Screwy Cop Prevents Suicide by Train

Screwy Cop Prevents Suicide by Train

This fellow was a split second away from successful suicide but that screwy cop yanked him back to life. Now he’s back to being stuck living among filth again.

The video apparently is from Medellin, Colombia. A guy wanted to commit suicide and chose to do it by jumping in front of an approaching metro train. He looked a bit nervous – justifiably – which attracted the attention of the security guy (police or whatever).

The cop had the right hunch and as soon as the suicidal man made the leap for it, the cop grabbed his arm and in the nick of time, pulled him to safety. Actually, it depends on how you look at it. He may have pulled him from oncoming safety into the world full of uncertainty, suffering and pain. He expected quick lights out so if he was stressed out before, now it’s gonna be even worse.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. So now he’s so pissed off he’ll go back to that station with a glock, rampage,, then cap himself or try jump infront of the train again if that’s how he really wants to exit.

          1. yeah i caught that after i hit post – cancelled the reply but it twas too late….
            it would make for kinda creepy music to bite it by!

  1. Poor guy…he was probably planning this for days…weeks even. Then he just happen to pick a spot where a cop happen to be standing, messing up his plans and landing himself a place in the psyco ward for the months to come. Next time he’ll plan things better and achieve his goal of leaving this miserable existance.

    1. @Brokeback~

      Well in all fairness he was moving around and twitching enough to make Coffee nervous so I would say this would’ve sent a red flag to anyone…maybe he should’ve taken a Valium or something to mellow himself out first lol

  2. If that cop had been just a second or two later, that guy still may have survived but with major damage he could have gotten a chance to ride the short-bus and lick the windows along the way!!!

    We will never know,what could have been.

  3. Good on the cop for having the right hunch that someone wasn’t right with the dude. But I don’t know about preventing suicide. I would guess most of the times it would lead to another attempt until successful and other times people would start to think that god wants them to live… But I don’t think we can blame the cop to much I am sure he wasn’t thinking in his head at that moment whether he should save the guy or not, he just reacted.

  4. For all we know, this guy could be under influence or drunk and wasnt even trying to commit suicide, but anyway – props to the cop for doing the right thing. Only a soulless person would allow someone to commit suicide if they have a chance to stop it. This cop, instead of beating or killing someone, he might as well brought someone back to life.

    1. plenty of other trains to jump in front of. Agreed, he may’ve been drunk or just in a instant moment of severe depression or something. Now he’s got time to think about it. There’s aways another train if he wants to jump.

  5. Poor,ol fella. To be so desperate to die,makes you wonder why. a loss of a wife of 50yrs, loneliness,who knows. Maybe this will change him and he will find a 24 yr old bubble headed bleached blond to make his remaining time more joyfull. Until she cleans him out & next time picks a bus, hmmmm, less cops at least:)

  6. What if:
    He killed himself and his soul finished into a bad environment? Suicide ones are not respected in afterlife.. Cop saved him from that..

    On the other side-guy is in mental institution for sure.

  7. The train didint look like it was going that fast not saying it wouldent have killed him but id have been better to jump when the trains not stopping at the station they whizz past then , he might as well have jumped in front of car. I guess we will see him again on BG , wonder what he will choose next time

    1. Once saw the aftermath of where some guy offed himself by suddenly jumping into the front of a large truck. Didn’t see the body (gone by then), but saw a roadworker sweeping the pavement with that sawdust like stuff janitors use to sweep halls. He was cleaning the blood off the pavement. It was about 10 ft in diameter. Splat!

      One of the workers told me (I was a roadworker then too) told me the truck driver was hospitalized. For psychological trauma.

  8. He jumped at the wrong end of the platform. He should have jumped at the bottom of the platform when the train was at its fastest.
    Or between stations.
    I think he would have been a veggie if he got hit. Not died.

  9. Wow. Cat like reflexes. Kinda cool how he recognized the behavior and prevented it. Not sure whether he did it cause he really cared or just didn’t want to deal with the hassle of cleaning and paperwork; either way, a man’s life was saved. Impressive!

  10. I feel really bad for the old guy. I’m sure it took him a long time to work up the nerve to end it all, just to have it ripped away. I don’t think I’d be able to work up enough courage to jump in front of a train a second time, guess he might have to try an alternative route (hopefully in front of a CCTV camera)

  11. Twenty hours out of most days I would have prefered to have seen the lousy human being mangled under the fuckin’ train. But for the past four hours’ time, I’ve been feeling rather optimistic and happy, maybe the major-key happy piano tinkly music in the background made me feel some empathy for the lousy, worthless human as well. But I’m glad the cop saved him.

  12. Wow.

    I am usually un-phased by these videos of jumpers and self-flagellant idiots. But for some reason this one really made me cry…

    I am a father of four children and have a beautiful wife who loves me but recently everything took a major turn for the worse, my wife was suddenly unemployed and my business started going sour from embezzlement from employees my wife warned me not to employ.

    They are now living with a friend who is on welfare, I am living with my mother trying to earn enough to keep my family fed and my car is being repossessed with only one tenth of the amount to be paid.

    I am in this place right now and for some reason it made me feel ok about my self.

    The fact that things can go amazingly right astounds me.

    Thankyou to the OP for the video, who knows? you may have just saved my life.

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