Russian Man Jumps Out 12th Storey Balcony on Bicycle

Russian Man Jumps Out 12th Storey Balcony on Bicycle

Russian Man Jumps Out 12th Storey Balcony on Bicycle

On October 2, 2020, a peculiar suicide case occurred in Moscow, Russia.

According to the backinfo I got, the man seen falling from the 12th storey balcony started off by chasing a neighbor with a knife and stabbing her several times. The woman survived, she was saved by doctors.

After that, the dude threw a cat out of the window, put on a bra, mounted a bicycle and cycled off the balcony.

Krokodil? Hell of a drug…

Props to Best Gore member @sonderfuhrer for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Is this the same building they tossed that chick off the roof tied to what seemed to be bedsheets and she swung from a line between the buildings? Could never tell because every fucking buildings the same. You’d think for a country of raging alcoholics, it’s a miracle they ever stumble back to the right one.

          1. I thought this site was dead when most the videos got erased from their respective posts… nah… retardatious ignoramuses had yet to plague the site. not everybody here is a sharp tool but this rock beating troll really takes the cake.

    1. Obviously auditioning for Circ du Soleil – you don’t get helmets or safety nets in that game. He should keep practicing throwing himself of the damn balcony the damn P.O.S. And leave the cat to God damn sleep on top of the bookshelf if it God damn wants to……..

  1. @Vincit Omnia Veritas
    Krokodil? Holy-Fuck Mark you are too funny, as we share the same thought oftentimes. Right after seeing the title i thought to myself, man that Krokodil it must still be the rave in Russia, lol.

    That was just too funny my good dude, and brother. Cause he had to have been flying on that, or he gots himself into his Mothers Bath-Salts Again, lol. 😉

    Poor Cat/Kitty Man. 🙁
    What a fucking Goof, or Dead-Goof i should say.
    If you want to ride your bicycle, then do so & and jerk-off instead of killing that Cat asshole.

        1. @Elouise
          Yea,,, and well said as i hear ya. Like if you are going to off yourself then go ahead Fuck-Nuts, but leave the others out of it, whether it’d be another human, or your beloved pet for fucks-sake. Fuck i hate people like that. 🙁

        2. @royalflush2112
          You got a good point there B G Bro.

          And i say this cause i found it funny that you mentioned this, cause after i wrote my initial comment, i thought to myself that this Poor Cat just might have survived this fall, which was 120 feet high.

          Also i have seen a couple of video’s in the past about Raccoons, Cats, and the like, that had survived relatively unscathed after falling (some of them) even higher than this. So I guess that unlike us humans,,, they can survive from falls, sometimes even higher than this because of the way their body’s brain quickly reacts to these life, and death situations.

          It must have to do with their body structures and the way that their bones, tendons, and muscles stay loose and not all tight, and tense, like we would do when faced with similar life threatening event when falling.

          1. I’m not so sure the cat would’ve survived a fall that far, maybe it would’ve but with severe injuries. I can’t bear to think about animals in pain, especially cats. I have to block that shit out!

            I really wish we would’ve got a closeup of that dudes mangled body. It would’ve been extra great if he was still alive for some time after the fall, long enough to feel the pain and regret. Man that would’ve been awesome to see that, just thinking about gets me excited!

    1. look 5 floors down you will spot a very unimpressed resident,as the russian red bull downhill mountain biker flys past ..on the balcony he just takes a gulp of firewater from that bottle, must be just another day in russ land..

    2. When Russians can’t afford a peloton they come up with ingenious ways to make do… unfortunately they die sometimes! Well it’s either this way or liver and kidney failure! Slow and painful versus Newton’s law of physics! Seems like gravity is the second leading cause of death in Russia after fake vodka! We all know the real stuff won’t kill you! In fact after a bottle of the good stuff you can survive a ten story fall out of a building! If you die it’s because you bought a shitty bike on eBay or your bike and shoes are made in China!

    1. The cats probably ok and still has 8 lives left. Actually, you’d be surprised by how far a cat can fall and land without anything other than a set of sore feet and a frightened expression.

