member @mil0x3 for the video:

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182 thoughts on “Polish Fellow Livestreams Suicide by Train After Breakup with Ex”

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    2. I really liked the lead up =) I wish the Fucker at least propped the camera up… I wonder if he got dragged under the train… or if it was instant death… Im hoping he was cut in half, that would be amazing! So many thoughts…

      1. He was minced underneath and lost a shoe. Guy mentioned that in the end.
        Our hero did not give much details why and his speech was very sacual
        Just said that he is very nervous
        About the train and was looking for
        A bin after finishing his energy drink. He laughed at being raped in the dark and so on …
        Very odd…..

    3. He is selfish. If it was a woman committing suicide because of abuse or a breakup you would go “What a selfish thot.” You don’t know if this man was abusive toward this woman and his suicide is emotional manipulation. You guys need to gain some god damn respect. It ain’t women’s fault you’re all too ugly to get pussy, so don’t take it out on us.

    4. Yeah good point Honkey!
      No point killing yourself over some bitch, they fall out of ‘love’
      so quickly, that they don’t give a fuck what happens to you
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      1. It’s not all about vagina guy, to others it’s much more, obviously. You’d be imbaressed but I think this poor guy just needed to see it from a different perspective!
        You see were all going to die one day, even you! This guy just had to speed the process up a bit! Let that sink in but it probably won’t because your so centered off of vaginas! Vs!

          1. Normality is a made up social construct which labels deviance as any number of things. The most favorite go-to is mental illness.

            Here, we each view life through a different lens than those who strive to label themselves as normal…. because the “normal” reaction to reality is that of the allergic type

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  1. He doesn’t seem sad,disappointed or even angry.I expected him to be more dramatic.If i were him i’d be like “you fucking bitch!! Look what you’ve done to me!”.But he doesn’t mention her even once…Yeah he showed that bitch alright…

    1. What kinda caught my eye, was how the phone was placed after he jumped. Seemed to me, he could’ve placed it a little further away, and at a wider angle. Somewhat like that Japanese gal did about a week ago, with her personalized train. The last time I saw someone move that quick off the screen, was two Thais on a scooter, who pulled out in front of a speeding semi shown here, a few years ago. (priceless)

      I think he may have a price to pay, once he’s judged by the Gore Gods.

      1. I remeber that video.I think changing the angle wouldn’t helped much as it’s too dark to see anyway.I’m wondering why no one called for help.Right from the beginning he says repeatedly”i told you i’m gonna do it and i always keep my promises”.They had at least 20 minutes to do something… ” People = shit (what cha gonna do?)”

        1. I think people are just too wrapped up in their cocoons. They may have seen this before in real life, or on the news. Anyway, I’m sure that many, are aware of these troubled times that we face today.

          After all, what’s a tweet worth nowadays?

          Undivided attention perhaps? 🙂 🙁

          Probably the same reason why this poor soul off’ed himself. Yeah, I think you’re right about it being too dark.

  2. Once again, social media causes someone to stream their death live to hundreds of people, which has to be a record at this rate. Unfortunately for the fellow had he perhaps learns a thing or two about wahmen he wouldn’t be dead.

    1. I think having a sense of self worth is the key here. Put the smartphone down for 23 years, while learning to communicate with others, is the key for personal growth.

      You bitch, you better not turn that channel!

      As I was saying…

  3. The real villain here is social media. People have become the stars of their own melodrama and are acting out in ways that, perhaps, they might not normally. If he didn’t have access to a facility that meant he could broadcast his very own suicide show maybe he wouldn’t have carried through with it and got some help. Maybe he would’ve done it anyway, who knows? But, sure as shit, fucking Facebook didn’t help the situation, and the UK is now down by one potentially cheap builder.

    1. That was a pretty smart post about social media. Of course it is hard to know if he might have done the same thing in the absence of this capability, my guess is that if social media was not so pervasive – or if it didn’t exist at all, there is at least a possibility he would have sought help, or relied more on real relationships in his life, which could have gotten him through that moment in time. Really a shame, because he was probably intelligent enough, and certainly young enough to have lived a normal life with many normal relationships. I imagine his ex-girlfriend is going to have some baggage from this point on?

