Policeman Tries to Save Suicidal Man from Train, But It Was Too Late

Policeman Tries to Save Suicidal Man from Train, But It Was Too Late

I didn’t get any background info about this video, but it appears to show an attempt to commit suicide by train. The attempt was most likely successful, judging by the disappearance of the suicidal man from under the train (probably got dragged, I assume).

The video is a CCTV footage of a railway crossing. You can tell by the number of people behind the boom gate that this must have happened in one of the over populated countries where they drive on the left, ie Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are not out of the question.

With the train just seconds away, a man ran up to the tracks and positioned himself between them. The policeman stationed at the crossing made a fair attempt to get him to safety, but it was too late. The train was too close and was too fast. Besides, the suicidal man seemed determined to die and probably held on to thwart the policeman’s efforts to save him.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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69 thoughts on “Policeman Tries to Save Suicidal Man from Train, But It Was Too Late”

      1. I would expect to see a little blood on the tracks as the train struck him. He should be ashamed for making people watch him being a dumbass then making them waste more time while they try to find his body. What a selfish asshole.

  1. Runaway train never comin’ back … several thoughts, firstly that may be the greatest illusion ever filmed … secondly, had the cop been successful I’m sure the illusionist would have ended up like the bored kid in Brazil who ended up looking like he stepped on a land mine after kicking a moving train … and thirdly, I think it’s time for that second cup of coffee

  2. Officer put more effort into it than I would. I will try to talk an adult out of suicide, but if they made the choice, I will step back and let them make their choice. I just wish suicides would take place in private or in locations where they put no one else at risk.

  3. And as usual in these asian countries no safety rails/gates.
    Why only care for half the road? can’t be much more stupid then that!

    When there is a oncoming train you close the WHOLE road for ANYONE from passing by!

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