Pregnant Woman Attempts Suicide After Being Dumped

Pregnant Woman Attempts Suicide After Being Dumped

In Colombia, a pregnant woman attempted suicide by jumping from a 7th floor apartment window. The woman had reportedly been dumped and thought this was the way to get him back.

As is common with suicidal women, they care about making a scene more than they care about killing themselves. True to her nature, instead of actually committing suicide, the woman lingered on the ledge long enough for the people who tried to argue her out of jumping to drag mattresses out of their homes and pad the area below her with them. Only then did she jump.

I don’t know what the outcome of her fall was. It looks like she landed ass first on the car and then down on the ground. Both were padded, but the fall was long enough for there to be enough kinetic energy to die on impact. Even if she survived, I doubt the unborn baby did.

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  1. She doesn’t understand ‘go big or go home.’ She’ll be going home, with probably a broken tailbone and a dead fetus. People’s actions when severely distraught can be far from commendable. That’s why they say one shouldn’t act on impulse without thinking about the repercussions on one’s actions first.

    I hope I made sense lol

    1. Like always @staciejaxx…you make perfect sense…sweetheart…

      I’d like to see her ovaries literally ripped out so she won’t put another unborn child through this unnecessary trauma…
      Not only do I disagree but I don’t even understand why some parents…male or female…take out their aggression on a “third party” member of the family…

      Cowardly bitch!…

      1. Displacement, @gnat (I love your green big smiley avi btw). Displacement can be a very unhealthy defense mechanism. Same context can be applied to a disgruntled man who had a bad day of work and comes home, finds cold dinner and then beats his wife and/or children. But I don’t think that’s the case here, though. I don’t think she thought about the life she’s carrying inside her when she tried to kill herself. I think if she loved her child, she wouldn’t have driven herself to this mess. In the final moments, maybe she did change her mind that’s why she didn’t go big. Sad, nevertheless, to realize that not because it’s not too late for her but it’s too late for the child inside her. All that stress and flight might have placed unnecessary trauma that can lead to serious consequences – if the child happened to live, that is.

        @deadsnapdragon Yes. I agree. Breakups can make people do very crazy things. I’ve been there. I understand why she thought jumping to her death would be a great idea but I think that it is too selfish of her since she perfectly knows she’s not only killing herself but also including the child inside her. That could have given her a reason to live, that child could have given her an unconditional love no one else can give but, no. Oh, well…

      1. Ugh, getting dumped by someone always hurts, especially if you really loved them but hurting one’s self out of sadness or rage is no way to go. Being as hormonal as she was, I’m sure she had anything but rational thoughts. The best way for vengeance is to prove that you can be happier than ever before, without the other person. That hurts the most. 🙂

          1. smoking weed while pregnant? that’d make her a shitty mom but i guess better than killing the baby. plus, what does it being legal have anything to do with it? if someone wants to smoke weed they’ll have no trouble getting it legal or not.

        1. and i agree killing yourself over someone is retarded. I remember when my first girlfriend broke up with me I was pretty depressed for months after but now looking back I laugh about how stupid I was.

          1. Gawd Ive had that happen to me! I straight up fell asleep for a couple of months because I was so depressed. It was like the true version of Snow White, without the rape or pregnancy…

          1. Tas, write up a grant proposal. Let’s try to get some federal funding behind this research project. I’ll work on designing an experiment to get people who have never planed their suicide to not only want to kill themselves but to also do so impulsively. So far I can only come up with murder but hey, everybody fudges the data here and there. 🙂

        1. Well, seeing as how she was on the path to being a single mother, someone was gonna foot the bill at some point, as often tends to happen. She subconsciously spared everyone of that burden, it seems..

          Not that single mothers can’t cut the mustard, but a fragile minded single mother like this would have just been trouble across the board.

    1. strength… force…. power … put out the baby from your body and trow it throu the window..
      if he survive , it deserve to be named da silva and migrate to brazil for … well… you know… humanity death reproduction system

  2. I don’t think she lived through that. Stupid bitch should have thought about her unborn child. I got dumped while I was pregnant but I had to be strong for the baby and walk it off. Sure it hurts to be dumped but it is never worth suicide.

  3. I don’t see the point of saving someone who wishes to die, it’s their choice. Most people do not suicide for one problem, that she had been dumped was probably when she realised it’s enough for her. Also now she has a broken body, and even less joy in life so how big are the chances she will do it again, this time probably without making a scene first though.

  4. Who cares if women don’t go through with it, most suicidal people have ‘test runs’ anyway, they have usually tried before. In Australia young men kill themselves at a rate of probably 80% males to 20% females, so the ‘clinics’ set up to help depressed people are aimed at males. Females usually will talk to family or friends, while some guys think they have no friends or can’t get a girlfriend etc. the they think it’s the end of the world, they can be their own worst enemy. I’ve told my sons, there is NOTHING they cannot come to me to talk about, because 2 of them are in the ‘suicide’ age, one of them (19 yr old) when he was 15 a good friend of his, a girl hanged herself in her bedroom closet! I’ve known at least 6 people who have done it, plus many more friends of friends, suicide is rife, in country towns.