        1. Sure, but there’s cases of cats falling 32 stories and running off. 32 stories is high enough to reach terminal velocity but, because of a cats high surface area in relation to their mass, 90% land safely.

          I’m not saying it’s definitely the case here but the cat has got a good chance of slinking away unscathed. I really hope so. I like cats.

        2. cat falls from height of 4-7 stories high cat is fucked

          cat falls from 9 floor levels cat will be fine

          reason for the latter is due to the timing for landing reflexes
          in the first instance there’s just not enough time for cat to prepare right muscles for landing

          1. @purepeche It comes down to the speed the cat is travelling. They have two ways of landing from heights, the first is employed before they reach terminal velocity, that’s the classic landing on all four feet. The second is adopted after terminal speeds have been reached, the cat spreads itself out like a parachute. This creates drag and slows it’s descent. The cat then lands by basically belly flopping onto the floor, preventing broken limbs but probably breaking ribs instead.

            I suppose floors 4-7 are a critical point at which it’s able to hit terminal velocity but unable to create the necessary drag quickly enough after it transitions from mode 1 to mode 2 landing strategies. That’s my theory anyway.

          2. cats can rotate from a one metre drop..i suggest research before posting, it shows lack of wasted words backfire ,instead of smart the opp is true in your case stick to youtube ..

  2. This is high concept performance art at it’s finest. Unfortunately the artist is probably dead after sacrificing himself for his art so he didn’t name it, I shall name it for him. I call it “Russian Cunts Can’t Fly.”

    The best part is the old lady standing on her 3rd floor balcony. She watches our boy plummet past her and, after he lands, stands there scratching her head as if to say, “what the was that?”

          1. @RoyalFlush2112. Lol. Your pathetic command of your own language illustrates why the zionists don’t consider you a threat, and ultimately use your kind as useful idiots to further their cause. For example, the EDL and Britain First leaderships are all sponsored by shekels sent from the zionist homeland – openly admitted by one the (ex?) leaders – the lemon guy.

            Then you have that Wilders fellow in the Netherlands, guess what his heritage is? In fact most far-right groups are sponsored by zionists to go after their enemies…with an occasional attack on a Jewish interest.

            Orthodox Jews against the deceit of the zionists. Look it up…

          2. @cyber-cohen
            I know that Wilders is a biracial Asian /Caucasian, but are you saying he is part Jewish as well?
            I knew he was an ‘ Indo’. Ie part white (Dutch) and Indonesian and considers himself and is considered by others as White but not this Jewish business. Of course there were many Jews in Holland and of course they were involved in business in their colony of Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) for centuries. When Indonesia became Independent they all came back to the Netherlands.

            P.s. eddie van halen,dead super- guitarist? Same .an indo!
            My guess ?Mr Tesla Cars is also an Indo . ‘Cape Malay ‘mixed in with Afrikanner/ Dutch a long time ago.

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          Just a silly rich boy born with a silver spoon trying to act the big man.

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      1. I have less and less of a problem watching a person get it on this site…… But watch a video where an animal is hurt? Naaah. Almost never click….am I alone? Take the example of a gang beat down of a person…..or gang beat down of a dog/cat? You can’t compare. Person every time. “None of us are blameless…except the soul not yet conceived and the animals. They’re the only innocents”.

        1. Nope you’re not alone at all! Seeing an animal pain will bother me for ages, it’ll haunt me even in my dreams. But seeing a person, especially one that deserves it, writhing in pain, their bodies a mangled mess makes me feel things that only powerful drugs can make me feel. And that feeling is a high like no other!
          Babies and kids don’t have quite the same effect though but I can still see that shit and not be fazed. They hold more a scientific fascination for me, it’s interesting to see what a small fragile body can go through.

  3. Let me excrete in peace!

    The description had me in fits literally laughing out loud on toilet seat, made my day, been one of those days for me was little down

    Terrible what happened to the cat, rest is legendary

  4. Krokidili boy should of made a ramp. Then fly me courageous could of evel krocadevel’d his ass through the kitchen , living room , and off the balcony to Ruski Russian fame. Wouldn’t it be the sight to see?

