Self Immolation in Tel Aviv, Israel

Self Immolation in Tel Aviv, Israel

57 year old Silman Moshe set himself on fire during the Social Justice protests in Tel Aviv, Israel on July 14, 2012. In a suicide letter he left behind, Silman Moshe called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “scum” and stated that the State of Israel has stolen from him and robbed him, leaving him with nothing. Looks like his self immolation quest failed to kill him, but it did create international buzz so maybe that’ll turn him into a happy, but crispy Jew. The pain must have been worth that free popsicle. If only more Jews protested by eliminating themselves…

Latest news has it that Silman Moshe was taken to Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer where he remains in critical condition, in a medically induced coma. He suffered second and third degree burns on 94% of his body. No internal organs were directly damaged by the flames, however damage to surface area of such magnitude can cause later damage to many vital organs.

Two videos of his self immolation are available, none really shows the action clearly but it shows how people rushed with their cell phone to take footage of the man on fire:

Second video is lower quality than the first one:

A few photos:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Yo Hawk!

        A couple of posts ago you talked about Murders and Executions instead of Mergers and Acquisitions…

        It sounded really familiar…

        I have found out what it is off… ‘I have to go return some Video tapes- Breathe Carolina’.

      1. Just ask the guy in the post where his top half is separated from his bottom half, and he’s calmly talking to the “good samaritan” filming him.

        Yeah, just ripped in half here, but otherwise feeling great!

        It’s amazing what going into shock allows us to endure. But damn, that’s nasty!

    1. Umm.. I wouldn’t consider that attention whoring.. most self immolation acts are done in large crowds. This does not undermine the intent to die. Because the act of self immolation, as is tradition is the most brutal and confronting form of suicide used to convey message. It’s as stated in the post, an act of protest. There is no self pity, woa as me bullshit in an attempt to grab sympathy for the sake of sympathy. What he did is far to severe to be conveyed as thus. My ex girlfriend made up a rape story and lightly cut her wrist in clearly visible places so that people would feel sorry for her. Compare the two and perhaps reconsider your point.

    1. Sorry to hijack your thread but,

      Happy Birthday, Nicole! Here’s wishing your day be filled with everything you desire, and not one damn thing that you don’t! Enjoy your day!

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          1. not gonna happen with me tom…..its a gore site not a pick up joint…..and its all to halie horror all over again….but anyone else who wants to feel free…..i got barred last time for opening my mouth 🙂

          2. I knew that would get you going!

            Haw haw haw!

            I re-read the fan signs comments yesterday.

            It is a pity all the interesting bits have been edited out.

          3. Don’t you know it!

            People usually call me a dick… Along with ‘Twat’ they are my alternative names.

            The thing I do best is wind people up… It has gotten me into the poo quite a few times.

            But without a sense of humour… What are we?

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          1. sorry nicole to hijack your comment, but back to @troops, you need to organise it because my comments take to long to post, but I, and I’m sure a lot of the women/men on this site will go along with this

          2. Certainly Mama.

            I will formulate a POA and post my suggestions on a new thread.

            Their are an awful lot of comments on these. I am worried they might get lost.

      1. @Author- As Razor said, just do it! I don’t consider it to be a big deal and hardly think anyone would be offended or at least they shouldn’t get offended in my opinion.

        On this site you get a naked pic of the day, and sexual advertisements at the bottom of the site and not to mention that there are plenty of dead naked ladies posted throughout the site. So I figure it would be the sheep that got offended. That is just my opinion, anyways.

        Another factor I should contribute to this comment is that the chances of seeing anyone from this site are extremely low, at least for me.

        1. but do bear in mind whether you will never see anyone from this site pictures you dont want friends and family seeing should not be posted because who is to say someone from here,or lurkers will not save your picture and upload it elsewhere

          1. Good points, ladies.

            If I do grow some balls (haha, what a pic that would be!), I would go back to UNknown and a random avatar. My husband and I are into some kinky stuff (me being an exhibitionist, for starters), so if, as Razor pointed out, this forum could be easily controlled, I’d have no problem showing my face and my body at the same time. However, hubby and I agree, internet nudies should be faceless.

            Folks moving to different beats is what makes this world so interesting.

          2. I am too much of a wimp to get my moobs out.

            I am usually the one encouraging others to do it.


            Sounds as if your Husband is a lucky man!

            You must have a really secure relationship to be able to be an exhibitionist.

            I am a bit wavey when it comes to my missus.

            I had an ex who would get her tits out in front of my mates at random intervals.

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          3. @razor- I understand your point, but with my sister being my nude photographer and my family already seeing some pictures its not really a big deal to me.

            The pictures my sister takes are not sexual other than me being partially naked and I trust her more than I would someone I don’t know taking them.

