Russian Nationalist Maxim Martsinkevich Found Dead in Prison Cell

Russian Nationalist Maxim Martsinkevich Found Dead in Prison Cell

Russian Nationalist Maxim Martsinkevich Found Dead in Prison Cell

Russian nationalist Maxim Martsinkevich (Максим Марцинкевич), better known by his nickname Tesak (Тесак), has been found dead in a prison cell of a pre-trial detention center in Chelyabinsk.

The official narrative is that Tesak committed suicide, however multiple voices from Russia claim that he was murdered.

Even though referred to as a “nationalist” or a “right wing Neo-Nazi“, terms like these are commonly thrown around when referring to controlled opposition.

This is important because not every “nationalist” is in fact a nationalist. For example, members of the EDL in the UK, who are hard-core Israel firsters and thus utterly detest their countrymen, are called by these monikers even though they are the furthest from what should constitute a true nationalism.

Likewise, worshipers of Dear Leader Trump, the undisputed baddest Jew puppet who’s not merely an Israel firster, but also an Israel onlier who openly detests the American people (also HERE, and HERE) tend to hide behind the moniker of nationalism, yet they are the exact opposite. These same people also tend to worship Kyle Rittenhouse, who supports the subjugation of the Americans by the police state and the acceleration of the disintegration of the country into the second Palestine, which makes them the exact opposite of nationalists.

So if Maxim Martsinkevich was anything like that, then we can assume his “death” was a publicity stunt much like the death of Jeffrey Epstein, George Floyd or Simon Elliot alias Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and he’s now chilling with them somewhere in Tel Aviv with a brand new identity, where they eagerly await the reunion with Kyle R.

The pic above was sent to me alleging to show the corpse of Maxim Martsinkevich. There is just this one pic at the moment. That’s also all there is for backinfo at the moment.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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85 thoughts on “Russian Nationalist Maxim Martsinkevich Found Dead in Prison Cell”

      1. looks like cotton wool ,they put it in to stop blood flow from ear one point his head was upside down facing backwards,judging from the reverse blood flow on cheeks..seems as if his head was locked back off the bed while another bashed him in face and body,murder…presciption..lock up the offender…that will teach them.

          1. The Captain is right- most of the time he’s always on point and right!
            Cerebrospinal fluid is clear unless you have an infection…
            Yes there are no ooks ooking in Russia but there are loud noises and trouble makers at night…all prisons have that one nut job screaming for mommy because it’s dark or someone being the “bitch” and getting spine tapped by daddy!

            I recently had a spinal tap in the hospital! Half of the liquid was pinkish and the other half was clear! They needed to redo it… it left me with a mean headache and dizzy- not to mention my back was killing me! I can say spinal taps hurt but I don’t know what an ass tapping feels like since I don’t play bitch in jail- ha ha ha!

      1. They don’t care for majority if they buy it or not…
        I believe that they expect few others to buy that without their well….
        It is like with more like him , lot’s of trouble makers will gone and the population mey concentrate in corrupt politicians instead…
        So the sub message is:
        Let the shit continue, or else….”
        Anyway they did a bad job..
        Its like to claim that a cow had committed suicide in a slaughter house….

      2. Its Russia! They really don’t care if the murderer wrote his name and a confession on the wall! It’s just one less head to count, one less mouth to feed, and one more bed available for the next sheeple! Truth and justice doesn’t really matter over there or anywhere in this world anymore! Life is just a con game- whomever cons the most people win and live comfortably while the rest of us slave and die!

        1. Yes , a very cruel country..
          The biggest academy of who’res , there are a hall schools that their objective is teaching young women how to attract and treat a rich old evill faggots, the worst is that there is no teaching what to do after they are not young even a bit more…
          Absolutely ridiculous..

        1. Lol what a fucking joke, just like all other subhuman reptilian parasites. You can barely pull a sentence and insult together when someone exposes the jewish agenda.
          People in the world these days are well aware of the jews and whats actually happening behind the scenes in the world’s governments and even the media and Hollywood. Very few people actually understand the reality and sadly most people only see retarded conspiracy theories that hold little truths to them when it comes to jews.
          Im so glad to be a part of a special group thats constantly destroying you disgusting lizards spiritually, physically, and financially. The jewish grip on the world is coming to an extremely fast and brutal end.
          You know, ive seen someone post a reply on one of the Holohoax sections of Bestgore, and he completely told the truth. I think his username was Narben, and he was a member of JoyofSatan just like me. He explained everything that needs to be said when it comes to exposing the jewish agenda, and the jewish plan for the world. Also he exposed the jewish use of Occult knowledge and power and how they have kept that knowledge from the populace and used it for themselves to keep themselves in power. This disgusting shit of the jews has gone on since the time of ancient Rome, around the time they showed up. The jews have created both Christianity and Islam and they have used those religions over the centuries to enslave the world spiritually, materially, and financially. The jewish torah and the words within it is just a book containing words that are chanted and vibrated which raises energy and then that energy is directed into accomplishing certain goals. Its a form of Occult magic, just like how many early eastern religions focused on meditation and chanting certain mantras, which raises energies and empowers the human soul when directed properly. The jews even have that disgusting cube thing they wear on they’re heads whenever they do they’re torah nonsense. Dont even know what its called, and I dont even want to know. But the reason for them wearing this is that they are siphoning and invoking the psychic energies of the ‘jesus’ thoughtform. People over the centuries have been praying to this false deity which gives it more power and the jews have used all of this power to direct it to they’re goals of dominating the world. So to all of you retards out there who believe in christianity or islam, just stop already. Your praying for your own damnation, enslavement, and suffering.

