Self Immolation of Tibetan Monk in Ngaba

Self Immolation of Tibetan Monk in Ngaba

Ngaba is a Tibetan region of Sichuan province in China. It is notorious for self immolations by Tibetan Buddhist monks, who use the sacrifice as the only means to broadcast their struggle with the escalating repression by the Chinese government to the outside world.

The first Tibetan ever to self immolate (February 27, 2009), was a monk named Tapey from Kirti monastery, which is located in Ngaba. According to the International Campaign for Tibet Association, of the known 141 Tibetans to set fire to themselves to date, 36 (the largest group) were from Ngaba.

At Best Gore, we’ve seen several videos of Tibetans self immolating as a form of protest. Below is another video of a monk doing the same.

Props to Best Gore member Nexaw for the video:

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      1. When you feel been oppressed, you fight back. In that case, you either win then be free or lose then be dead. You don’t set yourself on fire! In this case, you’ll never win, not in this life. Oh, right, these guys are Tibetans and Tibetans don’t fight. Then why self-Immolation? A true Buddhist monk’s supposed to treat all the suffering as a good friend for many reasons, isn’t it? On the other hand, a suicide will only put you back to reincarnation cycle before you could earn enough credit in this life, which actually give you a inferior next life. So, be honestly, I don’t get these guys at all, in any way.

          1. True. You can fight, you can hide, you can run, you can do whatever you wanna do. There’s only one rule: the way you choose has to have a chance.

      2. Oh…. the old topic, how badly were these people treated by the evil PRC’s CCP Government?

        Before I post this I know that this comment is not going to be welcomed here, because people only want to see and hear what they believed. I also am aware that how negative people around the world is about the PRC and her government. So if you disagree please input your well-thoughtful arguments based on your own experience or scholar documents (please no wikipedia), so that it may sounds. No ad hominem comments (if any) will be replied because by doing that the person implied it loses automatically to the argument. This entire input is based on my personal acknowledgement and personal experiences as a Chinese citizen. I have undeniable credibility in Chinese affairs more than any foreigner who has never set their steps in China. I lived in United States for quite a long time and I bare none religious nor political believes. The only thing I believe is the truth. So, lets shot it up!

        China is a secular nation, and Tibet as a region ruled by its government has multiple folds of privileges among the Chinese citizens. It’s an invest otherwise worth next to nothing to China as a nation since the GDP and mineral deposits as well as potential tax gains from Tibet is negative.

        Before the PRC, the RoC as well claimed that Xi Zang (Tibet in Chinese) as a province and have ruled it.

        Tibet as a region has none or negative importance in terms of financial gains or defense matters, since the neighboring countries are separated by the Himalaya’s and Tibetan highlands are extremely hard for military activities (i.e. invasion).

        Before and during the Qing Dynasty’s rule over the Tibet, it was running a system highly resembles Russian Empire’s serfdom social structure, in which farmers are slaves to the Buddhism order, which has acquired the political power to rule the Tibet since the Tibetan Dynasty vanished 877 CE. Under the religious rulers the people are slaves to the religion, has no or next to none properties and freedom.

        When the Qing Dynasty took the rule over Tibet, it uses the religion as an instrument to control Mongols and Tibetan areas, and had officially recognized Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama as religion leaders to the said areas.

        The ROC during the WWII (Invasion by Japanese Empire) has no power in ruling the Tibet, leaving it to the religious rulers after the ending of Qing Dynasty.

        When the civil war ended with Communists won, the PRC declare to be succeeding all the land and territory once ruled or claimed by ROC as it was shown on ROC’s map. The PLA marched and took control over the lands and set free the slaves and serfs owned by Lamas in the Potala Palace.

        After the liberation of the serfs, Tibet turned into a socialist society and then a modern one after the reformation of China’s open to the world. Nevertheless, the PRC’s government recognizes Dalai and Panchan Lama’s status of divinity, and opened freely to let them involve Chinese political system. As a citizen (formal one) of China, Dalai Lama is seen as a traitor of the nation in most Chinese’s visions, since he has tried to separate Tibet from China with his religious influences.

        So how strong was or is the oppression to the Tibetan Chinese living in Tibet or in China? As a citizen of China lived in many parts of China for dozens of years, I see only the privilege they have enjoyed because of Tibet’s special political importance caused by foreigners. They have priority in education, social benefits, medical care, transportation, special bills were passed to reduce the taxation, not affected by China’s one child policy, nomadic Tibetans even are allowed (though unconstitutional and illegal) to bear firearms.

        So, how oppressive is the Chinese government to the poor Tibetan Chinese?

        1) They have every right and liberty ensured by the Constitution of People’s Republic of China.

        2) They have most right and liberty applied to them whereas such right(s) and libertie(s) were outlawed to Han citizens of China.