            The ones of my snapple? My face aren’t in those so its not that big a deal to me.

            I am lacking energy so bad. I hope I have made sense of myself.

          4. Razor, I have that problem, too, sometimes. I’ll have a really awesome shot that I can’t share because of my “visual fingerprints.” They’re pretty well spaced out, and relatively far away from the goodies, so as long as it isn’t a full on shot, I feel safe. Haha, at least that is what I tell myself!

            Tom, we are mainly into Dominance and submission, him being the dominant. Needless to say, he definitely knows he is the man I want most to impress, and is in strict control of the tata’s. 😉

          5. Dominance & Submission…


            I am a switch myself. A bit like my personality.

            Plus the Wifey is hard as nails… So it kind of makes me the ‘Bottom’.

          6. I just have to say: Photoshop and Gimp are your bestest friends. There are some places out in the web that have more than a few pics of me in various outfits and positions… and a fare share of videos too… but something even armatures can do is use the blur tool. Gimp is free to use and does just about as much as Photoshop all you have to do is play around with it and your pics are safe.

    1. Is your name really ‘Nicole’ and is that really you in your avatar? I’m gonna take a stab in the jugular here and say the answer to both those questions is ‘no’ and ‘no’ because I find it very hard to believe someone that good looking would be into shit like this. 9ps I’m new round here bla bla bla)

          1. @Tom- well what can I do? I don’t expect people to believe that my avatar is of myself. I could give them the link to my facebook but stubborn people will be stubborn.

            Plus, I don’t feel like I should have to prove anything because I know who I am, and that is all that matters. I usually have my facebook link attached to my name.

            I just thought since it was my birthday I would link a pic to me in my birthday suit. Ha ha! Mind the butterflies though, dumb photobucket…

          2. That is how it’s done.

            Really you can’t prove anything personal on this site. You have to trust your gut with people.

            It is a lovely photo.

            Not smutty actually. Even though I would like to see those butterflies fly away…

            I think some things are bes left to the imagination!


          3. @Tom- Thanks for putting forth trust in who I am. And you are right, you can’t prove anything about who you are unless you happen to be a direct friend or a relative.

            Its not worth going through the trouble to prove to someone who you are.

            I just let it be.

          4. I think it’s funny that only the women get questioned, I think its because men want to play with their stones and are visually stimulated, and women keep their secrets for some reason I would call lame.

    2. Is your name really ‘Nicole’ and is that really you in your avatar? I’m gonna take a stab in the jugular here and say the answer to both those questions is ‘no’ and ‘no’ because I find it very hard to believe someone that good looking would be into shit like this. (ps I’m new round here bla bla bla)

          1. @fatpenis, the outside is only a cover to what everyone is on the inside. Taking one look at me wouldn’t tell anyone that I’m into gore. 😛


          Nicole: For the record, I wanted to say that your pic was lovely. You’ve a great body and fantastic curves. Love the pose too. Respect to you for posting the pic – and, like Mark, I wish those butterflys could fly away… just for a time 🙂

        1. Pam.

          I watched a new Brit-flick yesterday.

          Called ‘The Devil’s Bridge’… No Geordies sorry.

          But it was about a bunch of Essex lads (and a scouser) that travel to some little village in Wales.

          Naturally they run into some inbred fella, piss him off. And get hinted down like dogs.

          ’twas a good film. Like a British Deliverance but without manrape.

          1. tom i havent seen that….but i will check it out…..have you Doghouse yet……if you havent id advice you to feast your cornea on……another brilliant british movie….very funny in some parts

          2. What. A. Film.

            It is funny because I don’t usually like Danny Dyer.

            He was funny in Severance (another great flick).

            But then I watched ‘Danny Dyer’s Hardest Men’…

            It was funny to watch Danny shot his pants every five seconds… Its his voice and the accent which grates on me!

            I have loooooaaaaddsss of these Britflicks on DVD. Half of which I have forgotten the names of.

            I am going to have to brush up on ’em whilst I still have some free time left.

          3. i thought doghouse was great hahaha….and i love danny dyer……he is just so funny to watch…..but he cant compare to ross kemp …

            have you seen The Cottage yet….thats another good one

          4. The Cottage was filmed on the Isle of Man ya know…

            Yesh I have seen it… Love it!

            The fat one. Andrew, is the funniest… When he barges into the room with a full face balaclava on!

            That bit has me pissing myself!

            Reece Shearsmith is funny in it, you ever seen the League of Gentlemen?

            Bloody Hell… Ross Kemp is another one of them!

            My brother can do an excellent impersonation, it goes like this:

            “Hello! My name is Ross Kemp! And I WANTED to be in the Army.”

            Although I do like Ultimate Force. A bit of a lad’s series.

