Russian Man Walks Into Girlfriend’s Work, Douses Himself in Gasoline and Self Immolates

Russian Man Walks Into Girlfriend's Work, Douses Himself in Gasoline and Self Immolates

In the town of Sosnovoborsk, the Krasnoyarsk region in Russia, a 30 year old man walked into a grocery store on Novoselov Street where his girlfriend worked the shift, and while standing in front of her, doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire, essentially self immolating by turning himself into a giant indoor fireball.

The man was reportedly in love with the girl, but she kept pushing him around. He was taken to hospital with 99% of his body surface severely charred. Due to the severity of the burns, there was nothing doctors could do to save his life.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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112 thoughts on “Russian Man Walks Into Girlfriend’s Work, Douses Himself in Gasoline and Self Immolates”

          1. If that don’t get her attention nothing will. Also I’m sure the doctors could do something, brushing on some barbeque sauce wouldn’t be too hard.

      1. @Kuntkopter, yep. He probably got to see his facial burns, and he now realises he looks like that burnt bloke in the film The English Patient, with a horrifically charred face, and so he will commit suicide over THAT instead.

    1. If I was that of an idiot…..I would have French kissed
      Her and hold her tight not to let her go…….
      A few ” I love you” would have to be a must…..( Let’s be romantic…..they love that shit.) while
      Holding tighter on her waist……and blade her right
      In her tiny lil snowflake body…..
      The bitch once she understands that she’s coming
      With me…………. priceless….!!!!
      Personally me think it’s stupid….but some people are
      Big romantics at heart…….!!!!
      My take on that shit…….????? Get the fuck out of there and fuck another punani…….they are great……come in all colours ……smell…….and taste…….!!!!!
      And live another day or two……!!!!
      One door closes………..10 open……!!!!!
      The best is always to come……..!!!!!
      Life is good, no shit….
      Put myself on fire……..I wouldn’t do it for me…????
      So why in the world …..for a piece of ass….!???!!?!

  1. People like this guy don’t really die over pussy. It’s definitely an emotional thing but probably not real love. More of some mental defect that makes them think they love the person. If one MUST have a person or die, they were already totally broken. I’m sure to him the emotional pain felt real but damn, ten years from now, he probably wouldn’t even think about her. It’s sad he just threw his life away for a passing “love.”

    1. Yeah you right The pain and the broken hearts..what the f i think that man is so obsess me in my self my wife cheated on me…and how many time i try to plan and commit suicide but i realized life is important and live life to the fullest and let the time and God take away my life…that dammed pussy..there so many..woman in the im happy even the pain still here but i wanna lived life im single now for 3years..i hope i can have a right woman for me.

      1. I’m sorry that happened to you. But I’m glad you chose to stick around. Don’t worry about finding someone. Just do things you like to do and enjoy your friends. And maybe you will meet someone. Still, enjoy your life right now.

  2. What a retard. He can’t enjoy any revenge like that but he will definitely be burned in her mind forever now. I hope she has nightmares over it for awhile. He could have just set her house on fire or better yet someone she loves.

  3. What a stupid fucking waste of an opportunity. He should have walked in with one hand in handcuffs and then quickly cuffed himself to her before embracing her in a final death hug.

  4. must of been good pussy teaser and probably good looking gal, obviously either he wasn’t good enough as nothing to show as money and tiny weeny didn’t satisfy her….so to her no win-win or lose-lose…probably more like a relief to her that he has a problem aside of his own confidence and consciousness of his (mentally stable) and got rid of himself!

  5. Ooh, ooh, ooh,
    I feel my temperature rising
    Help me, I’m flaming
    I must be a hundred and nine
    Burning, burning, burning
    And nothing can cool me
    I just might turn into smoke
    But I feel fine
    ‘Cause your kisses lift me higher
    Like a sweet song of a choir
    And you light my morning sky
    With burning love

  6. cool story for her to post on facebook and her other ‘cant live without’ outlets that the female brain uses the internet for. women love the internet it perfectly fits into their psyche of massive consuming, false adoration, vanity, gossip and deceitful behaviour. the internet is a womans best friend and always there for her and her selfies.

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