Puerto Rican Man Commits Suicide Out of Guilt for Machete Attacks

Puerto Rican Man Commits Suicide Out of Guilt for Machete Attacks

38 year old Manolo Jimenez first attacked his ex wife and his mother with a machete, and then committed suicide by hanging himself by the neck after guilt caught up with him. His hanged was found in the Florida community of San Juan de la Maguana, Puerto Rico on Wednesday July 18, 2012. His ex wife and mother are still recovering from the wounds he inflicted.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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45 thoughts on “Puerto Rican Man Commits Suicide Out of Guilt for Machete Attacks”

  1. Ahhh, he thought they would die, but they didn’t, haha! I hate these wankers that kill their families then commit suicide. Or these guys who say things like, if I can’t have you, no one can. Been there, wrote the book. I only wish my ex would have done the above to himself. What a wonderful ending…….I’m drifting into fantasy here….anyhow, he still walks talks and breathes…… 🙁

          1. Haha, if that’s the case, I hope they used his pecker as the dragging rope, I really despise people…uh…vermin like this. Really, really.

  2. This case reminds me of an old popular song which said “Si te agarro con otro te mato, te doy una paliza y despu?s escapo”, which according to Google Translator means “If you hold another I’ll kill you, I give you a beating and then escaped”. I never liked that song because I thought that there was something wrong with the order of the events as they were presented. Anyway, rerelating to the subject, I think that he should have made sure that his mother and wife were effectively dead before hanging himself.

  3. What a serious peice of shit for attacking his mom, she should have been the one to take him out!! Reminds me of my mom, i brought you into this world, therefore i am obligated to be the one who takes you out!! Hahaha cant wait to use that one on my son!!

      1. Reminds me of when Lady Astor remarked to Winston Churchill:

        “You are a terrible man… If I were your mother I shall give you poison!”

        To which Churchill quipped, “If you were my mother… I would take it!”.

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