          5. hahahahaha i like the part where he is in the toilet and there is a moth in there too hahaha….i laughed my ass off through the whole of that movie….although jennifer ellisons voice made me what to throw the telly out the window

  1. This wasn’t one of the rich jews of the “contubernio” who are up to dominate the world allied with the atheist freemasons, bolsheviks, and…oh I don’t remember, let me check the complete list of bullshit from Generalisimo Franco’s personal writings…

    1. my mother swears that EVITA PERON told her and her friends to fuck off with an ouiji board when they were children. I think I’ll try that shit tonight. Probably, you attract more spirits because of the gravol and the oxycodone…

        1. @Baked and Tulio- I had a Parker Brothers brand Ouija board.

          It didn’t do shit.

          I am also in a paranormal investigating group.

          I talk to the damn air in a dark ass house/building hours at a time.

          1. Ah. paranormal.
            When I was like 17 i was hanging out at this small park that’s next to miami river, A group of haitians showed up with dead animals started doing crazy shit, one of them supposedly got “possessed” I said fuck it, I got my weed and i gtfo of there. fuck south florida.

  2. See, there no constructive outlet for Jewish who are dissatisfied with the Zionist. Backing during 1939 he could have been one of thousands of Jews who joined Hitler’s New World Order to fight the our current Jew World Order. … that’s my take.

          1. @Everyone- There’s nothing like watching happy tree friends during a thunderstorm whilst waiting for, what might be, an interesting picture.

          2. @razor- She said she is a hermaphrodite. You may have seen a post where she/he was talking about her penis, maybe?

            It is quite confusing.

            I am confused.

          3. Oh razor, If I could I would support you for life.
            But yeah, Ego is all over the place with his/her gender.
            I’m sure hes a guy, Maybe not, I don’t see why I care, Na I don’t care at all

          4. I believe Ego said it (for lack of an english neuter equivelant) was a hermaphrodite with both boy and girl parts, but that it looks like a girl. Ego, do you prefer he or she as your third person referance?

      1. @nicole, that really works?? I need to regain perkiness (6yrs later lol) from breastfeeding!!! And all i can think about it on grease, we must, we must, we must increase our bust!!! (ps if i was a lesb, id do u!!!!)

        1. @Mrs.Knipp- It works if you are dedicated to doing it everyday. The muscles underneath when toned give the breast a lift.

          @Ego- I think I found your pic on google? Seriously. Yes I looked.

          1. DAMMIT! i know this would happen i post a pic and get blammed for it -_- nicole you said i have green pillows in the pic i dont see those nor do i own green pillows and that i have brown hair i consider myself to have light black hair but meh i have both im not a man with a pussy nor a woman with a dick im a hermaphrodite ive told you all of this before and thank you Trooper for saying im hot i dare you all to try and find the same pic -_-

          2. @Ego- The hair looks brown to me.

            I found the same pic, different angle on google (in my opinion) it looks like the exact same pic)

            Calm down, its nothing to lose your cool over, if I am wrong I am wrong and I apologize. I am just bringing the information I found on google to the table.

            If it is fake, its not really a big deal to me. I don’t care if its real or fake, I still respect you as a person on BestGore.

          3. DAMMIT! i know this would happen i post a pic and get blammed for it -_- nicole you said i have green pillows in the pic i dont see those nor do i own green pillows and that i have brown hair i consider myself to have light black hair but meh i have both im not a man with a pussy nor a woman with a dick im a hermaphrodite ive told you all of this before and thank you Trooper for saying im hot i dare you all to try and find the same pic -_-
            ALSO i keep getting the bestgore is getting technical dificulties fucking sheep

    1. OH COME ON! what is with you and jews…at least he had the balls to light himself on fire you could not do that respect the amount of shit he went thru to make a point, FUCK!

      1. @Fatpenis- I am 99.99% sure that I have found the same pic but different angle on google. The green pillows, the bed sheets, the clothing, hair, all of what I can see on this avatar, I can see on the image I found. The lighting is the exact same as well.

          1. My thoughts exactly, The brightness of the image shows high contrast, Now a days web cams have more focused contrast.
            It’s fake as fuck.
            But I don’t care, I wasted 4 minutes of my life investigating some tranny…

    1. @Mrs.Knipp- If you want to link your facebook to your BG account. Go to the upper right corner of the screen, hover over your name, click on edit profile, scroll down to where it says website and enter your facebook url, save and done.

      1. @mrsknipp……..make sure when you are linking your facebook account that you link the url from your profile page…….if you use the url from your homepage and people click it ,it will just bring them to their own facebook page

          1. I dont mind at all and yes, its lauren, dont take offencethough my phone wont let me accept requests its an old piece, i can only post and comment 🙁

    1. If it is really Ego…

      I want to believe it is… I have no experience with Hermilphrodites. So I am going to take it with a pinch of salt.