        3) They have the lightest taxation burden as of Chinese citizens could carry and have multiple benefits and subsidies from the central government of China, from tax payers in other provinces and regions of China.

        4) They have world’s highest highway paved by other people of China to ensure a better secular life quality and the development of the cities, and that road have costed many lives.

        5) They have their language preserved and culture protected, as not every minor ethnic group are as lucky. It is illegal to have signs in Tibet without Tibetan present on it.

        6) It was the Buddhist rulers who oppressed serfs and slaves who had zero freedom. It was the current rulers to focus a nation’s power to help the land to develop and bring medicine, education, protection and material life to it, when doing whatever it can to preserve Tibet’s own cultures and traditions.

        I use common sense, I am not perfect. I am telling a feeling of a Chinese citizen as the world is opposing us.

        1. Oh, no, pretty much every ethnicity in China looks quite alike each other except Uyghurs. Tibetans might be a bit darker and shorter, but they’re just the same as any other locals live in Tibet, include Han Chinese. The major conflict is still between the Tibetan’s religious group and Han Chinese’s political group. Or simpler, it’s between Dalai Lama and Chinese Communist Party.

        2. By the way, I can assure you this video isn’t from China or Tibet. If you ever been there you would know yourself. It’s way more likely from India, Nepal or Bhutan maybe? Don’t know for sure, but it could be any non-muslim south asian country right beside Tibet.

          1. 1). No Chinese characters anywhere in signs and whatsoever.

            2). Completely different license plate for vehicles in this video from China’s license plate.

            3). Nobody speaks Chinese nor Tibetan in this video.

            4). The words in the banners looks like Thai character.

            You are right.

          1. @Pan – thanks for the clarification on the possible location because these monks really don’t look like typical Chinese. Anyway, do you know what “Jk” means? “Just kidding”. Please take no offense ๐Ÿ˜€

        3. None taken. I’m still learning my English and actually I feel it’s these texting & internet abbr drive me crazy the most. Even more than those endless proper nouns lol Thanks for reminding me.

  1. Talk about chestnuts roasting on an open fire. I KNOW them nutz was HOTTTTT!!!!!! He looked like he was ok until that fire hit his nether region. Even HE had to stop and beg them to put that shit out!

  2. You do have to think if the passers by done the right thing. If he survives this it will mean months in excruciating pain coupled with disabilities and disfigurement. If he had been left to it he would have only endured another 30 seconds of flames before it was night night. No more pain then. All they have done is give this man a life of pain and suffering. Still, that being said, I would do the same in that situation.

    1. @bungle1, I would have also done the same in that situation but I the good Samaritans really didn’t do the guy any favors. It took ages to get the fire out as he kept re-igniting. if he survives he is going to need lots of medical and 24 hour care. Then they wonder why their is not enough money to go around.

  3. He seemed to be quite in a cheery mood, even smiling at some of the local people who were going about their daily thing. The thought of himself burning in agony didn’t seem to phase him one bit. I wonder if he survived…

  4. Anyone remember the rock band The Monks? They got famous overnight for their song Drugs In My Pocket. Well here’s a monk who had a pocket full of drugs and knew just what to do with them…”drugs in me pocket, drugs in me pocket…”.

  5. Not sure where the monk God’s stand with injury sustained to civilian’s as a direct result of the self immolation process. That one guy at the begging was like

    “Front row seats, sweet”


    Bet that was his best shirt too. Fucking monks. Think they need a visit from HSE, no COSHH I bet, goggles or gloves. Just careless.

    Seriously though, that has got to hurt. Rule no1 , you can’t contribute to anything when dead, help the cause and stay ALIVE

    1. Yeah it suprises me. Every single time someone is on fire you see people smacking them with stuff. Must likely it is doing more harm having extra air going to him….

      + It’s cruel to stop the flames when he’s trying to kill himself. He wanted this, I highly doubt he will survive with these burns. Even if he does he’s fucked.

  6. he’s just a monk, and he’s on fire
    Hotter than a fantasy, longer like a highway
    he’s living in a world, and it’s on fire
    Feeling the catastrophe, but he knows he can fly away
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    And he’s not backing down

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    Everybody stands, as he goes by
    Cause they can see the flame that’s in his eyes
    Watch him when he’s lighting up the night
    Nobody knows that he’s a lonely monk
    And it’s a lonely world
    But he gon’ let it burn, baby, burn, baby

    This monk is on fire
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    Oh, oh, oh,
    he’s just a monk, and he’s on fire ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Did anyone see the footage of the fire at that rave in China? This just reminded me of it. They sprayed a colored corn-based powder over the crowd of ravers and it caught on fire, you can see hundreds of teenagers on fire trying to run away but they were all covered with that shit so there was no escaping.