  5. omg this is really sad to see mostly because of the poor baby. this woman is fukt, but i can’t blame her because suicide is always due to mental illness. a healthy brain does not do this. we are programmed to want to fight and survive not kill ourselves.

    I agree that she was not 100% wanting to die bc it probably took a long time to get all those mattresses set up perfectly like that. i’m surprised she actually landed on them. definitely a good job by the bystanders. however, i’m pretty sure the baby would be dead and if she survives she’ll probably have serious injuries. If she survives she will now also be disabled and know that she killed her own baby. so pretty sure if she does survive her next attempt will kill her.

    1. There are many reasons why people suicide, in the second world war many German soldiers comitted suicide when the Russians were comming. Suicide has not neccesarily something to do with brainillnes.

      1. Because they were told they were going be tortured by the Russians when they got captured. Them Russians must have been known for their torture to cause so many German soldiers to opt out instead of facing defeat and capture. Or maybe the presence of immense fear rendered the brain incapable of making sound decisions? Is it just a momentary lapse in judgement? Either way, it is not often a sound mind that chooses to ride the one way train to Offsville.

    2. @persian, there are young people around the world you commit suicide in clusters, also called ‘copycat’ suicides, that is lots of kids commit suicide for no apparent reason! One such place that had suicide clusters is Palo Alto High School on Atlanta, in 2009 and 2010. Another place is in Japan Aokigahara or the ‘suicide forest’ 54 people committed suicide in that forest in 2010!

  6. I’m sure they’ll both be alright this ho”s got 9 lives..I fought mine cheating 2..3 time’s and keepped taking her back in cause I have 2 beautiful daughters with the whore..but I guess no ones fault but mine ah…that’s why I would run and break her fall with mattresses ….but I’d stick few knifes in their just so the mattress can stay in place and don’t move around;-) cause it could get windy in Columbia lol;-);-)

  7. Selfish slob?lol why don’t you go out and meet a columbian..then after couple months,weeks..even days,for example.they lie they are going out with a friend, family members supposedl…and come back with some other schmoes jeez in them on top of the unborn fetus that’s in her tummy.. Would you wanna stay with a whore like that? Really who’s the slob? Then? …that unborn bathing in the jeez of least 3 maybe up to 10 different men’s jeez…im not shitting you..been there done that.. Got smarter and left the bitch..but thank God my girls look just like me;-) and I do love them.. No the bitch is the slob I guarantee you. From Xp

    1. Nice rant, and I don’t blame you for being pissed at your ex, but your ranting at the wrong person and your paranoia is showing, I could be wrong but I don’t think steaknsidneys was referring to you,(selfish slob=dumb cunt who jumped) and if he was, probably this thing called sarcasm. Peace brother..

    2. My comment wasn’t aimed at you @rancid-mu-shu75mush
      Its aimed towards this attemptive murdering piece off shit in the video.
      Forget the missus mate.
      All they do is endlessly rattle on anyways.
      You’ll be glad of the break pal.
      No woman no cry right.

      1. Yeah I realized that My sincere apology.but it was good to get that out..she is a selfish slob the female in this video and the whore I donated my jeez to..they are basically sperm banks with no souls..or at least the % I met when I was abroad

  8. Bouncy little baby,, hold-on to that Fallopian tune Jr. and tie your toque, as you are about to be born A.S.A.P. Ahhh, fuck it, i,d stay in there if i were you, as we are living in some fucked-up times, and your whole life will be a hell of a bumpy ride anyways!

  9. What a stupid selfish bitch. First off lady, learn to pick a good man. Then you won’t have to worry about him leaving you. Secondly, if you feel like killing yourself, do so after the baby is born, FFS. Don’t kill the baby too. Thirdly if you really must kill yourself, do it quickly and decisively. Don’t make scene and traumatise bystanders. Attention seeking whore.

      1. @Obli, Maybe a coin and a bowling ball? I would have thought a feather could get blown away with the wind? It would float down and around this way and that, only because of what it is made of, I could be wrong? I remember that riddle as a kid ‘What weighs more a ton of feathers or a ton of steel? Well they both weigh the same.

  10. You have no idea of her perception on this is. She’s got serious hormones going on from being pregnant. Not only that but his breaking up with her while she’s pregnant is extremely chickenshit. That doesn’t mean she should have jumped.

  11. I think someone who actually wants to end their life and tries suicide does not really care whether they gather other peoples attention or not. Someone might tell someone to try to make themselves accountable so that they can prevent future attempts but to try to draw a crowd and do something is bizarre to me.

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