Possible Suicide with a Revolver in Thailand

Possible Suicide with a Revolver in Thailand

Got a case of apparent suicide from good old Thailand. It would appear that a man shot himself in the head with a revolver. That seems simple enough. However, look at the placement of the gun, would it really land that way? I suppose if would depend on whether or not he was sitting or standing. Almost looks like it could be staged and since this is Thailand, I wouldn’t be surprised. Lots of massive blood loss from the head, creating a thick pool all over the floor. I always wondered what it felt like to walk through a room filled with blood like that. Must be surreal.

Personally, I think it’s legit. But what do my fellow SOB’s think? I know there are many of you who have personal experience with suicides and murders either through profession or by ill luck, so here’s your chance to play detective. Do you think this was a legitimate suicide or something more sinister?

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      1. It means Students Of Bestgore lol…
        And while were at it and your obviozsly new, welcome, and some key worrds/things to look for here are: the nigh indestructable eye/officers doing pointers/ flip flops, those are 3 big ones, i suggest going all the way back to the first page of Bestgore and make your way to now and your gonna quickly understand those three odd but very real things lol…
        Oh and also little “braveheart” government paid actors supposedly jumping in front of bullets to shield their girlfriend and dirty zionist kykes, you’ll soon learn to hate them no mattet how big a hippy you are…

    1. Just my opinion kids … But … It looks like there’s a phone clipped to his left hip , making him a probable left hander , now I don’t know which side the bullet hole is in but had he shot his left temple wouldn’t he have fell to his right ? Also there isn’t a single drop of blood on the wall .
      I reckon he was made to sit by the wall , made to turn his head to the right and executed with a shot to the left temple , the immediate burst of blood explains the separate drops near the pointers feet , he slumps to his left and bleeds out … And if you don’t agree I couldn’t give a fuck you whores

      1. Just my opinion kids ? But ? It looks like there?s a phone clipped to his left hip , making him a probable left hander

        …dumb comment indeed!!

        I carry my cell phone on my left hip, and I’m right handed.

        …I dial with my right hand

        1. Are you aware of what ‘probable’ means?
          60% of right handers put their left sock on first , tie their left shoe first , it means nothing,
          The majority of Thai people however , will only use their right hand when dealing with food or shaking someone’s hand , which would make this dead guy a PROBABLE left hander …OK?

  1. Thai secret agent recieves mission objectives at a secrret meeting in a cafe, a waitress leaves a note after taking his order, the agent unfolds the note under te table. it reads, shoot man in head, drop gun, run away.

    1. Yeah for real… Booze! Exstacy! CATS!!!! Pot! Snorting ritalins! Gore sites! Easy drunken sluts! I could go on….

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  2. Does anyone have the photos of Hillary Clinton’s attorney, Vince Foster, and his “suicide”? As I recall, Mr. Foster supposedly shot himself in the back of the head and then laid down on the floor, with both hands at his sides. Very accommodating of Mr. Foster to make it so convenient for the National Park Service to come to his house and retrieve his remains. Of course, Hillary had nothing to do with it. Sure.

  3. Thailand, seeing the need for expert counsel, has called in Brazilian authorities to help them arrive at the truth in this matter. Brazilian investigators have concluded that it was, once again, death by natural causes. The gentleman was simply doing a bit of Thai target practice and, during a bit of fancy shooting around his own head at local tourists, misjudged his target and suffered a fatal brain aneurism in his horror. These things happen.

  4. The gun is on top of the blood. If he had shot himself, the gun would fall immediately, then his blood would drain and contact the gun. There should be no blood where the gun contacts the floor. If someone shot him and waited a few seconds to throw the gun down in the blood, there would be no spots free of blood. Pick up the gun and take a look.

  5. In order for the gun to fall to the left of the body, the guy would have had to fire with his left hand. Only 10% of us are ‘Lefty’s’. If he fired with his left hand, the head, and body would slump to the right. This guy is slumped to his left.


    That is a big revolver. If he held it in his RIGHT hand, the recoil (coupled with the guy’s immediate loss of muscle control) would have blown the gun to the Right of the body… It’s to the left of the body here.

    To argue for the idea of suicide… Thailand remains mired in third world shit-dom. No one would leave such a valuable item as a revolver to be picked up (and no doubt sold) by the police.

    It’s possible this guy whacked himself. Strange things, I am sure, happen when a bullet goes through a brain. Convulsions can wreck havoc in a murder/suicide scene. However, I recall one vid here of a Mexican cartel murder where a 357 is slowly placed next to and above a guy’s head and fired. The guy did not so much as blink (terrifying vid). Instant ‘light’ out’.

    Anyway… I’ll go with the prevailing wisdom presented by the moderator here…. NO one would leave a nice and valuable revolver like that . Suicide…

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