      I am cool with people having saucy piccys.

      It is the Wifey who is co-chairwoman of the BG Temperance League… Along with Lascerated.

      Shit might just hit the fan in 3..2..1..

      1. @Tom- I don’t mind it at all, I take it as a conversation starter. I am a bit of a research whore though and looked up hermaphrodites and came across an extremely identical picture.

        It is whatever it is.

          1. except maybe the hair the pillows the the fact that im wearing a bra and not whatever she is wearing my legs are spread open more my contrast is worse her hair is lighter the bedsheets are difrent pillows dont match and arent in the same spot but other then that….yo got me dectective -_-

          2. @Ego- I am not saying it is the EXACT same picture with the same pose. I am saying it is taken at a different angle, and she is obviously in a slightly different pose.

            There are green pillows(maybe a shade of blue, perhaps?) in both pics.

            I come back to my original opinion, I believe both pictures to be of the same woman.

          3. sorry ego but they are identical…..i have the hover zoom installed which enlarges pictures when you mouse over them and your DP and the pic nicole posted are the exact same…..right down to the pattern on the duvet

      1. yes, we need some hysterical yelling “this is for gore, not porn!”….anyway, just for not being indicted as a BG Temperancer myself, I’ll say that Nicole deserves a good ass smacking session in her gorgeous ass by Tulio as a reward for such an impressive display of google-investigation prowess…congratulations!

        1. Hahaha…

          Tulio! You need to claim a BG Bride!

          Loonie has already ‘snappled’ up Nicole… So be warned. He will be spanking your arse if you ain’t careful!

          Plus I have watched @Mouse’s new videos…

          They are pretty cool. Y’all should check.

        2. @Tulio- Thanks for noticing my urge to jump on some research.

          No matter what the subject or who the victim is, I am going to find something or die trying…

          Maybe not die, I just wanted to seem dramatic.


          Coming soon to a theater near everyone.

          1. I’m here, just veggin’ out today, and you can call me Mike, lunatic or master, @nikki, whichever you prefer or mood your in at the time, just don’t call me late for sex 🙂 and I like the way you let the boys know you and your snappy snapple belong to me.

          2. @Mike- My snapple goodness is all yours my lunatic.

            How bad are you hungover? I am hungover like mad from drinking last night.

          3. I’m lucky in that respect @nikki babe, I can drink as much vodka as I want (but it has to be the cheapest vodka) and I don’t get a hangover as a matter of fact I feel great the next day. However if it’s expensive vodka like absolut or grey goose, I’m shot the next day.

          4. @Mike- I drank Bacardi last night. I hate the way it tastes!

            I just had to buy that big ass overload of a bottle, thinking it would taste alright. It did not….

            I wish I didn’t have a hangover, I need more experience teach me your ways hahaha!


          5. I can’t drink rum or any kind of dark liquor, it gets me crazy violent and people tell me the next day all the fucked up shit I did. I would hate to wake up in jail for killing someone and not remember why why or how the hell I killed them, vodka on the other hand I just have good times and fun drinkin’ that shit. I would suggest just choosin’ one type of liquor to drink and stick with that one only, my guess is your brain develops a certain kind of tolerance and hinders the hangover receptors haha tell me that wasn’t in laymans terms.

          6. @Mike- I drank tequila once and I loved it! Until the hangover hit me in the face like a blow torch to a submarine… Worst hangover ever!! I can’t stand tequila now unless it is heavily diluted.

            I usually drink vodka because I can get a big bottle cheap, but I need some exploring to do every now and then. 😉

          7. @Master Mike- I always smile when I see a comment from you. ^.^

            You can explore me anytime, anywhere, anyplace. 😉

            Just thinking of what that could lead to.

      1. @Razor and @Author- I noticed a lot less hair, I couldn’t quite tell if the other pic had balls or not, at least maybe not as big as the current DP, and I think she/he fixed the web cam. =D

    1. I’m gonna say something here don’t take it personally… If your life is so pathetic you go online lie that your a this that or another just to get attention I think the only reasonable solution is a bullet. Now if that is you more power to you and let’s hope you find someone that’s good at going down on guys and girls.

          1. @nicole- I do enjoy a nice muffin first thing in the morning. I’m sure I could eat whatever you put infront of me though………………………..except Ego maybe

  3. ?This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine?….

    And then everyone pissed on his parade.
    Never interfere with self immolation, unless you’re going to add another log to the fire. We have enough fuel to last a thousand winters.

  4. Self immolation videos are my favorite I like them better than even decap vids, the only bad thing is their aren’t many self immolation vids and the ones that are out there usually aren’t that great, kinda wish the Mexican cartels would start to explore and experiment a little with setting rival fucks on fire

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