      1. Social media seems to up the stakes with everything. Things that people would, once upon a time, have shrugged off or ignored are elevated to the level of hysteria. Everyone gets their heart broken at least once or twice in their life, hell, I remember my first girlfriend and how much it hurt when she dumped me. I remember how I sat on the bed at one point, thinking ‘I’m going to kill myself, then she’ll be sorry.’ Difference is, it was the ’80s and there was no social media turning things up to 11, so I got over it. I still miss her, she had the best tits I’ve ever seen.

        I believe this kid thought that, by checking out the way he did, his death would make it’s mark upon the world as well as get his revenge on the girl. If he couldn’t make it in the real world he’d get his 15 minutes in the virtual one.

        Pathetic really.

        Thanks for saying that my post was smart, I need all the affirmation and serotonin I can get.

  4. I could be wrong, but this seems like a genuine romantic gesture to me. Now that he’s had a train run on him, he and his ex probably have a lot more in common and can begin to reconcile their relationship in earnest.

  5. Hmm…when the response peeps show up they seem to hover around the area of the phone but not directly on it. Makes me think homey’s body was lying very near the phone as well…maybe that means he stood to one side of the track, enough to get hit, and not directly between the rails…this fact and that he did this shit over some kitty screams mangina.

  6. My thoughts:

    Tie her up and lay her across the tracks like you’re staring in a silent movie and then bathe in her splatter as her final moments become a memory


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  8. After checking his facebook, all things considered we look a lot like each other. I mean he looked like a fun guy, he liked beer and game, music, love. That’s sad.
    I have never been too much serious about love because of this. Love make you stupid and cheesy. Buy a dog for god sake.
    Aie aie aie..

  9. His dad never taught him about sluts I guess smh

    They come and go

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    Everybody gets a turn

  10. One less estrogen filled beta boy. The next dude is thankful that she isn’t giving it up to you anymore. FOOL! She just wasn’t worth it my man. Now your family suffers because you were a BITCH ASS BITCH.

  11. Women are the vilest, dirtiest, most cruel creatures on this fucking planet. They kill men without remorse. For some reason we never see a girl’s suicide livestream because of an ex-boyfriend. That’s because women only use men for their dicks and/or money, and once they used their victim, they move on to the next dick. They have no feelings whatsoever. Today’s lesson: never catch feelings for a woman .Just fuck her and run, they don’t worth to be loved anyway.

  12. Once again, a weak minded fuck who offs himself over a fucking woman. Yep…it’s devastating at first but you WILL be okay without her and will find a newer, likely better model!! Fuck, I got divorced last year after 28 years and I have never been this happy in 20 years. Found a great woman ten times better than I have ever had in my life. Yeah, might not work out this good for everyone BUT it WILL work out. Why give a cunt the satisfaction of knowing she caused you so much pain you killed yourself over her and can’t live without her? Fucking loozah!! Again, culling out the weak only strengthens the gene pool.

    1. Pederastian invest your spare time in learning languages.Not many people on BG speak Polish.
      Pederastian zainwestuj w naukę języków w czasie wolnym.Niewiele osób na BG mówi po polsku.

    2. Odpowiadam jako przedstawicielka Mirabelek i stary, nie bądź chamem, wy naprawdę jesteście wypruci z uczuć? Mnie obchodzi. Twoja teoria upadła zanim ją rozwinąłeś. Elo.

      ENG: Mirabelka –> Mirabelek (pluralis) = female user of http://www.wykop.pl page.
      He said that no one cares about death of a looser. I said I cared and asked does he even have any feelings.

    1. Thats how I picture him, in all honesty. To have your life depend on somebody else is pathetic. If youre gonna kill yourself over a breakup, its natural selection at that point. Now he is dead so he can’t breed and raise more pussies like him.

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