          Of course most of the early religions and occult teachings were given to humanity by Satan/Lucifer, but the jews have rewrote history and have taken away spiritual and occult knowledge from the populace and kept it all for themselves. This is why most of the worlds ‘elite’ are jews Google, YouTube, Facebook, 95% of the gobal media and most of the governments are owned and ran by jews.
          Im glad to see that the jews are quickly losing power and control. They have lost the battle on the spiritual level, so now they are trying to destroy us on the physical level by trying to start a civil war in America, and by the whole Coronahoax nonsense. Im happy to see that its all backfiring on them and to see them scrambling in a panic mode. The jews have been attacking the white race since the very beginning of whenever they showed up. Trying to enforce race mixing, microchipping and other disgusting shit. They plan on turning the entire world into a massive one world government where the jews control the planet and everyone else is a race mixed, microchipped borg of slaves thats all hooked and linked together in a hivemind that they can easily control. This is the New World Order and the real Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion., and its also the goal of the whole ‘illuminati’ which is a jewish organization, not a Satanic one like popular conspiracy theorists believe.
          The white race was created by Satan/Lucifer, and is the race the jews hate the most. Thats why everywhere you look these days theres always subliminal and subconscious programming happening that is trying to get whites to racemix with blacks, to destroy the pure white genes. Thats why over the past few years there has been plenty of jews that pose as white supremacists and go on some murderous rampage or commit crimes for the sole purpose of attacking the white race even more and trying to make people feel bad about being proud of being white.

          Hitler was very aware of the jewish agenda and fought for the freedom of the gentiles (non jews) and he extremely crippled the jews and the jewish agenda and its advancement on the world ever since the ending of WW2 This is why his name is slandered and hated all over the media even to this day.
          The ‘Holocaust’ never happened, and the jews have used more of they’re occult bullshit and numerology to make it seem like it really happened. the whole ‘6 million’ lie. 6 is actually a very big number to the jews, just like 42, and 22, because it ties into the energies of planet Saturn, which Saturn also ties into the energies of the ‘jesus’ thoughtform, but thats getting deep into astrology. It ties into the jewish torah as well. If you pay attention you can see these numbers crop up in the media, governments, Hollywood, and other jewish owned things at an eerie amount.

          But I’ve been rambling on long enough. To make it simple, the jews are losing this war and they will lose it completely within the next 19 years, or if we Satanists fight hard enough, it’ll be even shorter than that.

          Also, you’d better hope thats not an actual picture of yourself on your avatar. An image of someone is all I need to spiritually curse and destroy them with ease. Nothing physical is needed, and all a real Satanist needs is their own mind.

          1. This reply was so long……. couldn’t you have condensed it a little bit? It’s like the Lord of the Rings 1 2 3 ! Lol short and simple might get your point across better than an archive of fifty thousand years!

          2. As an Israeli , you might not believe , butbi agree with 80% you said..
            They wear the ” cube” thing on their heads”
            It just mean mostbof you
            Are have no idea who they are, they are hated allso over here… This are extreamest orthodox. , that need to sent back the the who’re houses where they belong , they are pigs..and their ideal makes me sick….
            Most of us dont give a fuck,we don’t wanna have control, we wana have a good time..
            Those you described are 2 kinds :1 are this son’s ov who’res with qube on their heads ( shtrimel)
            And 2 : this are a very rich that working with your country’s rich elit , the people of power , that i hate the most , i hate them more then hitller did !
            I believe the each one should live his own life without disturb others..
            You think we are not suffering here because those to kinds of evill busterds???
            I was angry about the first comment to me because some time peapol can be stupid to judge others for what we are not onlt because two groups thet are. Called busterds even by their mother who’res
            You allso have your own problems cause you dont rise against the power….

      1. I´m not nazi, i´m mexican. (beaner)

        If Hitler were still alive, it is most likely that I would supply him with firewood for his furnace, or I would be piled high and rotting in a corner of some concentration camp.

