Shotgun Headshot Suicide

Blooming Skull, No Brain

Shotgun Headshot Suicide

Guy dressed in all white blows the brains right out of his head with a shotgun, yet his white clothes barely show any blood sprinklage. All the brain matter and blood splatter went sideways and settled at the base of the wall. Aside from his messed up skull, he looks good like new. Even his left flip flop still clings on to the toes.

One headshot and he’s done. One headshot and all his problems became somebody else’s problems. Nothing will bother him anymore. Ultimate solution is ultimate. Somebody is now stuck having to clean that mess up, but the fleshy virus world is such, that if they didn’t have the suicide to deal with, there would be some other crap to shove.

Props to drccoco for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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75 thoughts on “Shotgun Headshot Suicide”

  1. I think it’s rather tidy for a suicide as I hate mess. It’s all in one corner for easy dust pan and brush sweep up and that shirt will still come clean on a 30 wash. Good job done there as suicides go.

    1. Strangely. I will be really concerned about how people would find me if I took the ‘ultimate step’.

      I wouldn’t want to scar the minds of my family with the picture of me missing half my head.

      Or give them stress of them never finding my body.

      If I was to kill myself I would steal a car and with a nifty bit of DIY rig a hosepipe from the exhaust into the car.

      A peaceful death. A luxury we Humans are rarely afforded.

      As you can tell, I used to think about it quite extensively.

      Now I would rather go out with a BANG. Die for a cause rather then slipping away like some unimportant fucking amoeba.

      I think I can achieve more alive then dead though, for now at least.

      1. If you use car exhaust buy some racing fuel; smells goooooooood, like candy.

        I think I would want to O.D on some awesome drugs. Going out ‘trippin’ would be really crazy, clean, and if someone was with you, a good LAST memory.

        1. Overdosing is not a great way to go. I came close once and going into respatory arrest is horrible, your brain knows you should breathe but your body won’t let you. Then you vomit a mouth full of sluggy pills and you choke on it.

          1. All I can say guys is yes it is really that bad, but, and this is a really big but (yeah, pun intended) it is not worth it at least not in my case, had my chances of natural and other people death, but at 45 yrs old, I gotta say keep on keepin’ on. Enjoy yourself till that last day comes, and on that note, a vodka shot for you all!!!

          2. Like brokeback said an overdose really isn’t as peaceful as everyone thinks but if I did have to pick one it be that, I’d start by popping a couple of xanax and xtc followed by some shrooms and acid maybe some peyote if I can find some, then smoke my last joint and drink my last beers till all the magic kicked in and once I start peaking I’d cook up (or try to anyway) the biggest spoonful of lovin I’ve ever had and leave this world tripping out the highest I’ve ever been, and if I carry on that way till eternity or infinity as the iceman said well then I can’t think of anything better. I’ve been clean and sober for about a year now but if I ever 86 myself theirs no way I’m not getting high, what’s the point of staying sober if you don’t plan to live any more, who knows maybe all those drugs coursing thru your brain might change your mind

      2. Trooper

        That by far would be the cleaniest, easiest way to go. Of all avenues that could be taken extremely effective. The only thing you’d feel is a headache like you’ve never felt due to hypoxia that’s occuring then it’d be lights out forever…

      3. Im with you on that Tom, that’s the way I decided id do it if need be. I was bad last Christmas and for big part of this year. I’ve never felt so bad and if it wasn’t for my beautiful kids id of done it Im sure. It’s scary how these feelings become so big and you can’t understand it it’s like being in a black hole . I think things get on top of me, I have 3 amazing children, 2 daughters 10 and 8 and a son who’s 5. It’s bloody tough though on your own and some days I don’t even talk to another adult. My mum has a slow progressing terminal illness and my boyfriend lives 80 miles away I only see him once a fortnight. I’ve just been away to Flamingo Land with just me and my kids and was stressing whether I could cope alone but it was actually fantastic. We had such a good time although I did spend 200 quid on bloody que busters so I could keep all kids happy. I’ve got home and the same awful feelings have started again which has led me to think maybe is other adults and negative people making me feel this way. Im babbling now and have a date with a horse soon, horse riding lol so one must go. To all who ever feel bad, hang in there and try think of something positive to make you smile. I dread to think what spelling errors are on here as I can’t see a thing so may I apologise beforehand x 🙂

          1. Aww thank you. Im extremely anal for spelling I can’t help it. I do it on facebook too. I correct everyone’s spelling mistakes:-

          2. Angel.

            After reading your post I can relate to the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness that the Black Dog of Depression inflicts.

            Things will get better though.

            Do you live near Catterick?

  2. I have a strange feeling those flaps of skin that used to make up the guy’s skull would clamp down on my hand if I tried to reach in and search for what’s left of his brain. Or maybe a Xenomorph slyly crawled out of there and is taking over the world right now.

  3. His problems are more serious now than they were before…

    I’ve thought about it. The only thing that keeps me from it is the adventure of life, not knowing what tomorrow will be like. Even if tomorrow sucks balls, it’s still interesting none the less.

    I would be pissed off to know I missed something great today because I shot myself yesterday…

  4. @Dr, I would really like to say that your posts are killin’ me, but then I think you really might jk, two thumbs up to you bro, and by the way did I ever tell ya I lo………HAHAAAA You go man!

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