Shotgun Suicide – Trigger Pulled with Ice Scrapper

Shotgun Suicide - Trigger Pulled with Ice Scrapper

This guy had it all figured out – went to commit a suicide inside his car but couldn’t reach the trigger of his huge ass shotgun (gun experts, fill us in on what shotgun that is), so he used a common accessory that you can find in every car that drives in colder climates – ice scrapper. I’m not a gun fanatic so my forensic analysis would likely be off, but given the size of that barrel, he must not have loaded the shotgun up with a heavy load. This cannon should have blasted his skull off yet there’s only a little bit of blood that we can see, mostly oozing from his ears as though the bullet didn’t even exit his head. I’m sure the suicide attempt was successful, but how did that cannon not blast his head off?????

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    1. 100% a semi-Auto shotgun most likely a 20 ga. In the mouth pellets or slug would have exited his head. The hole in his head is on the side we can’t see as the gun is pointing from the pass side of vehicle to the drivers side. If he fire a very light load of 8 or 9 shot it is possible it may not exit his skull. Mark I am one of those as you say “Gun Nuts.”

  1. That gun looks identical to the one my husband inherited from his grandfather.. only that guys barrel looks a lot smaller. If it is the same gun, than it shoots pellets and not actual “bullets”. So thats most likely why his head wasn’t blown off.

    Not a gun expert, I just tag along on hunting trips.

  2. I must say that it does look more like an air rifle that would fire pellets. I can also tell you for free that I’d never commit suicide with an air rifle! I’d certainly wanna make sure it blew my head off, the dude in the bath had the right idea!

  3. Very strange indeed, i am no expert either but looks like a browning a-5 shotgun (someone please correct me if im wrong). It will be a less powerful 20 gauge as opposed to the common 12 gauge bore diameter as if it was a 12 gauge this would be a much better picture as very little head would be left.

  4. Sorry for the double post,
    but it may have just been duck shot.

    Smaller shot,
    wont penitrate out.
    duck shot is only supposed to go into,
    not out, much like buck, and slugs.

    if he did, there would be about 15-20 balls in the skull.

    and I think charlie is right.
    20 gauge, would make the bore smaller,
    that next to a 12 gauge.

  5. Well I am from Mexico, that weapon it is a gun and it shoots, but what I understand for shotgun is a powerfull weapon with multiple pellets, but this one is not a shotgun this one is more like a old hunting rifle for small animals, probably the caliber is not as the canon looks, and maybe the bullet stood inside bouncing, or had clean in and out motion.

  6. this could very well be a rifle. the fact that it loads in front of the trigger is indicative of nothing other than, well, the fact that it laods in front of the trigger. hell, it could be an expensive, high-powered .227. however, i seriously doubt it’s a shotgun. the barrel is quite a bit longer than most low to middle power shotguns. not to mention the barrel seems to be thin enough to easily be a small bore rifle; however, i could be wrong.

  7. I’m back again on this whole shotgun/rifle debate and hopefully this will put everyone’s mind at rest. Once you have read this please look at the below link which will introduce you to the Browning A-5 SHOTGUN. Please note the barrel length, it is so long is does not fit into the frame but that does not make it a rifle. I am not saying 100% that the gun in the suicide picture is an A-5 but if anyone can find a rifle that looks a better match I will eat my words.

  8. The make and model is really irrelevant but that IS a semi-auto shotgun. The fore-end cap as well as the size of the action would suggest a 12ga. There is no scope nor any rear sight along the barrel which would also indicate a shotgun which typically has only a single bead on top of the muzzle for aiming purposes. I’m guessing a low brass field shot shell (not bullet) was used which might explain the lack of “destruction.” However as one earlier post pointed out the left side of the victim is not visible so just how much damage was inflicted is unknown. It almost looks as if the angle of trajectory was more to the base of skull/top of neck area. No way he lifted the butt of the gun up and over the center console from the drivers side after firing weapon nor did the recoil put the gun in that position. That “Pepsi” cup would most certainly have been spilled or knocked over had that been the case. Did anyon notice the Handicapped Tag hanging from the rear-view mirror. Have to wonder if a physical ailment became too much for the victim??

  9. Regarding Make/Model. Definitely NOT a Browning series shotgun. The reciever/action area is far too curved and smooth. Browning Semi Autos have a very distinct box style look to their receivers. I’m guessing the shotgun in the picture is an older Remington Model 1100 with an unvented barrel.

  10. Could be a 6 shot Remington 20 Gauge, though, the recoild pad and rifle sights are naigh to be found in this picture, which would help identify. I can’t make out if theres fine-line checkering in a fleur-de-lis design. but the stalk is definately made from American walnut, and a white diamond inlay in the pistol-grip cap. The barrel looks like a cantilever 21′ deer barrel. So I’ma gonna agree with Bandit, has to be a 1100 LT-20 Remington auto shotgun.

  11. Pretty innovative with the brush. He’s the magiver of suicide. Looking at the drivers side door and maybe window(cant tell if its open or closed) there isnt a drop of blood on it so theres no way the bullet came out the other side of his head. Everyone in here knows what the mess on that door would look like if it did. That bullet or what ever may be is still in there

  12. I can’t tell you exactly what the shotgun is(maybe a Remmington Model 11? That’s what Kurt Cobain used). I can however tell you that the vehicle he offed himself in is a 95-01 Ford Explorer,XL or XLT

  13. This is a .410 bore. a small shotgun for hunting rabbits, and other small game, also inexpensive. and no rifles load in front of trigger guard. they either load from clips or they go on the feed track on a bolt action.

  14. I can’t believe there’s still argument about this.
    Definitely a semi-automatic shotgun. Make and model aside (probably a Remington, and probably 20 guage), it’s got a longer barrel, probably full choke for those longer shots- like a goose gun. And probably loaded with low-brass bird shot. Lots of small pellets but not a lot of kinetic energy. Good for killing doves and for home defense. Will kill if directly and closely shot and will scare the shit out of punk-ass thieves and home-invasion specialists. But not as likely to kill your children after the pellets go through several walls of your home.

    I’m more concerned that he doesn’t really look handicapped. So he might have used Momma’s car. Selfish bastard.

    Also, he took out the keys (cops wouldn’t have moved them). What did he think someone was going to steal it with his stinky ass in there?

  15. I have to agree with some of you that this gun is a Belgium Browning shotgun. My father has one exactly like it, though I don’t know why his head is not completely destroyed from the blast. It could be a 20g like some of you said.

  16. I am not a gun exspert either but I know a litle about them. I think it’s a riffle. If you look at it closer you can see the cocking mechanism close to where you would load it. With a shot gun, you just load your shell and shoot, right? again I may be wrong because I’m not a gun exspert. Either way, it’s successful!

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