        But the truth is transgressed, according to the need and the individual who pronounces it. Obviously it was not a suicide. And it is more evident who benefits to silence such a voice…

        1. I agree with each word you say… Hitler was stupid =
          He burned to wrong side,
          Look at germany in last 15 years, full with immigrants
          That rob , raping german children, killing , act like busterds, all that after given high social security payment ang jobs , and the opportunity to live as a king in compare to what they have been in the zoo they came from…
          Hitler took out the jews and replaced them with evill immigrants from Muslim countries that have more rights the Germans!!!!!
          But i must say , even as you said about what would happen to you because Hitler, he allso kild 30 % from my mom family, i can still say , wish we had a leader like him…
          Real enemy is people of power…

    1. Ha “commie Putin” you must be American you got all emotional over something jew media and the CIA have lied about for over 100 years! How many gulag prisoners between 1921-1953? (all obviously American style democracy freedumb lovers no doubt, not a single murderer robber mugger rapists etc of course ) 18,000,000! So Christ knows where Solzhenitsyn got his 66 million Christians “in da gooolaaaaag” deaths came from! Probably his arse. And they executed 799,455 people between 1921-1953. And one famine in Kazakhstan and Ukraine that wasn’t man made. (Stalin didn’t pay the weather to go away) can’t wait to here the autism I’m about to receive from gun totting faggoty yanks who can’t fight

      1. I just discovered the true meaning of pi! Thanks for the insight- my ying/yang is now one and my inner being is unleashed…I’ve now attained nirvana! Your screeds have enlightened me…to the point that I don’t give a shit or flying fuck!
        A Fucking Yankee

    1. Hey, I seen your post about John on prepared mind being a mason. I used to follow him a lot actually and that was not the first time I had heard that.

      I could not figure out how to send you a PM or reply to the forum I guess that I do not have those abilities until the Admin grants me those abilities when I am more frequent.

      Anyways, how do you know that about John of prepared mind?

      Any insight would be awesome. Thanks P.O.Z

      1. He says it himself in his early videos. Go to his youtube page and scroll down to his very first videos. Then scroll through the vids and you’ll see him talking about it himself.

        Anyway, he is giving prepper advice to people right now, and you should probably take his advice. Being that he is a Mason, he knows what’s going to happen. I think he’s telling people the truth in order to get people to be happy that the Masons guided them through the shit that’s going to happen, and will take it easy on the Masons.

    1. Just choose Biden! At least we won’t have a dictator. And he lies a lot less than Trumptard! America will at least have credibility! Right now our allies don’t believe the Turd because he averages 4 lies a minute! He says one thing and does a completely different thing. If his plan fails, he blames everyone or conveniently forgets everyone! “ I never met the guy” is his favorite lie! Choose the best leader you think will lead us back to normalcy! Trump = Chaos

      1. The way I see ” things” is you choose Biden you get a fast tracked communism and our civil liberties gone right then and there what! Welcome to Harris a hardcore commie and with Trump you get a slow burn to communism or socialism Vote Constitutionalist
        Or whatever. Our own gov is steady trying to kill us anyway <33 lol

      2. To All who replied-
        I hear all of you! And I respect what you are saying!
        I just want to say:
        -I’d rather the USA be respected and hated than being hated and laughed at!
        – Yes the game might be rigged but you still try to win right?
        -Even a half hearted attempt is better than unconditional surrender!
        -And the old saying “ Evil only wins if good men stand by and do nothing”
        Yes, Europeans I’m talking to you… without American involvement- you would be Germany now!
        I say this to you fellow BG members because WE are the ones with open minds, ears, and eyes! The world is made of sheep! We are not lambs to be slaughtered!
        *As an American
        It breaks my heart to see our President laughed at and spewing lies at the United Nations- which is here on our soil in New York City. (Maybe another country should host the UN) If you are going to lie at least make it believable right? Agent Orange (Trump) can’t even lie properly! Three lies don’t make it a truth! We Americans have always tried to lead! We are not always right nor do we succeed all the time! However, we have stood up and fought when the world needed us! Russia ,China and a few others would love to destroy us… what would the world be like if we surrendered? Can you imagine life as a Russian or Chinese citizen? You can only see what they approve (movies/internet)! They are treated like sheep! Only good to be worked then slaughtered!

        Personally -I feel Biden is at least more honest than Trump.- But it’s just my opinion! Does Credibility count more than lies! Best Gore shows truth! Democracy is our safety and right! Freedom is our right! So, I don’t care who you vote for, please just vote! Be heard and be heard clearly! I wore the American flag (with pride) , as did my father, and grandfather! (Yes I’m a citizen) Because, if you hold a US passport I would have died to protect you! Not for money, not for glory, but because you are ME!
        Ok now razz me and flame me! But don’t ever disrespect the American flag in front of me or you will be on BG! And I won’t use a potato camera or film vertically! And my phone has image stabilization and auto/manual focus and 128 gbs of memory -So it’s going to be a long video with close ups and great sound! And I’ve got some evil ideas!

