South Asian Looking Guy Appears to Shoot Himself in Head and Record it on Video

South Asian Looking Guy Appears to Shoot Himself in Head and Record it on Video

South Asian Looking Guy Appears to Shoot Himself in Head and Record it on Video

This video is a video of a video. That makes me question a lot about it and I can’t say for sure if it’s real or a fugazi.

The video shows a South Asian looking guy, perhaps Indian, apparently filming himself on a cell phone camera committing suicide by shooting himself in the head. He says a few things, then puts a handgun to his head and seems to pull the trigger.

I don’t have any background info. What do you guys think? Real or fake? Does anybody know more about this? What’s the story here?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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130 thoughts on “South Asian Looking Guy Appears to Shoot Himself in Head and Record it on Video”

  1. I remembered this ‘elephant jockey cunt’.
    His moustache tickled when he went down on me.
    I guess he’s making Naan bread now up in the sky.

    But seriously, this one could so easily be fake .. or real.
    I hope it’s real because I hate his annoying face, and wish him
    off the planet.

    Bon Voyage, Sabo, my little curry-much !!

  2. I remembered this ‘elephant jockey cunt’.
    His moustache tickled when he went down on me.
    I guess he’s making Naan bread now up in the sky.

    But seriously, this one could so easily be fake .. or real.
    I hope it’s real because I hate his annoying face, and wish him
    off the planet.

    Bon Voyage, Sabu, my little curry-much !!

          1. Are you serious they don’t have bacon because of these fucking fucks?
            Or they just put out a lot of curry because it sells better?
            Glad I don’t live in that fucked up country. This one is already fucked up enough.

          1. He just hates the smell of liver cooking. I was going to cook it anyway; like fuck you, I’ll cook what ever I want. Then I thought about it and I know the little fucker would get me back and I’d have to be vigilant about everything…and lock up my toothbrush or be worried he combed his ass hair with it.

          2. If i was your roommate i would let you do whatever you want and you’d be really happy. Especially as you’d never find out i’d be spying on you in the bath and sleeping with your panties on my pillow

          1. No problem @vileness… Just drill some more peepholes. Watch out for those load-bearing beams.
            Get yourself one of those stud finders, and you’re good to go.

        1. Me mum loves tripe and onion gravy. With a couple of big, warm, buttered bread cakes is how she had it….mop it all up. Im not bothered one way or other tbh. not much taste.
          I do love a pigs kidney on a full English.
          Course, me gran used a lot of offal. Habits from war and rations afterwards. Plus availability of all offal.
          When we were kids, she did us “Brains in egg sauce” in a bowl. My god, it was fucking beautiful.


          1. Wow, all this English food is weird as fuck. Next you’ll start talking about toads in a hole or beans on toast. You blokes need more veggies in your diet.

          2. I’ve eaten tripe in menudo, but never a kidney or brain. My grandparents ate everything on the animal…ugh..they lived through the depression and wasted nothing. That’s where I ate my first rocky mtn. oysters. Yum. @karmen40

          3. @illegalsmile55
            “but never [eaten] a kidney…”
            Wow, that sounds really weird to an Englishman, only because “steak n Kidney” goes together like peas n carrots over here! Steak n kidney pie/pudding and steak n kidney stew/casserole are very common English faire. Like i said earlier – i prefer a whole or halved, seared pigs kidney on a mixed grill.
            Dunno if youve tried hearts – but the heart meat is very intensly flavoured… kinda concentrated beef or lamb/mutton flavour.
            The best of those days are gone. After the whole BSE thing, offal became harder to get here. No brains at butchers now, or sweetbreads.
            Ive never tried Balls of any kind. I would – should they become availible locally. TBH, i cant think of much [that somewhere in the would was considered edible] that i wouldnt try.
            I can forsee a future in which more insects were utilised and/or bred as food.
            I cant see any fuss myself….lets face it – prawns, lobsters crabs etc are little more than sea insects… and mussels, clams, oysters, razor clams and especially cockles, whelks, and abalone are basically snails and slugs – but from the sea.

