Putrid, Empty Corpse Hanged from Tree in Thailand

Putrid, Empty Corpse Hanged from Tree in Thailand

So, what comes after the most disgusting process known to man? Deflation, of course. The rotting insides shrivel and collapse and spill leaving only the darkened skin hanging off the skeleton like a leathery cloak.

I have no info on the particulars of this case although it appears to be a man who had committed suicide. Check the scene. Action figure died after a post mortem at…The Scene!

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        1. He was totally. And He is. Its not His fault people do horrible things and accidents happen and people take their own lives. Suppose you had many many children, what would you do keep them inside where nothing could hurt them their whole lives or let them live life knowing that some would die, experience heart break pain, love and all the emotions we feel? The same is with God. The only way He could shoe us His life, love, joy and mercy and healing is if we experience death, hatred, sickness and sorrow. How would we know what is good if we never experienced what is bad?

          1. Oh and not to mention disease like cancer, heart disease, etc. And viruses such as the flu the snuffs out thousands of lives a year such as tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanos, you get my point.

          2. Fuck all religions. They are just mere opinions presented as facts. Believe into whatever you wanna believe, can’t cure being fucked in the head. Once you’re six feet under pushing up the daisies, that’s it. No. More. You.

          3. Based on how he is portrayed by they, he should be able to stop all the bad things happening and allowing only good things to happen. Then we wouldn’t need to know about the bad because everything would be good………

          4. Heh. Well I will say this: we don’t have all the answers. There is a lot I do not know. But He let sin and Satan creep in to mankind and that is why things are the way they are. He wants us to be strong and the only way one is made stronger is going through pain and hard times. People don’t agree with this are like children who hate being punished. We would be spoiled brats if we didn’t go through all this crap. But this is all Gods way to weed out the ones who are for Him and against Him. He hid Himself from us so we would seek Him. If we didn’t have a choice to love Him or hate Him or believe or not believe in Him than there would be no free will and God wants us to come to Him because we want to. Do you know the odds of the big bang happening? Do you know the odds of one complex cell evolving under the ‘right’ conditions from non living material is 1 to the 70,000th? The mutations that they say which caused life to evolve from a single cell to a human being would be trillions upon trillions of mutations happening over 4.5 billion years when in fact mutations in nature are harmful to organisms 99% of the time and no new information is added to DNA from these mutations it is rather taken away. Give me a break .

        2. God isn’t real. Jes?s was a con artist from back in the days. He had people in his “audience” that were in on it. When he died they took his corpse so that they could keep making money from it. till this day. The Vatican is so rich from it. The second biggest scammers in the world. After the Jews.

          1. E I agree about a human not being a god part. But cmon, creatipn needs a creator. Me personally i considerthe sun as god. It nutures us and keeps us alive. Without it. Goodbyeplants goodbyeanals goodbyeus. The sun could very well be concious, or not… Its still a being. A light being. To me at least. Thank you sun. 🙂

          2. The sun is a star and not a very big one either. One day it will stop releasing energy and flame itself out because that’s what stars do so you better have a backup god just in case. It doesn’t really matter since we’ll all be dead anyway. Fuck me.

          1. Naturally, trick-or-treaters and such would assume that your yard decoration is fake and start taking pictures of themselves with it. People would have their arms around him and be touching all over his dead ass. Some of the ladies might give him a big sloppy kiss on the cheek.

    1. It’s happened in Delaware once lf!!
      A woman committed suicide via strangulation the night before Halloween I believe.. Everyone thought she was just a decoration!

      However with this guy, you can see, AND smell that, that fuckers dead!

      Hell I can fucking smell him from here, and I’m nowhere near him… Yuck! 😛

        1. Some of us never learn @LF. I still get margarita mix all over me because I always start up the blender before I put the lid back on and I’ve been drinking heavily since I was 7. I just want that drink so bad sometimes. : (

          1. Nobody’s perfect and thirst is a powerful craving. If it makes you feel better whenever I try to open a door that requires turning a handle/knob I never manage to turn it all the way before trying to open it and have run into many doors over the years because of it. I’ve yet to learn to wait. I guess I’m just too eager to get to the other side.

  1. If Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars and Skeletor from Masters of the Universe were to begin an homosexual relationship with each other and then through IVF use Hillary Clinton as the surrogate mother the end result would look something like this.

  2. Pretty cool knowing in the end your bones are going to rattle in the wind just like all the rest of the bamboo surrounding him.
    They should have left him there to make music with the forest.

  3. That ghost shape hangs in the shade of a tree, lifeless, whispers of silence.
    The forest is its new home.
    Gone are the memories, the person and its name.
    A witness to all and nothing, without judgement , lost of its shame.
    From light to darkness it sheds dry tears but cannot cry.

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