  5. Them extreme cyclists aren’t pussies. Parkour cycling is quite the balancing act. Since no money for a car and living off shit, krocodil not a far stretch of the imagination. Skate or die bra! -951-

  6. What a fucking coward. Throwing the cat out of the window was totally unnecessary, fucking shitbag. Shame we didn’t see the fucking cunt hit the floor, his pathetic body smashing the pavement like a 9/11 jumper.

  7. I don’t believe in Peter Pan Frankenstein or Superman All I wanna do is….. Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike.

      1. I thought his name was a reference to poker…but now I realize the real meaning.
        He seems to think it’s a contest here on how many useless comments he can make.

        Hey kid, you win. You passive-aggressive dumb fuck; only immature dick suckers say they were “only joking” continuously to cover their ignorance.

    1. What an absolute try hard ass hole. We don’t do animal cruelty, if you have been around for as long as you say since the age of 11 (heh) then you will know we don’t do animal cruelty. I was going to give you an example of that but I’m not going to bother. Nothing seems to get through to you.

      1. You know why I say most of my comments are a joke.. that’s because they’re a joke.. don’t take them so seriously lol getting triggered just makes you look like a fag imo, fuckin weeb, it’s like 50% of people here are on the fkn spectrum and can’t handle sarcasm

          1. @royalflush2112

            Well certainly, I’m not going to take your latest comment towards gays or blacks seriously then. It’s nice to see at the very least, you can tolerate these two groups of people.

            Another observation, is your inability to take my personal sarcasm towards you, with any grain of salt whatsoever. This makes you a victim of your own comment, regarding how the 50 percent of the members here, cannot tolerate your own sarcasm towards them.

            And you wonder why so many here, simply want to see you Bug off…

            You little HypoCritter you!

          2. @redthorn

            It may end up being the front of his head…

            With all this “fag” stuff Cumming out of his Mouth, one could only guess, that Shag carpeting in a Closet, may be his only chance for a good Facial Rub Down.

          3. Why would I take a strangers comment seriously on the internet? I’m just having a laugh lol like I said before, I’m not here to make friends nor do I care about anyone’s opinion lol, can you stop crying now? Death 2 all niggers and faggots

        1. Lol I’ve been reading your comments for ages and I would have to agree with you, people take you way too seriously! They’re just wasting their time and energy getting upset over nothing, your opinions are totally irrelevant!

          This is motherfucking best gore people, not a U.N summit! Calm your tits! Most of what that dude Vincit or Mark, whatever his name is. says in the videos synopsis’s is way more offensive than what Royal says anyways!
          It’s all just a way to distract himself from the mundane reality of life and indulge his sick mind.
          And isn’t that why we’re all here?! Let’s just enjoy it, there’s no need for all this negativity!
          C’mon guys let’s hug it out if anyone senses Royal getting hard during this bromance moment, then we know he’s just self-hating gay boy who probably creams himself watching all the videos involving naked black men!

          1. Really? You’ve been reading his comments for AGES? He’s been here for two weeks, so I guess you’re another long time lurker and have been here for 9-10 years too….newbs always stick up for each other in an attempt to find a “buddy” to defend them. Good luck.
            Plus, his remarks have absolutely nothing to do with what the owner of the site has to say…all junior does is insult people and type…”PHAHAHAHA” on every go ahead and align yourself with junior douche bag. “LOL”

  8. Unpopular opinion: The fat & loud mother fucker filming this loses filming points for breathing like a fucking suffocated asshole that just finished cumming on his grandma’s picture in her younger days.

    Couldn’t even focus on the scream at the end because of it.

  9. What a fucking retard! the faggot screaming sounded like he was taking a shit! why the fuck would he scream if he probably didn’t even knew the fucking guy! Who da fuck cared for him anyways?

  10. Did the cat survive?

    They can fall amazing distances and bounce. Usually the are able to run away on impact. It must have been an overweight cat as the rate of decent seemed faster than I would have expected. Hopefully he or his bike didn’t land on the cat.

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