        (with utmost respect)
        Evil minded monkey
        Remember the three monkeys?
        See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil?
        I am not that kind of monkey!
        Be safe and take care fellow BG members!

    2. Why the fuck do you think you have a “choice” or a say in any of this?
      Who are you again?
      A “voter”?
      So nobody then?
      Its been proven that it literally doesnt matter who you vote for. How you dont understand that yet, is beyond me. The only answer, is to not play the game at all. Jesus christ, its like im talking to a sleeping child. How do people not get this yet? Get off the grid if you dont like whats going on, because you have absolutely no say in anything.

        1. Thank you for having half a brain, Im expecting some morons real soon saying something along the lines of:

          “Voting is the most important and most influential thing you can do as a citizen. By not voting you are losing your voice. Every vote counts” or some fucking garbage ass bullshit like that

          1. My absolute favorite one is when the extremely obedient say:
            “You don’t even vote, so you don’t have a right to say any about this matter” or “You probably don’t even vote”

          2. Absolutely! I live in Chile, not even the right can stop the Kike’s white genocide agenda. They’re allowing primates from Haiti to come in as well as Colombian chimps. Those niggers need to be put in death camps as well as their anchor babies.

        2. Mask wearing sheep be like “I’m super stoked for the new vaccine! Hella dope ferr rail. I’m getting a tattoo that says I love vaccines! I can’t wait for my vaccine. I’m going to be first in line! Right after we have a vaccine orgy baby woooo vaccines yay!”

          1. They’re all gonna say “My God, what have I done, I didn’t think the whole conspiracy theory thing was true, how dare they trick billions of people like this.
            They’re not allowed to do that, we are voting citizens…” Lol fuck’em.

    1. Lmao yup! Stallone looks feminine now! The cheeks are filled with Botox and his chin got sculpted to a point…he looks terrible in his latest movies! He should have chosen to age naturally and gracefully rather than looking like a plastic Rambo bimbo!

        1. That’s crazy you mentioned that because just the other day I was looking at before and after pictures of how badly he’s aged.
          He kinda looks more like a Beau Bridges sibling going through a very rough time.

          I feel bad for the guy though, he can barely talk because of the whole throat cancer thing.

          1. I know what you mean. I am a pretty big fan of Val. It sucks to see him struggling. He’s one of the best actors for sure and never gets the credit he deserves for the seriousness with which he approached his craft. It does seem like he’s doing better.

  1. The irony of it all! The guy probably felt safer in jail than out on the streets where anything could kill him! But being Russia, Comrade Putin has friends everywhere and he ended up dying in jail! I guess in Russia Vlad always wins! Also since it’s Russia, the cause of death will be a vampire bat broke into jail and bit him or it was just COVID-19! End of story.

  2. I remember this guy!

    There are maybe a few dozen videos of him on YouTube beating up faggots in Ukraine or Russia after pretending to be gay online himself.

    He forces the fags to suck rainbow dildos and interviews them, makes them drink piss, shaves their heads and beats them up on cameras

    Serious undercover faggot shit if you ask me.

  3. Wonderfull news this morning 🙂

    I knew this guy from internet, and im real happy to know he died alone, overwhelmed by pain and despair, can be a murder too i think but who knows.

    I know i will get lynch here by saying this, but its cool, takes balls to have an opinion in this world, i support gay movement and i hate everyone hurting them cause of their stupid binary and hatefull vision of the world.

    I dont like or even agree with public sexual behavior, as long its private and classy and you dont push it on others, its no one else business, if you wanna play provocative, deal with it

    Now, you probably will throw your hate at me for saying this.. Well ! Thank you for this site, been on here every day, last 6 years, dont always agree with commentary, but i love and need this unscensored and free media.

    people should have a true relationship and curiosity about death and horror, real important to have a clear understanding of the world and this site is the only one allowing this on a daily basis.

    1. Homosexuality is filth. Anybody who supports homosexuality supports death. This filthy faggot is spending eternity in the Lake of Fire and in the abyss. I’ll gladly come down from God Yahweh’s kingdom with a couple of packs of hot dogs and give him those hot dogs so he has something to roast while he is roasting.

    2. You’re kidding, right? Faggots are the equivalent of niggers and now with the Kike agenda that pushes that garbage they want to mix both. I can’t believe you’d actually want share this planet with niggerfaggots. Forget you’re probably a butt pirate yourself

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