          4. Testicles have an odd texture, which is what turns a lot of people off of them…who am I kidding!!? They are turned off because it’s a gonad! I also adore chicken livers and gizzards; when I was a kid KFC had them on the menu! Yardbird…yum. I’m not a picky eater in the sense I will try just about anything . I am picky about how it’s prepared though….my ex cooked some bear, while it was cooking the smell was revolting. Foul smelling and really gamey. I wouldn’t eat it! It ended up causing a major fight, really…I don’t know if it was just THAT bear meat that smelled like that, but I never had any inclination to try bear again after that. I’ve eaten a lot of critters…but no bear meat.
            Lobstermen even call lobsters, bugs. Crabs too, like an ocean spider. It’s nice when you can harvest from the ocean, I love all seafood and I live within 100 yards of the water so we eat a lot of saltwater critters.
            @karmen40 *blows kiss*

          5. @illegalsmile55
            You are lucky mate. In my country [where you are never more than 75 miles from the sea] the prices for seafood are disgusting. At the first fish stall in my local indoor market last week they had in lobsters that were no more than 2lb – The Canadian lobsters were £19 ($25) each, and the English lobsters were £25 ($32) each.
            I, like you, fuckin love seafood. But i hate being stung for it.
            One of my favourite fish is Monkfish/Anglerfish. Ironic that back in the eighties it was a super cheap substitute, and sold to us as “scampi” – yet now when sold as what it is, it costs a bomb.
            I love sea bream. You can still get the delicious seared, crispy skin that you do with Sea Bass – but also a much thicker layer of fish below it.
            Also costs a fuckin fortune here.
            Not been able to get soft shell crab in the city for at least 18months. My usual fishmonger -as well as a load more guys ive tried- are telling me that they just cannot source them.

            A soft shell crab, dusted with flour, dipped in beaten egg, then covered in a mixture of breadcrumbs, sesame seeds, and chopped coriander leaves….. then fried at quick as possible. Served rate simple. A few raw baby spinach leaves, couple of cherry tomatoes, and a few grilled asparagus spears…. of course a blob of mayo or tartare.
            Now THERE is a slice of heaven.

          6. @hopingfornemesis
            Kangaroo and Ostrich have made it here…as fresh meats.
            Ive seen crocodile in cans in a curry sauce – in “novelty” type stores or websites. If i was going to try something like that -for me- it would have to be a fresh cut of it, not spiced-over in a can.
            Ive had plenty of venison. Its ok, like a sweet beef – or maybe somewhere between beef and lamb.
            Ill tell you Nems, there are plenty of Ostrich farms in England now. Those fucking bastards. I was beaten to fuck by some one night -a male, and a couple of his “harem”. As part of a stupid dare. I won the bet – but that is a story for another time.

            I will try Kangaroo at some point. Im expecting a flavour somewhere between rabbit and venison. Although, the steaks ive seen look really deep red, as though they are very well worked muscles,… so a long, well hydrated roast to produce a soft, tender result is what i will aim for. Pulled ‘Roo.

          1. @vileness
            Yes mate, i remember dripping well!
            Those pots with the fat settled and that thick, concentrated, flavour-packed, layer of beef eccense.
            Me gran made her own, of course. A thick slice of bread, wiped into the dripping then folded in half.
            I liked a sprinkle of salt. ive always bin salty

          2. @hopingfornemesis
            Ere pal, tell me something…
            …. Do you guys get packets of “Pork Scratchings” as a pub snack? Are Pork Scratchings a “thing” in you country?

            Also could you tell me about “Chickn salt” mate? Ive only heard of it recently.

          3. Never heard of the pork scratchings mate but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I don’t visit pubs as often anymore.

            As for chicken salt , yumm! It is normal table salt impregnated at packaging stage with natural chicken flavours or chicken fat etc. It tastes wonderful! I would have thought you guys had that there in the UK.

            I like my food salty and spicy …like my women!

