Polish Fellow Livestreams Suicide by Train After Breakup with Ex

Polish Fellow Livestreams Suicide by Train After Breakup with Ex

Polish Fellow Livestreams Suicide by Train After Breakup with Ex

In Poland, a 19 year old fellow apparently committed suicide by train after a breakup with a thot. He streamed the suicide live on Facebook.

The full video of the livestream is over 38 minutes long. It’s a bit out of sync with the audio.

Allegedly named Jakub Furmanek, the fellow first goes to a shop named “Biedronka” where he buys a Monster Energy drink. From there, he proceeds to the railway tracks. The actual impact with the train happens at around 20:09. Around the 33:40 mark there is activity again from an ambulance allegedly arriving on the scene. The video unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired and hardly shows anything.

The victim’s Facebook page is HERE. The ex girlfriend’s Facebook account has meanwhile been deleted, but used to be HERE.

Don’t chase thots. Just don’t do it. All things considered, it could even save your life. No woman is ever yours anyway. It’s just your turn.

Props to Best Gore member @mil0x3 for the video:

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182 thoughts on “Polish Fellow Livestreams Suicide by Train After Breakup with Ex”

  1. His biggest problem is listening to that pansy ass bitch music, call me a fucking crazy tin foil hat wearing psycho but modern mainstream music is turning men into pussies subliminally. Listen to some real fucking music with energy and passion rather than crying over some bitch not texting you back, to think I was dangerously close to being like the fella in the video. No bitches in this world worth your time let alone your life. This is how poisonous and cancerous our society is to single men, making them believe just because they don’t have a hole to fuck they are themselves worthless and yes some are but the majority are just clueless and/or have been brainwashed by the simp media.

  2. Here I am. A coward too. Here I am, these same thoughts (thot) on my mind. I just moved across country alone, to be locked down for Corona, and the girl I left behind is ghosting me now. I’m every shitty thing you all have said about this guy, and I’m none of it because I’m here, because I wouldn’t, couldn’t. Am I the coward? A stranger could say, here I am permitting you to, inviting it, provoking it in a way. But I wanted to say to anyone else who might have found themselves down this line, this trail of thought, to sleep on it. To slump, feel like shit, write a suicide note, write, get it out. But above all else, above the easy slurs to a dead man these people are casting from comfort: don’t, no one is worth ending this experience over, and you know it too. You know it because you’re still here. I’ve made one of your comments my phone background, and I just wanted to pay it forward. May we be better than what we make others to ourselves, may we never forfeit our self agency, for we were born without purpose, but we were born to live for ourselves.

    No bitch is worth it.

  3. Fuck, worst reason to commit suicide, there are thousands of other women out there, who really care about ya.. .I separated last year after 14 years of marriage, I went thru severe depression (months before the break up) because of work stress issues (had to work 2 jobs to keep the “wifey” happy), and she didn’t give a fuck about me, she only cared about the money and stuff I gave her and her daughter.. anyways.. I am very happy now by my self..

  4. If he had known that he continues to walk on earth as a spirit, he would have left it! You have to stay as a suicide !!! He was definitely standing next to it and had a look at everything … he thought “shit”, that was not what was planned…

  5. I don’t understand people that commit suicide just because of a breakup or relationship breakdown.Thats just broken arse.Theres plenty of other fish in the sea and no way id ever kill myself for any bitch.

  6. I watched 30sec and i couldnt do it, he looks like such a good man and he did not deserve to die, i know he did it but still fuck women, this is what they do to men, as the OP said ” a woman is never yours, its just your turn ” thats why for 21 years ive been single.

  7. Szkoda chłopaka,nie znam go ale szkoda mi go że takie coś odpierdolił przez głupią dziewczyne,dziwne że się uśmiechał i do końca nie było widać że był w depresji najbardziej szkoda rodziców
    A jebnięci ludzie piszą na czacie zamiast probować jakoś coś działać 🙁 ahh brak słów.

  8. Why do these dimwitted simps keep killing themselves over these sluts? I just went to her facebook page too. Guess what she’s doing? Already hopped onto another dick! This poor bloke should have just bought a new girlfriend. What a chump.

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