Portuguese Woman Fails Attempted Suicide After 30 Meters Jump

Portuguese Woman Fails Attempted Suicide After 30 Meters Jump

Woman tried to kill herself by jumping off the cable cars in Lisbon’s Parque das Naçáes. She amazingly survived the full body slam against the water bellow, only breaking a few ribs in the process.

After a few seconds of her hitting the water she screamed for help. She then dragged herself to the shore and was taken to the hospital, having fully recovered from the incident. Total suicide fail or just a drama queen?

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  1. As soon as she realized it wasn’t going to kill her, she sure started looking for help. She was lucky all she got was a few broken ribs. Instead of breaking her neck and spending her life in a hospital bed paralyzed, she’ll live to try again another day.
    I’d vote both, a total suicide fail by a drama queen.

  2. A half assed attempt if I ever saw one. She’s lucky she fucked up since she obviously truly didn’t want to die if shes calling for help. But at the same time, she’s got balls to attempt jumping to her death, falling to my death is pretty low on the list of ways I’d like to go. I’m not scared of heights, but the idea of falling off something real high chills my bones. Even watching those crazy Russians hanging off shit and doing pull-ups on cranes turns my stomach.

        1. Just received an email and The FSA have told me they are currently working on a compilation video and a mixtape album. This is big business now, who would have thought you could profit from war…..hmm?

          New Kid here Just leaving my mark.

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  3. @ Ambissinistro

    Welcome to BG.

    This video is a retarded shit rivet full of bravado and got it wrong on the landing by not taking into consideration the force of gravity in such a long drop.

    That dickhead is lucky to alive with a few smashed ribs.

  4. I can’t imagine. WTF do you do when your suicide attempt fails? Do you have a Plan B? Seriously. Pick up where you left off? Never really thought about it before.

    Can’t wait for a cartel update. Promise to upload a photo avatar tomorrow…

  5. My ruling: Suicide fail BY a drama queen.
    She just needs somebody to fuck her real good.

    Sounds sexist, but it’s the truth.
    There are millions of women out there who just need to get completely jackhammered. They’re probably depressed, lonely, and on the border of insanity or a suicide fail like this one.
    Find these women, and hit that shit like it’s your first and last goddamn time! Smack that backboard gentlemen! If you’ve done your job well, you can turn someone’s mentality completely around.
    From a scientific standpoint it will literally alter someone’s brain chemistry. These are known facts! Sex is healthy.
    I’m willing to bet this woman wasn’t getting fucked, or not getting it like she needed it…
    Go forth sexual crusaders!!! Fuck the women of the world! FUCK THEM HARDD!!

      1. Maybe she shit herself and she couldn’t comprehend how awesome it feels to take a hard turd in your pants. In all seriousness shiting yourself actually feels good. I bet she had second thoughts as she was falling.

        1. @gayemo,yeah.I always wondered,what goes through someone’s mind when they have a change of heart in midair.like ……ohhhhh shit wide I go and do this,can’t change my mind now,the ground s coming up quick.lol

    1. DEAR GRACIOUS GOD finally someone who believes the failed generation just needs a real fucking and not this scene whinny screamo hand job thrusting…..im talking about full on a real good Fuck! something that would make her climax so hard she will scream “Take me back to the 90’s!” im sorry about the vulgarity…im drunk and left alone with beer so things happen πŸ™‚ Good morning BG’ers

    1. BTW PofZ, I went and watched that movie The Time Machine after you telling me about it and I must say I thought it was a very good movie, but I saw the old one not the recent one with your avatar in it, I would like to see that one too.

  6. Everyone deserves a second chance at life.

    You cant always take the easy way out, life was meant to be a struggle.

    Don’t forget the pain you cause others you leave behind not to mention the trauma you do to peoples minds inflicting mental disorders and so forth

    Its human nature to cry out for attention especially when you are in need and desperate.

    I feel the post was asking a judgemental question maybe to inspire debate and comments

    That’s just my bit ive been a lurker for a long time but todays my debut.

    So… HELLO BG πŸ˜‰

          1. Thanks; It was me! πŸ™‚

            I have quite a different outtake on things and im hoping I can get some people to listen to my views and see different perspectives.

            Some posts on here through out my time have been
            very well thought out and educational to me.

            Im hoping I can return the favour.

  7. ok this idiot doesn’t know that if you land horizontal you absorb most of the impact -.-

    you go head first at a 80 degree angle eyes facing the water the impact with you mouth open will force the water to pop your lungs causing you to die for loss of blood…. most likely if not decapitate you…
    and if you survive you won’t have any working eyes

    my vote drama queen…

  8. im gonna say neither..looks like a cry for help..I feel sorry for the woman either way if its a cry for help or attempted suicide then the poor woman must be really depressed something has obviously happened in her life where she feels that she cant cope anymore and maybe doesnt have anyone to talk to and feels dying is the only way out or doing something like this to make people around her see what she is going through inside.. I hope she gets the help she needs x

    1. Smitten.you always have a kind word o r compassion in your post.something most of the world is lacking.you have my highest respect ma’am.mostly all you hear is cruel jokes on here about other people’s pain and suffering.I’m guilty.you are definitely a tender hearts unique woman.your hubby a lucky man.beauty,compassion and brains.my hats off.

  9. I agree with Smittenkitten. I’ve thought about a ‘suicidal gesture’ too. As I have always thought, if we had access to guns in the UK I would have left this place…this zoo! (it’s the smell) a long time ago.

    1. hey veryweirdo..I hear where your coming from I have also previously had these thoughts and I was rock bottom but I thought one day I didnt want to feel like this anymore and slowly I started to change my life and sometimes I would slip back to my old way of thinking if the slightest thing went wrong it would be a massive deal and would make me have those thoughts again..eventually I told my parents and things go much better I had people to talk to when I was down and they instantly made me feel better..and here I am today really happy and so glad that I didnt end my life…so life may get better for you but you wont know if your not here to try πŸ™‚
      sorry if I sound like a councellor I dont mean it to come across like that just wanted to say I hear you x x

      1. Yeah sounds like the NHS. jk, I appreciate the advice. It’s something to think about. I’m working hard to try and get out of my parents’ place. I know if I can get out of here I can finally think straight. But if I can’t get my own place, I guess I could only be homeless or whatever, so the next best thing is death. That’s my plan right now. get out or get dead! lol

  10. I wonder if she now changed her mind about trying to kill herself after that fail. I also can’t help but wonder if she peed or shit herself as she fell, I know I would. I shit myself during a failed suicide attempt. I tried to overdose on sleeping pills and I figured if I’m going to die I might as well crap myself. I had the perfect excuse and I thought it would work to anger the mortician. I passed out and after about 18 hours I woke up alive I just decided that I would try to live my life after that. I did discover that I loved shiting my pants, it felt wonderful, sensual, comfortable, naughty, and exciting. I never knew that taking a huge turd in my stretchy skinny jeans feels so amazing. It turned into a fetish that has helped keep my happy when the thought of suicide creeps into my mind. I admit I think I’m a bit of a freak but it turns out pants pooping is a popular fetish.

  11. that’s how suicide works you think you want it but then turns out you don’t or else she would have drown herself instead of asking for help. some people are not lucky enough to realize that and die in regret, and how do you know she was trying to commit suicide maybe she was escaping someone in the cable car and had no choice but to jump off

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