Rapper Ayyo Dev Shot Dead While Freestyling on Instagram Live in Vicksburg, Mississippi

Rapper Ayyo Dev Shot Dead While Freestyling on Instagram Live in Vicksburg, Mississippi

Rapper Ayyo Dev Shot Dead While Freestyling on Instagram Live in Vicksburg, Mississippi

In internet wannabe rapper of sorts, who went by name of Ayyo Dev, was fatally shot while freestyling on Instagram Live.

The incident happened on December 12, 2019 in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Even though the video was made to look as though Ayyo Dev was shot by someone, according to local authorities the shooting was a suicide.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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    1. So ‘talking Ebonics’ out loud while someone else’s CD is playing in the background makes you a ‘rapper’ who is ‘free styling’ nowadays.? I didn’t realise that.
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  1. Yeah. If he didn’t do it to himself, somebody else would have.

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    Obviously this wasn’t music. I hope he hurt more than my ears did hearing this jungle shit.

        1. @Pigsonthewing
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    1. Phew. Thank God you posted. I was just about to book a flight to attend your funeral.
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      1. Suicide, huh? I’ve been thinking about it. Not for me, I’m way too awesome. Two doors down, and across the street, a guy killed his mom, then himself. I was probably playing my rap music too loud. My bad. Next door, a deer got hit by a car, and the cops had to come and shoot it in the head. I talked to @xsookiex, she got bucked off a horse, and then it stepped on her face, breaking her jaw. It hasn’t been all bad this week though. Christmas came early. I got a letter in the mail from one of my old credit cards, stating that they reviewed their records, and they realized that they had charged me too much interest. (I already knew that, a blind man could have seen it, but I couldn’t do anything about it) they said they were sorry, and included a check for $3900. I’m sure they did it out of the kindness of their hearts, and weren’t forced to by some federal agency. Either way, I’m making it rain on myself as we speak. The money is in the bank, I’m just peeing all over myself. I just thought you should know.

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          1. Lol. You’ll love the b-side featuring “Stwabewy Ice Cweam” and “What Helmet?” It will move you to tears.
            He has reset the bar for future hop hop artists. -Rolling Stone

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  2. Being serious, which is hard for me especially in these circumstances, but how was this a suicide??? All I see is the fingers on his left hand come up but I didn’t see a gun. If I could have understood what the chimp was saying it would help. Maybe he was singing about his life sucking who knows, that crap is hard to understand and who the fuck wants to listen carefully at it anyway?

      1. You’d be surprised how much paper work a suicide is, you have to ‘treat it like a homicide so it’s a lot sadly, no matter how obvious it is. Also domestics are a dreaded report for cops, tons of paper work for the spouse or whoever to come back and say they don’t want charges pressed. Like ok, I just did 20 pages of paperwork and now you want to fill out a no prosecution statement so he can beat your ass tomorrow again. At least the dead can’t say they don’t want to press charges.

        1. I just look at it this way. I’m just happy to get paid to deal with bullshit. Most of us do on some level. It’s better than a lot of people have it. I definitely hear where you’re coming from though. People and their stupid bullshit can be very frustrating.

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