Ricardo Alfonso Cerna Video – Suicide at San Bernardino Police Station

Ricardo Alfonso Cerna Video - Suicide at San Bernardino Police Station

Ricardo Alfonso Cerna committed suicide by shooting himself in the side of his head by a .45-caliber handgun while he was in the interrogation room of the San Bernardino County Sheriff in Muscoy, California. The video is unique in its own way as Ricardo Alfonso Cerna was at police station because he shot a cop twice in the abdomen (non life threatening shots) following the car chase yet the cops who apprehended him failed to do a thorough search so he was left in the interrogation room with a loaded gun.

Ricardo Alfonso Cerna immigrated to the United States from Guatemala. He was stopped on December 19, 2003 by Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Parham for a traffic violation. The idea of a traffic ticket did not appeal to him so he decided to floor the gas pedal and darted off. He was followed by the cops in a high speed pursuit, then when he had no where to go, he jumped out of the car and continued escaping on foot. As the cops were closing in on him, Ricardo Alfonso Cerna pulled out his handgun and shot Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Parham in the abdomen twice, the shots were not fatal.

What started as a silly traffic violation, resulted in involvement of three agencies – the California Highway Patrol, the county sheriff and the San Bernardino Police, the co-operation of which brought Ricardo Alfonso Cerna under arrest. In all this melee, none of the law enforcement officials made sure Ricardo Alfonso Cerna was thoroughly searched and once apprehended, he was taken to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office – with his hand gun still behind his belt.

That’s where the video starts. The police station surveillance cameras were rolling as Ricardo Alfonso Cerna was seated inside an interrogation room. He must have asked for a glass of water as the cop who brought him in steps out and then comes back handing the suspect a bottle. Having just finished being busy with his cell phone, the cop walks out of the interrogation room, Ricardo Alfonso Cerna opens the bottle, takes a sip, pulled out the gun, clocks it and without hesitation fires a single shot to his left temple point blank. The video also contains sound so it’s all audible, including the sound of pouring blood as it starts gushing out of his skull. The cop sums it up with: “Oh Fuck!”

Check out the Ricardo Alfonso Cerna video below. The blood pours out of the bullet hole but a great deal also gushes out of his mouth and some from his ear. The video was provided to the media by the police station but was meant to be kept off limits to the public. As it goes, it did leak and is all over internet now. Ricardo Alfonso Cerna gives out a mute scream right after he committed suicide which kind of shows that a bullet to the brain hurts, but the death finds you quickly so the pain doesn’t last too long. I guess the cops can count themselves lucky that Ricardo Alfonso Cerna pointed that gun at himself right away, rather than clearing a few of them out before committing suicide.

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143 thoughts on “Ricardo Alfonso Cerna Video – Suicide at San Bernardino Police Station”

  1. I love how one cop just said, “son of a bitch…”
    They’re not too freaked out; they’re just like, “oh man, not again… I thought YOU checked him!”

  2. What’s fascinating to me is how calm he seems when he pulls out the gun and shoots himself. I can’t imagine being that calm KILLING myself; especially over something as retarded as a traffic violation. Being caught with child porn, yes. Traffic violation, no. haha.

  3. How the hell did he get all the way in the police station, while being a suspect in a police shooting, with a gun in his waist. Are u fucking kidding me. They didnt check him at all for weapons before they let him in.

  4. This was nowhere near as bad as the Budd Dwyer suicide. I’ll give it a 5 out of 10 though, as this guy has nerves of steel and brass balls, and he smuggled a gun into a police station.

  5. this guy didnt want to kill himeself. he was EXECUTED!!!,by the SHERIFF DEPARTMENT. how can you explain that he still have a gun on him???. when a suspect is being interrogated the cops supposely have to check for any weapens on him. what happened was that after he got arrested, for a traffic violation, he ran away from the policce, and shot twice to a deputy, wounded him on the abdomen. so THIS PIGS (POLICE DEPARTMENT), wanted him dead. so they hand back the gun to him. and ask him to killhimself. otherwise they would kill him some how. the poor guy got fraighten and kill himself. apparently this pigs forgot they;re promise_ to protect and serve- the community.