    Why they thought mixing finely powdered corn with hot stage lights and the vibrations from the speakers was a good idea is beyond me.

  8. 4am – wake up and have breakfast
    5am-10am – self-reflection and prayer
    10am-noon – testicle strengthening excercises
    noon – self immolation
    rest of day – testicle strengthening excercises

  9. Had the French self immolated when Marie Antoinette told them to go eat cake there would never have been a revolution.

    Validity of historical context aside, the point stands firm in that the dead cannot change that which the living lament.

    If a government is cruel enough to act against its people for self gain it is cruel enough to not give a shit about related suicides as well, therefore what it comes down to is global presence.

    Will your suicide cause global attention and therein cause change to take place?, the answer would have to be a resounding no because globally induced social/political effect is caused by profit and loss ratios only and so if the hated government is globally accepted among the financial conglomerates it will be supported.

    Change is a game for the living, played by the living.

    1. Kind of like Rachel Corrie, American peace activist purposely murdered by the israeli govt in Palestine via bulldozer. Over ten years later, no justice for her family, no fucks given by israhell and Palestine/Gaza remains unchanged in terms of being terrorized by the dirty jews.

  10. Some guy up the road a ways got hammered last weekend and decided to sit by the fire pit after everyone else went to bed. Somehow he fell into the fire pit, drunk, and finally staggered inside in a few more hours. He was missing half of his.ear and was 2nd &3rr burned over 60%/og his body. His guest was freaked by the burnt dudes appearance and was going to call 911, but burnt dude was pissed at the suggestion and fell into his bed. An hour or so later, burnt guys boss shows up and calls 911. Burn dude is airlifted to Portland, then onto Boston hospital where he shit the bed. Burnt dude drank 15/beers and atleast 3 coffee brandy/milk drink, which are normally made in a qt size jar. (All real Mainers drink this, those of us who do not drink it call it bitch whiskey)

    1. Funny you should mention that story. For some reason when i get really drunk, i sleep walk. Dunno why but i turn on the stove and stand in front of it. I’ve managed to burn myself plenty, and not realize it till the next day. So i can understand why the guy in your story didn’t notice. However i still have my ears and nothing, as serious as what you described. Usually the smoke detectors wake me up. Haha

      1. I just pictured that, and while it was amusing, I am concerned with your fascination with fire while drunk . I have myself actually fallen in a fire pit a long time ago, due to same. Thankfully, I was not alone and all the other drunks there were able to shoo me out of the flames. Good times…lol

  11. a lot of religious people just seem to be mentally ill. muslims chopping off heads, christians freaking out about gays, buddhist lighten themselves on fire. how the hell does setting yourself on fire change anything. it’s almost a form of terrorism, you are setting yourself on fire in front of kids and people in the public and they have to smell your burning flesh and see a dead corpse bc of your stupid idea. just a mentally ill attention whore, monks seem like fucking retards. chinese gov’t probably just laughs at them.

  12. His weiner is on fire and no matter what, they can’t put it off… they need to have a dedicated self-Immolation zone there, can’t just walk around to shops and stuffs… kind of dangerous.

  13. 2013 May 25, Colombo: A Sri Lankan Buddhist monk, who committed self-immolation yesterday to protest the slaughtering of cattle, died of his burn injuries today at the Colombo National Hospital.

    The monk, Bowatte Indarathana Thero of Kahawatta, has doused himself with gasoline and set himself ablaze near the entrance to the Sri Dalada Maligawa (Temple of Tooth) in Kandy on the Vesak Poya Day, the holiest day for the Buddhists.

    The Thero suffered injuries to over 95 percent of his body. He was admitted to the Kandy Hospital following his immolation attempt and later transferred to the Colombo National Hospital by an Air Force helicopter.

    Hospital sources said the monk, who had severe burns in the body and the internal organs, was in critical condition.

    The monk has reportedly written a letter to President Mahinda Rajapaksa prior to his attempt to self-immolate against the slaughter of cattle.

    He has become the first Sri Lankan Buddhist monk to immolate.

    1. Thank you. Finally someone has the stpry right.

      It doesn’t matter what he said the purpose was, and who he told. What matters is what he said just before he doused himself. He committed his life to the priests in that particular temple.

      No mention of cows. Or bulls.

  14. I was wondering if the guy at 2:18 with the blue shirt was gonna grab the jerrycan. It looks like he thought about it.

    Anyways, I wouldn’t help them putting out the fire. He wants to die this way, and chances are high he will die. But delayed with more pain.

    Gotta say the guy at 3:18 was doing a great job if it was someone who wants to get saved. You can see hes getting the burning cloth of him.

  15. One time I was smoking and it fell on to my hand and burned me, it hurt like hell, I don’t think I would want my whole body burning like that… so I will pass on this body burning thing.

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