          4. @hopingfornemesis
            Thats what i were thinking. Taking a bag/plate of chips, adding vinegar, then crumbing a dry chicken oxo cube over them – to try and recreate the “chicken salt” experience.

            Im the same, could talk about food all day.
            Im a pretty good cook/chef. Only at home though,… i tried a job in a kitchen when i was young – too much heat and too much pressure vs monetary reward for my liking!

  3. Really?! What was this guy thinking?!
    There’s plenty of places he could have gone to for help.
    The local Walmart probably sells those cheap phone mounts and tripods!
    If you’re going to do it, do it right. (For the benefit of BG).

  4. I slo-mo’ed it and can see a reflection of the asshole on his phone still in an upright posture with an intact cabeza.
    This is one cat who needs shooting, if not for that fucked up hair photo alone.

    1. I looked at your comments of which there are two and both are giving facts on that part of the world. Don’t get all boring now.
      I would like to know one thing about that part of the world though.
      Why do 99.9999% of indian/pakistani women have those horrible shaped asses?


        1. Very few paki women are attractive. They have horrible bodies, they are far too hairy and like their male counterparts, stink of that awful stuff they shove down their throats which they call food. The purpose of curry powder is to hide the stench of the rotten meat, it has nothing to do with flavor.
          One did the world a favor tonight and topped himself, sadly another fukkin million of the smelly cunts have been born since he died.

          1. If Mindy Kaling is the best they got to offer, I’d just as well take a nap on the nearest train track headed towards Willoughby!

            …next stop- The Twilight Zone!

            Da Da Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Da da da da da da dum!

          2. I’d have to agree with that. After Australian Aboriginal women Indian/paki bitches are the homeliest (for our British friends, that means ugly in American).

          3. Pakis think that they are white and they think Indians are racially inferior. Lol! You need to tell Pakis that you whites don’t consider them one of your own.

    1. I’ve heard of the ‘death clutch’ before, but what are the chances that he kept that camera pointed and focused on the after-gore. He should get some kind of award… but chances are he dieded.

      1. Ya man, he was able to pick his phone right back up and continue on recording! 😆
        No, there were other people who finally showed up and got the rest.
        Since its out there, it’s just a matter of time before we get to see the rest of it here.
        But ya, he’s definitely 100% deaded

  5. Let’s all take a second to say how fucking annoying the Indian race is. They are always so fucking disgustingly hairy, they’re insects, if there was an Indian retard with me right now I would cut out their eyelids and make them see every bit of what I’m about to do to their tech support fucking family. Why are their so many of these apes. First I’d start by drilling holes in his feet and watch him struggle and flop around like a fucking idiot then I’d probably just get bored.. It would even be annoying killing one of them that’s how shitty Indian people are

  6. @VincitOmniaVeritas
    D’you know who this guy reminds me of Mark??

    That Mexican guy that had got int a shoot-out with the cops somewhere in the States,, Texas Maybe?
    Anyways the detective takes him into a small interrogation room, and asks him if he would like some water before they start, and he says yes please. So the cop brings him water and leaves the room for a couple of minutes telling the criminal that he would be back in a couple.

    So the guy takes one sip of his bottled water,,, pulls-out a gun from his pants and puts on in his temple, while the cops rushes in to him gone, and blood pouring out of his head like a garden hose.
    The cop all freaked-out says out loud to the other officers did anybody not search him???
    Remember That Video Mark??? Cause it looks like the same guy man!!! 🙂

    Yea,,, Nope,,, i should have watched the video before commentating on it, lol, Duhhh!, lol 😉

    1. Amazing the cops didn’t spot that cannon behind his belt. The sound of it hitting the floor… was like the size of a fully loaded Sig Sauer P220 .45.
      The sipping of the water, lol… one more for the road!
      It was like a deadly Mexican gang member getting arrested in Mayberry. Lol!

      1. @SteveRH69
        Yes,, True Enough my man, as you then remember the video that i was talking about. Let me see if I or Mark can find-it for the hell of it as it shows the lack of better judgement s that these Cops had in bringing a fully armed man into the Police Station, and removing his hand cuffs, lol. 😉

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