    1. I know this post is old, but this is the dumbest thing i ever read. If he shot at one cop why in the hell would they give him a loaded gun back taking a chance of him trying to shoot another officer! FUCKING DUMBASS!!!!!

  6. Capo you must have seen this before (like i did) on a website called the azlatan (bad spelling)

    that whole theory is just as silly as “we didn’t really land on the moon” i’m not even going to bother disproving it

    like they hypnotised him or really had the skills to convince him (and linguistics, did he speak english?!) that he HAD to kill hisself


  7. Does his head moved away from the slump at around 1:13-1:14? He’s sliding the the right (screen’s right) and his head seems to twitch to the left. Nerves? Still not quite dead?

    1. Bullets don’t always leave the body. They dance around inside making everything all mushy and bloody. More damage is done inside the body if there is no exit wound…although depends on the gun

  8. capo, are you really that much of a retard to believe the police handed a loaded gun to a man who had just shot a COP i mean i know american cops are absolute morons but come on, they just had shit training. for fuck sake police in the uk only have their truncheons and naybe pepper spray and they keep the the peace, saying that british armed response are the best in the world, for a start they actually shot the bad guy. look man i love weed as much as the next guy but you really need to lay off for a while, naybe take a pottery class or something. the reason he killed himself is probably because he didnt want deported, naybe he had people after him or he just couldnt bear the thought of prison. whatever the reason (which is not police conspiracy!!) the guy faced death with bravery and determination, i only hope when its my turn il have his resolve. imagine how good that last taste of water was for him, see you in the hot place mate and we’ll toke a few, peace.

  9. hatefigure soap bar is the crap sweeped up of the floor and mixed with all types of shit ranging from tar to fucking petrol, if you wanna toke with me its straight up amsterdam grass no exceptions and im sure the mexican guy will agree.

  10. With so many cops from diffferent departments involved in the chase and arrest, they all thought that somene else had checked him before putting him in a car.

    I bet this video is shown to all new cops to remind them of why they have procedures to follow.

  11. i think he had two guns, one confiscated on the scene and another in his belt, in all the commotion they probably were too worked up and just cuffed the guy and threw him in a squad car.

  12. he didn’t kill anyone, he shot a cop twice in the stomach and both shots were non-lethal.

    dunno why he would kill himself, he resisted arrest and shot an officer, that’s like 10-15 years, they couldn’t have charged him with manslaughter of any kind or anything.

  13. The theory that the police forced him to commit suicide is ludicrous. There’s no way to do that. What can the threaten you with? kill you? However, what may have occurred is that the police told him that the officer he shot died and that made him think he was going to jail forever. There’s no evidence of that but it makes a lot more sense.

    I don’t want to condone the behavior of the police, they failed to search him properly, that means they were in danger all the time. But you have to understand that Cerna was not an innocent bystander. He was carrying a gun concealed, maybe two, he ran away to avoid a ticket and shot a police officer trying to get away. A normal person gets the ticket, a disturbed one runs away and gives up eventually. Cerna was running awawy because other things he was involved in. It seems that the police wasn’t aware of them but he knew.

  14. An additional note on the issue of the brain splatter. Something that also applied to Bud Dwyer and Ricardo Lopez. A bullet is pushed through the barrel at a speed that’s relatively slow due to the friction of the barrel. By the time it leaves the barrel, it’s speed is still low. It rapidly gains momentum from then on without the drag of the barrel. In the suicide cases, with the barrel practically pressed against bone, the bullet cannot accelerate. The damage is extensive anyway, even at low speed the bullet carries a huge amount of energy. But if they’re shot from a distance, the bullet can achieve its full speed and momentum and go all the way through the skull.

  15. I don’t think that was a mute scream, I think it was just the moan as air escaped him. He might have been holding his breath before he shot. Or, you know, because after you die oxygen escapes your body, it might have been that.

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