Rescuer Tries to Help Suicidal Man, Falls Spectacularly from Roof

Rescuer Tries to Help Suicidal Man, Falls Spectacularly from Roof

I don’t know anything about the background of this videos. It appears to show a suicidal drama queen on a roof stirring commotion in a community. Then an apparent rescuer sneaks up on him from behind, but when he touches him, he freezes as if he got zapped by electricity, and falls in a spectacular, but brutal fashion to the ground.

That bounce off the lower level roof and on the motorcycle makes his fall what it is.

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    1. 8/10 He could have stuck the landing a little better. But in all seriousness I hope that guy is proud of himself. Sitting up there causing drama until someone has to come up to talk him off the ledge. Then this happens. Poor bastard.

    2. Hahaha. That is what you get for trying to help someone who is suicidal. It’s not worth it bro. Either they want to die and are going to jump or they are just seeking attention. Either way no good deed goes unpunished. The fall was your punishment.

      Hey BG I know you are trying to upload all the videos you lost because of prochan but can bring back the old mexican cartel videos back first. If possible thanks. I miss those the most.

          1. I kid with the butter knife, poke fun at some of the blokes that take a shit load of time hacking through the neck. Jihadi ain’t dead, they executed a decoy. I sure would love to help!

    3. That’s Brazil a massive shithole that is quite fertile made of Portuguese criminal gene ancestry, skinny niggers and native Indians a combination that produces violent murdering, thieving , dishonest scum.

    4. Both got electrocutated
      the man who tries to help the suicidal, touch with his head the electric cable and the electric current passed trough his hand that was touching suicidal guy.
      Sorry my english, spanish is my first language.

    1. @REDRUM
      In today’s life ,that’s the whole fiasco which happens mostly to the good natured people. You do a good deed and you see it get boomerang on you. and that’s what it is , that always bites you in the ass.
      And why does that mostly happen because the people that are helped know to remember ya for that moment alone and the next moment sees ignorance sit about in their psyche and you end up getting all forgottten and loathed over.

    1. There is a video on BG of an electrocution of several people who are working out the front of a house, when they try to help the first victim of the run away power lines. Three or four of them go down in spectacular fashion ~ and all died unfortunately. Amazing video. If I had the inclination I’d find it for you all, but I don’t. Well ok I’ll have a quick look but no guarantees……..

  1. It truly appears he got electrocuted by something?? But with him touching the guy sitting up there who was uneffected makes me think differently…uggg I’m way to tired and now confused

    1. @am0ur I think he used his back leg to kick him, and that caused him to lose his balance, plus he may have been on a slanted roof structure. It clearly wasn’t a safe area to try and save somebody. He’d probably be flipping like a fish once he grabbed him, likely causing both of them to fall off.

    2. I honestly think that we’re looking at an electrocution.

      The rescuer had to squirm under what seems to be a power line (one of many in the immediate vicinity) to get to the ‘jumper’ and when he touches the guy they both go stiff and the rescuer ragdolls to the ground.

      The main focus is on the rescuer, but to me it looks like the jumper doesn’t move very much either during or afterward except to shudder (or try to sit up?) and then slump forward.

      I’m wondering if the rescuer braced himself on the chimney with one hand, touched an improperly installed lightning rod or just someone’s fucked-up electrical work, but didn’t realize it because his shoes were non-conductive. Once he touched the jumper it completed the circuit and because he was already off-balance he took a dive while the other guy just slumped.

      Well, either that or the person in blue on the balcony below them thought it would be a great idea to taze the idiot on the roof and the unlucky rescuer had the worst timing in the world.

      TL;DR BZZZZZT!!!

    3. It looks like the wires are set farther back. But if he had big thick rubber soled shoes on it’s possible he was well insulated. If he was touching the wire with one hand, the current has nowhere to go, assuming he was well insulated. Then by touching the other guy with his other hand who was laying down, could have grounded him and electrocuted both of them. But it’s hard to say, you can’t see him grab a wire. Although it does look like both of them got a nice jolt.

      1. Damn, you’ve got good eyes! I watched that video at least twenty times and didn’t see the wire because the resolution was so bad. After your comment I watched several more times and realized that if I look off to the left a bit the wire in question stays just visible enough to make it clear that it was, indeed, the culprit. Well done!

  2. Up and down the roof tops ,
    Just moved it like a Beagle
    That?s the way the Monkey goes,
    cartwheel goes man weasel.
    All around that funky town
    monkey tried to chase the people;
    The donkey thought ?twas all in fun,
    flipped and fell, man weasel.

    1. I went outside and blazed some purple Kush. Came back in, Sat down and re-read your post. I’m high as a kite and i’m beginning to hallucinate, but your post still makes no sense to me.

      I’m going back outside and smoke some more. Maybe on not high enough.

  3. This was just strange. I think the guy jumped when the other touched him, and that made the first guy jump then lose his balance. I looks like the guy probably lived, though. You can see that he tries to catch his fall when he hits the bike, then he rolls onto his back.
    It pisses me off that the guy is being such a little bitch. He’s only two stories up, that’s not too likely to kill him; and he’s been hanging around long enough to draw plenty of attention for himself. Then this guy goes up to try and help him, and he doesn’t give a damn when he falls.

  4. Happy somersaulting fella
    see ya did a great job there and as a prize ! surprise !! we at the BG are gonna let you take home that Bicycle ,which probably belongs to that shit head whom you went touching and felt hot wired and fell from that barely one storied roof top .Also appreciative on your part was your rocking pneumonia like a circus man .
    You are recommended to join in a new circus coming to a city near you.
    Finally do let us know whether its the Electricty that got ya zapped or you felt you should have fapped and lost control.

  5. Dead and stiff before he hit the ground. So much for the jumper having everyone’s attention! Now No One is paying him any mind. By the way, is a little two story building the tallest structure in town? I know a guy that fell 40 feet off a construction site, landed on his feet, both broke as hell, but, lived.

  6. This was no rescue attempt. The ‘suicidal’ guy was merely a spectator there to watch an aged Greg Louganis mount a motorcycle from atop a two story structure. Like his endeavors in the Olympics, his stuntman career in Brazil took a dive.

    1. @Dan-A-Conda That’s some beaut of a jaw dropping stunt, I am gonna say mounting something so difficult from the rooftop of a two storied shanty which you and I just can’t .

      He might as well ought to try it out before the foreplay mounting his woman all naked from the same height .That way he may end up being quite a story maker for Ripley’s Believe it or not show .

  7. The suicide guy now has to live with the fact that his actions cost someone else their life.
    That fact alone should cause him to want to go ahead and jump now, not whatever circumstances made him initially want to kill himself.

  8. Suicidal man:
    I only fear this incident has made him even more suicidal.
    If so then Man the fuck up next time.

    Have a go hero:
    A heartfelt gesture with piss poor execution. (i dont think he died)
    But he sure did go over like an ironing board.

  9. Hello everyone.Nice to meet you all.
    I register yesterday but i visited BG everyday about a year ago.I love to read comments and you guys are the best.I love all of you guys. 🙂
    And please im bad at english.

    1. @Lisa_Griffiths. Do S. Americans even bother to buy auto/motorcycle insurance?
      Also, I wonder if they use a Gilo Monster in insurance ads down there since the Gecko has already been taken?

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