Remains of Man Cut in Half by Train Being Tossed on Side

Remains of Man Cut in Half by Train Being Tossed on Side

I don’t have any background info about this video. It shows the aftermath of a train accident, which left behind a man cut in half.

In the video, a responder picks up the halved remains and tosses them nonchalantly on the side. Guy’s notifications on the phone are annoying as hell.


Best Gore member @szx112233 notes:

The video is definitely from China mainland. I couldn’t recognize which part of China. But these people appeared in the video are the train crews. They were looking for the remaining body parts and making sure they don’t miss anything.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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48 thoughts on “Remains of Man Cut in Half by Train Being Tossed on Side”

    1. Did you know that midget tossing is an actual thing? So it’s certainly plausible that in Asian countries, they have severed body tossing, considering all of the cases of train dismemberment. He’s just practicing his form.

    1. The security guy is an amateur balls inhaler and that’s why he volunteered for this task and took ages.

      I was thinking that the train could suddenly move whilst he was under and the wheel just cuts him in half like the other guy he is picking the remains of.

      That would be epic(ally sad).

    1. It shouldn’t matter which way the camera is turned when recording… either way it should be full screen. It is the fault of the dumbasses that work in IT that make it necessary to hold it a certain way in order for it to be full screen

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